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Get a Life Heidi

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Heldiegard Pia Chenevert a 28-year-old successful CEO of their family company Dragon Rise Empire. Beautiful, tall, trustworthy, hardworking and anything of a woman a man desires. She promised to herself not to get married and live her life single and simple. It's was a normal day at work when Heidi knew that she was going to get married to someone she doesn't even know. Heidi disagree with the fact that she was going to get married that she made a plan to make the unknown man dislike her. That man, Liam Schmidt, is a top-notch surgeon and Medical Physicist. Liam knew that Heidi didn't mean to be mad and that she only did that because she doesn't want to get married to Liam.

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Chapter One

"Bonjour, mademoiselle Chenevert.." The employees greeted me as I pass by every floor going to my not-so-peaceful-but-busy-with-work office.

I love it when they greet me like this, it makes me more energetic to get more work done. It may seem awkward and weird but my employees are my inspiration to work hard. As the CEO of this noble company, I must too be hard working.

Dad and Mom are in Germany to visit a friend who is the owner or CEO or leader of Karl-Heinz Medicare Institution. Dad said that the father of the current owner of that institution was his best-friend-slash-classmate in middle school.

Glad that everything has calm down ever since that stupid client, long story I don't wanna remember that puny piss full of trash. Oh, right, speaking about clients I have a meeting this afternoon at two. Supposed to be, my twin brother Raphael will be attending the meeting but he also has a meeting at his own company.

Chance and Chase are still in the Philippines they will arrive next week, same goes with my friends Rebecca in Germany, Marina and Nicky in the Philippines. And I'm alone here in my office with no one expect the vanilla paint, photos of my family and stuff that I can't talk to.

I opened my laptop and I'm surprised to see a lot of pictures that my other brothers Chance and Chase gave to me. Tch, you are taking a vacation in Palawan while I'm here working my ass out. How can you be so inconsiderate, geez? I called them via Microsoft Teams.

The time here in Paris is exactly 8 o'clock in the morning meaning it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon in the Philippines. Alright, they are still awake, I won't bother their family time. Besides, they have been in the Philippines for almost a month and that country has no connection of Jaguar Empire, to make it simple they have no work.

Ang masasabi ko lang 'Sana all', walang trabaho. Mga bwisit talaga and mga lalaking 'yan. Just wait and see, once you come back to France I will drench you with work. You deserve that.

After a few more rings, they finally answer the call. Just keep your calm Heldiegard, no need to boom in anger towards your brother. Malamang kung magalit ako sa kanila na wala silang kasalanan, sabihin nila na baliw ako.

"Bonjour, Tata Heidi! Tu me manque!" My niece Cassy greeted me with her full face on the screen.

"Bonjour I miss you too so much. Vous passez un bon moment? Are you the one who answered the call?" I asked.

She turned her face towards somewhere else and waves her hand at someone else. I think she's waving at her Daddy Chance or Mommy Dawn, she's a daddy's girl just like me so I assume she's waving at Chance. I find it really cute for her to do that, it makes my anger fade away.

"C'est qui..?" I knew it! It's she's calling Chance. Bur Cassandra is really not a daddy's girl when I am around. Same goes with her brother and her cousins Dan and Willy.

"Tata, tata.." She responded while pointing on the screen.

Hello dear brother, I hope that you will come home right now so that I can feed you with a lot of work to be done. Glad that there will be a lot of work starting next week. I hope you are ready.

"Bonjour, Chance brother dear. How is your vacation are you ready to say hello to the busy days that are coming...," cuz I'm gonna feed you with a lot of meetings and paper works and that's my revenge for you and Chase.

My pathetic but sweet brother smirks. I don't know why but my brother is very, very, very handsome but he looks so ugly and pathetic when he smirks. I don't like it when male smirks, it may look hot but honestly, it's seriously ugly.

By the way, no offence to those who smirks a lot, as far as I'm concerned you look handsome, not for me but for others. God, if you only please make time fast so that they can work. Lord, I'm so tired I need a rest.

"Uhm sis, Heidi--Miss Chenevert--Heldiegard...Uhm, Pia" Chance scratches his head while I wait for him to continue. "We might extend for--"

"For what more vacation! No more extensions and I'm being serious here!" I snapped.

He looked at me shyly. I know what you are thinking. Yes, you may be older than me, have two kids each and both have wives but you're a sore loser when it comes to maturity. That's the reason why dad made me CEO of the Dragon Rise Empire.

"The kids wanted to extend our vacation here in Palawan.."

"And leave me here with a lot of things to do, is that it?" I cut him off.

My brother is guilt-speechless when I said those words. I don't care if the kids want to have more vacation, you can't always have a vacation. Like what? A meme that says: I need to have a vacation six months twice a year.

What's the point of being productive when you want a vacation. When you need money, you must be hardworking, slacking-off is not present in my vocabulary and neither shall they. You know, it's very unfair when the CEO is hardworking and the employees are being a couch potato.

"You know what, I will book you a flight and you will only and strictly have three days to prepare to come home to Paris." My blood is seriously boiling the only thing that is missing is egg to become bloodied-boiled-egg.

I fold my arms and glared at him. "Am I clear..'

"Yes, Ms CEO.." he said in a boring way.

"That's good since you have a lot--you and Chase has a lot of work to be done. So if you please come home and help me with work." I said trying for them to understand my situation in the company.

"Yes, we'll do that," he nodded.

I looked at the watch and notice that it's almost nine, that. That's right, I and Raphael still have to meet with Uncle Frank today at L'Astrance Restaurant. Almost forgot about it.

"Alright, I need to end the call. Raphael and I have to meet Uncle Frank. Y'know, the uncle with the large-sized tummy and short height."

Chance laughed. "Yes, I know I remembered.." He giggles one more. "Tell him I said hi."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, bye. Send my regard to all of you." I immediately end the call and received a call by my twin. I didn't answer the call but send my secretary Agnes a message: Out, going to L'Astrance to with Raphael to meet Uncle Frank.


With the breakfast or family meeting is done. We went out of L'Astrance Restaurant, the food is really good. My tummy is full and I think I won't eat lunch anymore but that's not good since you need three meals in one day.

Diet, as in eating less is not good for me since I'm a very workaholic person. I would faint if I will eat less. As long as my BMI is normal I'm alright. I have a very healthy lifestyle since I have hypertension.

"Thanks for the treat Uncle Frank, Merci Beaucoup." Raphael bowed kindly to our Uncle.

"I agree as well, what if we meet each other when Father comes home from Germany. Isn't that charming?" I said.

"Yes, yes," Uncle Frank smiled. "When is he coming home, it's very long since he left Paris, I'm missing my brother.."

Neither do I know when are my father and mother coming home. It's like their gone for ages. If only I could speak to them like my siblings, but I couldn't stand since the Fourth Commandment of God says: Honour your father and your mother.

That's not a hard commandment to follow. Besides, I love my parents and they are really hardworking. Speaking of which I don't even know where Chance and Chase got their attitude of being lazy.

Damn, it's as if they are not my brother. But they are really my brothers since mom has a mark where she had C-section. Figures of speech.

"I have to go back to the company, still have work to do uncle..." I said while getting near to my car.

Uncle Frank giggle and patted my shoulder. "You never learn to rest, just like your father who never learned to rest. He's a fine and hardworking man. I can see why people call you Hilary Fuller the Second."

"Haha," I laughed sarcastically. "I better get going."

"Good luck at work favourite niece." He slapped my back hard making my brother burst into laughter while I hold the pain.

"That was painful..." I grunted.

"Okay now Uncle, let's leave the work to Ms Workaholic. While I drive you back home since I have a meeting to attend at eleven." Raphael said.

Thanks for that brother. You really save my skin. Well, you always save my skin, that's why you're the best brother a twin sister could ever ask for.

"Yeah, yeah. Twins..." Uncle Frank murmured.

We say our goodbyes one last time and depart the place.

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