The Long Way Back

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Chapter 19

My eyes opened to a sight nearly impossible to actually do justice to in words. Reds, pinks and golden shades of yellows danced across the surface of the lake facing us. The moon still hung lowly in the far of the sky and the sun was peeking above the horizon not yet fully arisen.

A gentle autumnal breeze skimmed the perfectly tranquil water making minute ripples over the surface of the lake.

Colby lay peacefully by my side, his arms both were wrapped around my waist tightly as he used my chesty as a pillow.

Every now and then he let out a little snore, his perfectly toned chest rising as he did. It was so adorable.

His face was scrunched up adorably from sleep and in that moment I simply couldn't wrap my head around the fact that he was mine and I his.
Colby Quinn was actually my boyfriend.

I know because of my rocky past to say the least I should be nervous or terrified of having a boyfriend, but this felt perfectly right.

This felt like me and Colby were meant to be.

Yesterday Col said he’d protect me around lots of people and help me overcome my awful anxiety and yes, that whole extremely protective thing should probably intimidate me but it didnt in the slightest.

It made my chest flutter with happiness, I'd never in my entire life felt such safety and reassurance simply from somebody else’s words, it was like he was a hypnotist and I was his willing victim believing everything he said.

Wrapped in his giant arms I felt so small compared to his giant 6”3 figure, I felt protected and most of all I felt safe with Colby, I trusted Colby and I hoped with every fibre of my being that he didn't break that trust.

Admiring my beautiful boyfriend under the sunset it completely slipped my mind our current situation...we were lost. We couldn’t panic, that I knew for certain. The moment that happened was the moment I would lose myself to my anxiety and we’d really be in trouble.

I didnt know if even Colby could pull me out of that.

So, in the benefit of my sanity I placed that little fact in the back of my mind and lay my head back down on Colby’s.


“Hey Daisy.” Col cooed. “Wake up sweetheart.” He gently shook my shoulders. Figuring I must have fallen back asleep earlier I shook off my sleepy confusion and opened my eyes to the ethereal sight of a shirtless Colby hovering over me, leaning one arm on the ground beside my head.

“Morning sweetheart.” He smirked, making my insides flip.

I grumbled and rolled back over. He chuckled, “you need to wake up Daisy.” He whispered gently in my ear. His breath skimming the soft skin of my cheek, surely making me blush.

“Uurrgh.” I groaned, rolling over once again and turning my back on him.
I cuddled myself into Colby’s insanely warm hoodie.
“5 more minutes.” I whispered into his hoodie.”

“Nope, believe it or not i've already given you four of those.” He laughed flipping me back around by the waist to face him.

“Nuh uh.” I protested.

“Guess I’ll just have to find a different ways to wake you up then huh?” He smirked.

Before I even had a chance to process his words I was hoisted up over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift.

“Aarh.” I screamed.
“No. I think you brought this on yourself huh sweetheart?” Colby teased, playfulness laced in his tone.

“Put me down now!” I was fully awake now.

“I think we should take a little morning swim don’t you?”

“No, no, no please.” I whined. “Please put me down we’ll get soaked!”

He ignored my protests and continued on towards the lake. Each step bouncing me up and down on his shoulder.

Surely I was heavy, how the heck was he carrying me for this long?!
He got to the edge of the lake and hoisted me down from his shoulder into his awaiting arms in a bridal carry. He looked down at me with a devious grin.


“No, no PLEASE don’t.” I clung to him like a baby, desperately clinging onto his shoulders in a death grip.

He threw me up high into the air much to my absolute horror.

Higher and higher I rose until the dreaded descent, I fell …and right before I prepared myself to hit the water and be completely drenched I found myself surrounded by the strong safety of Colby’s arms.

He looked down at me before exploding into laughter. “Oh you should’ve seen your face.”

I pouted and turned my face away stubbornly.

“Awk daisy did you really think I’d drop you?” He teases.

“That was not funny.” I grumbled.
“Sure, sure sweetheart.” He smirked.
My heart fluttered at the fact that I was still nestled in his arms, forgetting the reasons why.

“Right well, now that your fiiinally awake we better get a move on if we hope to get back to camp anytime today.” Col said, gently placing me back down beside him.

We quickly packed up our bags before finally deciding to try and find out way back - emphasis on the try. Honestly, I was pessimistic about it.

I knew just as well as Colby did that we were completely lost. Nevertheless, both plastering our faces in fake looks of hope for the benefit of the other we set off - we were going to try.


“Can we take a break for a bit?” I asked. “I know it's only been like an hour but my feet are already dead.”

Colby chuckled, “Sure, c’mere we can sit over here.” Colby picked me up bridal style much to my dismay and carried us both over to the massive fallen tree Col had pointed out.

It was almost hidden beneath a blanket of moss and little forest flowers. It looked like something out of an enchanted fairytale forest.

Colby sat down and pulled me down onto his lap, his sudden clingy ness wasn't something I expected from him but I certainly wasn't complaining, I was loving it - it was adorable.

I smiled, “Do you actually think we’re gonna find our way back today?” I laid my head back on his shoulder. “Cause I really don't recognise anything here and we’ve been walking for over an hour. I think we’re lost again.”

“Honestly, I don’t think it’ll be that easy to find our way back but I think we can find someone else around to help, like a forest ranger or something cause surely we’re not the only people out here. This place is ginormous.”

I relaxed a little, honestly I did think the chances of finding someone out here to help were much higher than the chance we miraculously found our way back.
“Don't worry though, we’ll get back.” He smiled, trying to reassure me. “Trust me.”

“Okay.” I whispered dejectibly. “It’s beautiful here though isn’t it? It’s not the worst place in the world to be lost.” I looked up at the towering trees covering us. The forest was so dense and overgrown here it still seemed like dusk in the midst of it.

It was truly magical.

“It is.” Col agreed, “But I can see something even more beautiful. And i’m the luckiest guy on the planet because she’s all mine.” He nestled his head in the crook of my neck.

I turned around on his lap so I was facing him too, “And i’m the the luckiest girl in the world to be right here with you.”

Col looked down at me eyes gleaming with happiness before he leant down to me and crashed his lips to mine. All thoughts were erased from my mind except for the feel of his lips on mine.

Colby was kissing me...and I was kissing him back. His lips moved with mine in perfect synchronization.

Boy was Colby a good kisser! I held desperately onto his shoulders as he deepened the kiss, taking control. He brought his hand to my face and brushed his thumb softly over my cheek. It was perfect.

Time seemed frozen at this moment.

All too soon we both had to pull away for breath. “That was…”I said breathily, struggling to find the words.
“Something I’ve wanted to do for a Gods damned long time.” Col finished.

I blushed profusely and buried my face in Colby’s chest. He chuckled, smiling boyishly down at me. “You’re a great kisser you know, that clearly wasn’t your first time.”
I blushed an even deeper shade of red, it was in fact my first time.

Colby noticed my reaction too, “Oh, well then i’m honoured to be your first Daisy.” he smiled, placing his palm over his heart. I laughed, only Colby somehow managed to ease my embarrassment and make me laugh in seconds flat.

We sat side by side on that ‘bench’ for the better part of an hour laughing, talking and just genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

I think we both secretly knew the only way to keep positive in a situation like ours was to keep laughing, keep smiling and with Colby here I knew that by no means would that be a difficult task.

We were in this together.
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