Working with the devil

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Katherine Smith is just your average senior. She has always had a crush on Caleb Miller. After years of crushing, she was finally going to confess. Easy right? Wrong. Not when there's a bad boy in the middle of this equation. Meet Carter Reece, the bad boy, and her frenemy. What will happen after having to do a project with him? Will she realizes he's not as bad as he seems? And will she still confess her feeling or develop new ones for a certain bad boy.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter one – A heartless player.

“Kate, were you even listening?” Mia, my best friend asks.

“Yeah, I... You were talking about…” I try to think.

“You always do this, Kate.” She sighs annoy.

I am currently in my class on my first day back at school.

Senior year baby.

I’m so anxious because I feel like this year was going to be different.

“You’re doing that again.” She rolls her eyes.

“Okay, I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“Josh asked me on a date. Should I give him a chance?”

“I think you should, you know, after…”

Before I could say anything more our English teacher, Miss Anderson, came. Looking grouching as usual, I must say.

There’s a reason she’s a miss.

“All right you fool, let’s start off from where we stop last semester.” She says.

Twenty minutes into the lesson, three boys walk in. Caleb, Carter, and Lee. I wave to Lee, who was Mia’s twin brother.

“Nice of you to join classes 20 minutes later. What’s the point of coming?” Miss. Anderson asks. She was kinda right.

“I didn’t come late you just came a little bit early along with the rest of the class,” Carter says smirking. Miss. Anderson just rolls her eyes, but Carter still continues to talk. “Look, I’m not dumb. I know some English.”

“Well solve this. If I say, ‘I am beautiful,’ what tense is that?” The teacher says smiling for once. How I know this is because her face looks so weird.

“It obviously past looking at you,” Carter says with a grin. Even though Carter was wrong, the entire class still laughs.

Miss Anderson scowls and mutters ‘take a seat’. She continues teaching look grouchier if that was even possible.

Carter sat down with a girl. I’m guessing she was his weekly flavor. Nah, scratch that, his daily flavor.

There were sitting far away, but I know everyone heard it, “So you’re coming tonight?” She says, giggling so loud that probably the next class could hear.

“Sure, Brittney,” Carter says, as his smirk gets wider. Why am I even watching this? Before I could look away, we lock gazes for a second, but I look away.

The lesson finished really quickly. Mia mutters a ‘see you later’ and was gone before I could blink an eye. We had different classes. I had chemistry. I couldn’t help but groan. The chemistry teacher, Mr. Black, was nice and all but the subject…

Anyway, I finished packing and was on my way to chemistry, when a figure stops me.

“Jealous weren’t you Smith?” I knew that voice. Carter Reece stood before me. As I look into his green eyes, his smirk grew. “That’s why you looked away. Isn’t it?”

I laugh, “No, I was just finding English more interesting than your little drama, sorry.”

“You know, I like my girl feisty.” He says clearly amuse.

“I am not your girl or one of your daily flavors you asshole.” I say, starting to get annoyed.

“Well, you could be.” He says.

“Get this into your thick skull and inside your brain, if you have one, I will never be one of your daily flavors you can dump around,” I say walking away. The nerve of that boy.

“Hey, Kate.” I look behind me and saw Caleb, my crush. He was the golden boy. His smile could make anyone smile.

Yes, even Miss Anderson.

“Hi, Caleb.”

“Mind if I walk you to your next class?”

“Sure. I don’t mind.” I say like it doesn’t matter at all.

“So have you seen Mia?” He asks scratching his neck.

“No. After English, she disappeared. Why?” I raise an eyebrow.

“It’s nothing. Just curious.” He tries to cover up. Before I could ask him more he cut me off saying “We’re here. Bye. See you doing lunch.” He smiles and walks off.

“I hate that I don’t have classes with you guys before lunch.” Elizabeth, one of my other best friend, say pouting.

You could probably guess where I am now. Yes, I’m here in the cafeteria with Mia (she magically appeared), Lee, Caleb, Eliz, and Carter the devil himself.

Usually, no one sits at our table. Well, no one except Carter’s sluts. Currently, Carter was intertwined with Brittney, heavily making out with her.

Geez, we’re trying to eat here.

“Don’t feel bad Eliz,” I say, patting her on the shoulder.

I was in between Mia and Eliz. I look over to Mia. She was being very quiet. “What’s wrong?” I whisper to her.

“I gave Josh a chance. I just hope I didn’t make a mistake.” She says so quietly, biting her lips. I don’t think anyone else heard her.

Well… no one else except Caleb. He was clenching his fork. Nah, I’m just overthinking it. Mia was like a sister to him. He didn’t want anyone hurting her.

I look up and saw that Carter was still making out with Brittney. Well, there goes my lunch.

I put my sandwich back in my wrap and stood up.

“Where are you going?” Eliz asks, looking up at me.

“Somewhere I can eat my lunch in peace.” I look away to look at Carter and Brittney but Carter wasn’t there anymore, Carter was standing right in front of me.

How does he move so fast?

“Sorry, I can’t help but think you’re hinting about me and Brittney over there.” He says smirking and not sounding sorry at all.

I look over at Brittney who was glaring at me as if it was my fault Carter was with me not her.

I look back at Carter. I knew he was purposely doing this to annoy me. I took a deep breath and fake a smile and say “No, I just need some quiet time.”

“Do you, cupcake?”

I could feel Brittney glaring more intensely than before.

“Just leave me alone.”

“Or what Kitty.”

At this, I grip the red cup next to me, it felt really cold and threw it on his white V-neck shirt.

As I watch his expression change from that of a shock to amusement, he smirks and says, “You’re dead, Smith.”

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