The Long Way Back

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Chapter 3

Me and Blake walked through the corridor side by side in the awkwardest silence ever.

I swear every single person in the school was staring right at us. The looks sent my way were enough to send my heart into palpitations.

I seriously didn't get it, it's like they'd never seen a new kid - I mean maybe they hadn't, this was like the smallest town I'd ever been in.

We both headed to the reception to pick up our timetables, which unfortunately were very different because although we were twins we weren't much alike, especially school-wize.

In fact we were pretty much polar opposites.

After a while of absentmindedly wondering through the halls we finally found the reception. "Hi... e-excuse me." I said, trying to get the receptionists attention. "Hi dear, how can I help you?" She replied, "Oh umm, we're new here, we were looking to get our timetables?"

"Yes, yes, sorry you must be Melanie and Blake Bradshaw, it's been a while since we had any new students around here," She said ruffling through the files on her desk.

"Here you both go, there's a map there too, to help you learn your way around," "thanks" we both said at the same time. "Well you kids best get going, the first period starts now."

"Oh crap, I'm gonna be late, bye El, meet up at lunch?" "Yeah sure, good luck." I replied with a smile. He was already half way down the hall so I doubted he even heard me. Ah well.

Best get going.

It'd been five minutes since the bell and i'm was still walking around the halls completely lost, that map was useless. That or i just couldn't read it very well, probably the latter.

Trust me to get lost on the first day of school.

I looked down at the map again trying to figure out where the heck i was, when i ran into something brick hard, and flew backwards off of it.

“Ahhh!”, I threw my hands out in front of me as I tried to catch myself. Of course I had already fallen face-first on the first day, typical me for being so clumsy. The impact I was waiting for from the fall however never came, as a pair of hands unexpectedly wrapped around my waist and pulled me back up.

"Hey daisy, watch where you're going, would ya?!." The boy I just ran into snapped.

The first thing I noticed is his accent, I still wasn't used to the accents around here yet and i mentally swooned at it.

I looked up to see who it was I was talking and it was a really tall boy, probably 6'1 or 2 with shaggy brown hair messily thrown back, tan skin and the biggest emerald green eyes I'd ever seen.

I'm always awkward around new people but around him in particular I felt so nervous and I didnt even know why.

That’s a lie I knew exactly why.

This was the most intimidating guy I’d ever seen.

A wave of recognition flashed through me. I recognised him, I knew without a doubt I knew this boy.

But from where exactly I hadn’t a clue.


"Yeah" he said in a duhhh tone . . "Your daisy chain necklace, it's the first thing i saw so i called you daisy. Anyway I'm Colby, and you must be new." He said with newfound interest.

I looked down and just as he said my daisy chain necklace had slipped out from under my shirt. I quickly tucked it back in before facing him again.

"Yeah, a-actually my name's M-melanie though, i- um i just moved here." I said, nerves still controlling my speech.

"Well Daisy, You know where you're going alright? I wouldn’t want you ramming into any other poor bystanders? "

Omy his accent.

I was so distracted it actually took me a good 15 seconds to realise he had asked me a question. What a great first impression on the first person I've met here.

"Actually no...d-do you know where Mr Edward's music class is?" I asked him.

" huh? Yeah follow me, I'm late already anyway, so what's a few more minutes gonna matter?" He said before leading me down the hall, a few steps behind him, I found it wasn't actually very far so we didn't really get a chance to talk much more. I wondered why he was late, but I quickly dropped it when we arrived.

When we got to the classroom he stopped and turned around to face me, his gaze was strangely intense. "Well daisy, hope to see you around soon." He said with a playful smirk before turning around and wandering back down the corridor. "It's Melanie!" I called down after him.

I distinctly heard him laughing before I spun and walked into the class. "Sure '' I heard faintly, behind me.

"Ah, You must be our new student... Melanie was it?" The teacher I assumed was Mr Edwards said facing me, along with every other eye in the classroom. Intimidating much ?

"Um... yea." I replied. My heart rate was now speeding up,along with my nerves due to the amount of faces now staring straight at me.

"Well then Melanie take a seat anywhere, we were just starting performance practise." Mr Edwards said with a smile. I already liked him, he didnt make a big show of a new student, and seemed moderately laid back. For a teacher anyway.

I looked around trying to find the nearest empty seat, the only empty one was beside a girl with long brown hair, tied up in a ponytail and blue eyes, she was smiling straight at me, this shouldn't be so bad.

I made my way over to the seat and sat down as fast as I could, eager to get out of the spotlight. That wasn't something most performers said but that was me, i loved playing the piano, but not performing in front of people. I guess i was just weird that way. I hated the attention, no detested the attention.

"Hey I'm Emma, nice to meet you." The blue eyed girl beside me said.

"M-melanie, knew that i just said that... sorry, you can call me Mellie though. Nice to meet you too." I didn't know where the sudden awkwardness came from but apparently I now couldn't get it to stop.

Much to my surprise Emma bursts out laughing. "Omy...your so cute *ahah*I can already tell we'll be great friends." I turned to her with a smile but before I could say anything else, we were interrupted.

"So...performances now. Most of you know how this works by now, all names go in a jar and the three picked out have to perform a piece on an instrument of their choosing, voices of course as well. Melanie since its your first day ill be nice." He said with a gentle laugh. "Your name won't be put in the mix, you can just observe for today."

My panic at the thought of performing disappeared . I may be good at the piano but I hadn't played for anybody other than family. Ever. I wasn't about to change that anytime soon.

The thought of playing for others sent me panicking.

The first few periods all flew by relatively smoothly, me and Emma only had music together, but we found we were in it often. We also shared a study period together. I thought it was nice to have a friend, but it was still weird for me to get used to.

Me and Blake obviously didn't have any classes together, which did upset me a bit but i already knew it was gonna be like this.

I was taking Music, English literature and Maths whereas Blake was taking PE, biology and Food and Nutrition. I'd been away a few hours and already missed him. I guess that's what happened when you spent your whole life by someone's side.

It was now lunch and Emma was currently dragging me to a table to meet all her friends. We'd just gotten food and I picked up a salad. On the way i'd already been warned that most of them were boys but not to worry I'd fit right in.

I hoped so, cause I really liked Emma and I wouldn't want to ruin a friendship by not liking her other friends.

We walked up to a table with four boys sitting at it, they all looked up to see us and I was glad to see that amongst them, already fitting in as I knew he would was a familiar face. my brother. A smile made its way to my face as I sat down beside him. Lucky coincidence.

"So.." one of the unknown guys said "Im Carson." "I'm Lukas" another said "Kyle" the third snapped, directing his attention to me. "I'm Mellie, nice to meet you all," I replied with a blush making its way up to my face from all the attention.

"Aww... you picked up a shy one huh Ems?" Carson teased.

She answered with a playful slap to his shoulder, "Oh leave her alone, I would be too meeting all you lot for the first time."

"Sure, so i assume you know Blakeyboy here then?" Carson asked me. "Yeah this is my little sis." Blake replied for me, slinging his arm around my shoulder.

"Oh pu-lease," I scoffed, brushing his arm off.

"we're actually twins, he's only 10mins older." I said with confidence.

I was anything but, but I was determined to appear full of confidence rather than nerves.

"Still older" Blake whispered in that annoying high pitched voice he did to wind me up.

Everyone at the table bursts out laughing at our bickering.

The conversation flowed well after I got over my initial awkwardness and I found that I really liked all the guys, they were all super sweet. Kyle didn't talk much though, but I assumed that was just his personality.

I found out that they were all on the football team and that Blake had already made the team, he tried out in one of the earlier periods. I knew he would and was glad he finally did it.

I think I fit in better with guys than any girls. Girls were too bitchy for my liking, but Emma seemed nice so maybe I was glad for at least one girl-friend.

Blake and I fitted in perfectly here and we all acted like we'd known each other our whole lives. Of course i was still a little shy, but I wasn't gonna open up to just anybody that easily.

The rest of the day passed by in a breeze and I got surprising friendly with Carson, i had a sneaky suspicion that he was gay. He just had that gay guy best friend vibe.

He sat beside me in English Lit and I found out that he and Emma were cousins, that being the reason they're so close.

Finally, the first day of high school was over, and in all honesty it wasn't too bad. I hadn't allowed my fear to control me and I managed to make some really good new friends. The future looked hopeful.

Now it was time to go back to our house, along with the drama that came with it.

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