The Long Way Back

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Chapter 14

“AHhh!” I screamed, diving under the blanket.

The footsteps just got louder...and louder.

I trembled.

No, please no…

Don’t look behind the door.

*BOOM* “Aaahhh!” I jumped up from the sofa with a start.

“God, you’re the funniest person to watch horror movies with.” Colby laughed.

“Remind me to make this a daily occurrence.”

“Uughh” I groaned nuzzling my head into Colby’s chest under the blanket we were both sharing.

Well to be honest sharing was said loosely. Very loosely.

I was actually hogging most of it to use as my own person panic room to hide form the TV.

And was I thinking of sharing anytime soon?

Absolutely not.

“Awk,” Colby cooed, clearly enjoying making my embarrassment a hundred times worse.

“Don’t worry Daisy, I think it's adorable.” He smirked down at me.

I didn't. I was absolutely sure I was making a complete fool of myself.

“Sure you do.” I scoffed. Colby just laughed.

Right about now I was sure I was purple all over.

Every single time he was around me I blushed, honestly I think he just didn’t wanna give my hormones a break.

“How does this not make you jump. It’s awful.”

I shuddered. Ugh, I couldn't even express how much I hated horror movies.

I have no idea why I agreed to let him put one on.

“Simple, I dont scare easy.” Colby shrugged.

“How is that even possible?” I asked myself under my breath, but of course acol heard and burst out laughing.

“Aww, is my little scaredy cat afraid of the scary clown?.” Colby cooed in a baby voice, throwing his arm around my curled up frame.

“How about we just watch something actually good now?” I asked, hooping to get out of this torture.

Colby chuckled, “Let me guess ‘good’ means something not scary.”

“Of course.” I said in a duh tone, taking the remote from his lap.

I sat up and flicked through movie after movie on Netflix in search of something that wouldn’t jump out of the flipping screen at me.

Aha! ‘To all the Boys ive Loved Before’.

“Ohh please not this rubbish.” Colby groaned.

I giggled, “trust me you’ll like it.”

His face didn't look one bit impressed.

“Please?” I pouted.

Col looked as though he were at war with himself.

“Ugh, fine.” He huffed.

Ha! I knew the pout would work.

With two clicks of the remote ‘to all the Boys i've Loved before started.

“W,w,wait.” I rushed. “Let me go get the popcorn.”

Col chuckled as I jumped up from the bed, nearly tripping over my own feet to get up.

“One minute.” I said running out of my room as quiet as my fluffy slippers would allow.

5 minutes and 2 bags of popcorn (one being burnt) later I tiptoed up the stairs back to an awaiting Col.

Setting the popcorn on the side table I finally settled down on the bed beside Colby.

“C’mere.” Col mumbled lifted up his corner of the blanket for me to snuggle under.

I shuffled over the bed a little into Col’s arms which he snaked tight around me in a bear hug hold.

So that’s how we lay there for the entirety of the movie not wanting to let go of each other’s embrace.

And just I knew he would, being the actual big softie I knew he was inside, Col loved it.

Every time there was a cute moment Colby would turn to me and smile, each and every time making my insides do somersaults.

And oh my word don't even get me started on that damn hot tub scene.

I looked away from the tv when it came on, completely turning just as awkward as I was when we first met.

What really are you supposed to do though when you’re watching a movie couple make out while cuddled with the boy you like but are too scared to make a move on?

I don’t think there was a right answer to that question.

And Col only enjoyed making my embarrassment worse, teasing me constantly throughout.

I think he partly just did it to see me blush.

It had been weeks since our day at the forest and since then we had talked nonstop. He was still a no show in school, but for the most part I saw him every day after.

Both he and I usually picked up Theo from school together and the three of us walked home (sometimes under the influence of Theo) taking detours to the park as we went. Sitting on the swings talking for hours on end.

Most nights we stayed up texting into all hours of the night, never wanting to be the first one to say goodnight. As cliche as that may be.

We had become almost inseparable.


That was until Col disappeared for days on end, with nothing but the occasional text.

Needless to say I was always worried sick.

Each time it happened he came back with yellow bruises plastered all over him. Worse and worse each time.

They layered his arms leading higher and higher. I don't know if I even wanted to see what was beneath. I knew whatever it was couldnt be good. Not at all, if the rest of his body was any indication.

I was actually starting to believe the rumours going about the school about him, fights certainly would explain the bruises.

But with who he was fighting, I had no clue.

I couldn’t even breach the topic without Colby getting all fidgety and snapping at me. So, for now I figured the best thing to do was drop it until he decided to tell me himself.

I was sick of all the rumours, in my mind there was no point in listening to them, they were always wrong. At least I hoped he didn't listen to the ones going around about me.

Let’s just say they were all wrong. In all senses of the word.

To be honest I didn’t know what me and Colby ‘were’. We were like best friends in the sense that we were with each other all the time, but more in other ways.

Like how every time we hugged I got butterflies, or every time he complimented me I went completely red.

I certainly knew I liked Colby that way.

I just didn't see how he could want me.

I was just plain old Mel, nervous around pretty much everybody, socially awkward and always had my head stuck in a book.

I don't see how that could possibly seem in any way attractive.

No, Colby could never want me to be more than friends.

He just couldn’t.

Shoving all my self deprecating thoughts to the farthest corners of my brain I closed my eyes and lay upon Colbys chest.


“Dai-sy” Col whispered, gently shaking my shoulders in a weak attempt to wake me up.

“Nnnm” I protested in a grumble.

“C’mon sweetheart you have to get up now,” Col murmured. “I have to go before your parents wake up.”

Oh yeah, I forgot Col snuck in here.

“No dont goo.” I whined, clinging to him like a koala in a feeble attempt at getting him to stay.

Col chuckled, “I have to Daisy, I'll see you in the morning.”

With much protest from me he finally pulled himself up off my bed and out of my grasp.

“Okay fine, see you in the morning.” I huffed, still groggy from my half asleep state.


“Hey Mellie ‘re you going on the camp trip?” Carson asked, looking up at my over the piano in the cramped music practise room we were currently crammed in.

Whoever thought coming here for lunch was a good idea had another thing coming.

“What trip is it?”

All their jaws dropped, and no by no means was I exaggerating. They actually looked at me as though I were from another planet.

“WHAT!” Carson shrieked.

“Wow.” I said defensively, putting my hands up in a surrender. What the heck could be this important?

“It’s just a trip,” I laughed gently. “Isn’t it?”

“Just a trip.” He scoffed as though in disbelief. Pure disbelief.

“Well little miss uninformed, ill have you know that said ‘trip’ (he mimicked with air inverted commas.) is the most important week of the school year. Everyone in the year goes and if you ever want to see drama, well it’s your lucky weekend.” He laughed.

“The teacher that supervises doesn’t really care what we do as long as we all come back, so everyone just does whatever they want all weekend. It's like, the best trip of the year and I swear at least half the people in our year lost their v-cards during camp week.”

“So basically it’s like one hundred kids, partying unsupervised in a forest all week.” I said.

“Pretty much, it's amazing.” Carson gushed.

Yeah thats sounds like hell, like actually the stuff nightmares were made of.

My face must have said it all because before I could protest, Emma quickly jumped in.

“And don't even say you're not going, because we already signed you up.” She smirked. “You’re welcome. And you need to come, everyone does. And plus I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Oh if you really thought that you mustn’t know me at all..

“Pleeease Mellie? For me?” Carson added, hands together in a fake plea.

“Fine, i'll think about it.”

“Yeah.” Carson shot his fist up in the air in victory.

“I knew me being the amazingly charming person i am, could win you over.”

I burst out laughing, “I just said I’d think about it, it wasn’t a definite yes, you dork!” I threw the pillow from under me at him, knocking him flying off his seat.

Carson and Mellie both joined in the laughter

“Okay, okay. But you’ll say yes eventually.” Carson said breathless from laughing.

“Oh I wouldn't bet on it.” I said under my breath.

“I heard that missy.” Emma scolded, “trust me you’ll be going on that trip.”

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