The Russian Billionaire's Fiesty Serb!

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Jasmina Lovic is a smart strong woman assisting the CEO, her cousin, Stevan at ICan Incorporated. She is feisty and knows her way around any business and any man, and is an asset in the corporate world. People seek her out for her expertise. But what she wasn't expecting was catching the attention of Billionaire Nikolai Milordov, her mortal enemy. A man she thought, didn't even know of her existence until now. He wants to contract her for a job in his company, but what she doesn't know is that he didn't just ask for anyone he specifically, asked for her. What's going to happen when one night of passion changes their lives forever. The man that she once thought he was, isn't at all who he is. Will Nikolai conquer his past demons and give into his desire for Jasmina or will his past cause everything to fall apart? Find out! Start reading! ;)

Romance / Erotica
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The beginning

‘Nope! Not a chance in hell! Not gonna happen Stevan! No way!’ I exclaim.

He had the decency to actually look a bit remorseful about his actions, but there was still a cheeky twinkle in his golden eyes. ‘Come on Jas, do it for me‼’

‘Nope, you can look like a fool now for not consulting me’ I ground out through clenched teeth.

He clasps his hands together, trying to exude a professional air, ‘Come on be a good sport and help a brother out, us slavs gotta stick together’ he exclaims.

I glare at him. Not amused in the slightest. Trust him to pull the ethnic card out on me, it’s not as if he hasn’t before. The things I put up with from this guy I swear, he’s lucky I haven’t left this company from the stunts he’s pulled with me. And here he goes with his crazy wog ways again. Arghhhh. Must stay calm. On second thought…

I bark out, ‘You’re unbelievable Stev! The amount of times you’ve pulled the rug out from underneath me! You bastard, you’re lucky I don’t walk out of here and take my annual leave. Especially with the product we’re launching in 3 months.’

He actually had the audacity to look unaffected by my threat, and cheekily responds, ‘Come on Jas, we both know these are empty threats. If I had a dollar for every time you’ve threatened me I’d be a millionaire by now. Scratch that I already am, now stop making a scene and do your boss a favour’.

I practically grind out, ‘making a scene aye? Hmm, okay.’ Stevan sees the moment he’s made a mistake, his grin immediately falls flat on his face and he backtracks; ‘Now you know I was just joking about…’ I don’t bother to hear the end of his apology as I storm out of his stupid office labeled ‘Owner and CEO Stevan’ yeah some CEO we have here at iCan Inc.!

I storm down the end of the corridor where my office is located.

As soon as I enter my office I already feel a sense of calm pouring back into my fiery soul. It’s a beautiful office, one I had to bargain for with Stevan because he wanted my office to be next to his so he could annoy me with his requests, but I won it in a bet fair and square.

It’s a spacious office, with a beautiful mahogany desk to pair with it, the most comfy desk chair one can afford nestled between the desk and lets not forget some extra indulgences like my lavender humidifier and faux plants lined around my office space. The highlight though, has got to be the ceiling glass walls that overlook the great Harbour Bridge and Opera house. There’s nothing I love more than the ocean and from here it feels like I can almost touch the water. It’s a beautiful morning too, blue skies as far as the eye can see, cobalt clear water stretches out across the expanse and buildings meld together to form a picture before my eyes. God I love Sydney!

I fall into my comfy chair and boot up my computer, so I can get a head start on my emails, that way when my assistant comes in she can focus on the important stuff that I need done. As I’m typing out my responses to clients and employees, I see a message alert pop up, Stev’s face pops up on our google facetime.

I aggressively click the reject button on his call. That guy can kiss my ass.

You thought it was gonna end there. Nope this child sent another 10 call requests on Google Duo. Which I promptly cancelled, and resumed my task. Half an hour later I hear a rap on my door and don’t look up, I already know whose face I’m going to see, seeing as how it’s 7.30am and none of the execs start until 8am and the rest of the employees start at 9am.

I type away, refusing to acknowledge him even as he takes a seat opposite me. ‘Geez, you stubborn woman, I swear.’ He shakes his head at me and grins, ‘If you gave me a chance to finish before you stormed out like a drama queen, I was going to say that the job at Milordov Corp is only for 4 weeks and you get a bonus from Nikolai for helping him out’.

‘No thank you, I’m quite happy to sit in my cushy office on my current salary and bonus package, thank you very much’, I affirm.

‘Come on you haven’t even heard how much the bonus is that Nik is willing to pay you.’ Stev almost whines at this point. I sigh quite loudly and lift my gaze up to meet his, still not impressed with the proposal.

‘You’re not even gonna ask?’ he smiles like a Cheshire cat. I roll my eyes at him, slouching back into my chair. ‘Come on! He’s willing to give $20,000 for the 4 week term at his company. All you’d have to do for that time is restructure one department at his company. That would be a breeze for you.’

I raise one eyebrow up at him, ‘Why are you so keen to send me off to your friends company? You’re the one always saying how much you hate when companies try to poach our employees. Yet all of a sudden you’re peachy about sending me off to help out your pal.’

He groans now out loudly, clearly exasperated with my barrage of questions, ‘Omg Jaz, I’m not trying to send you off for crying out loud!’ He exclaims, ‘You are one of my best assets at this company and don’t you know it. The only reason I’m allowing you to go is because you are the best Operations Manager and Human Resources Coordinator that I know in the business. I wouldn’t trust anyone else not to screw it up. And for your information Nik doesn’t know you are going I could’ve picked any of our senior directors but they wouldn’t do half as good as job as you and you know it.’

He raises a serious brow up at me, ‘Not to mention he’s my friend and also funneling quite a substantial amount of money into our project that we are launching in 3 months. This is practically a piece of cake for you and you get $20,000 at the end of it. Why are you throwing up such a goddamn fuss over this anyway?’ Stev inquires, clearly wanting this argument to come to a close.

I throw my hands up in the air, ’It’s not that I’m throwing up a fuss you ass. But you know how damn rude Nik is to me, every time he comes to the company he doesn’t even acknowledge me in our stakeholder meetings, he makes it a point to say hello to every other person there except for me. Even when he comes to see you at your office and you call me to pop by and say hello, he doesn’t even turn to greet me, just mutters some half assed ‘hello’, and you want me to help out that bastard?’ I stare at him incredulously.

Stevan actually has the gall to look shocked by my statement and puts his hands up in surrender, ‘Jas look I had no idea you felt that way about Nik, I thought you guys were cool, otherwise I would’ve never put you forward to him in the first place. Look if you are really that against it I’m not going to force you I can just get one of our other execs to do it instead’.

I exhale in resignation knowing that I’m going to agree to his request, partly because I like the sound of $20,000 being added to my bank account at the end of this month, and partly because I do love Stevan like a brother and I would hate to disappoint him even if his friend is a pigheaded misogynist. I relent, ‘Fine if it’s only for a month I guess it won’t kill me, but you better have someone replacing my office for the month, I don’t want to return and be putting out fires everywhere I go’.

Stev dramatically clutches his shirt near his heart and scrunches his face up in his version of a ‘fake-crying’ and pouts, ‘You really think I would do that to you?’.

I shake my head at his antics and smirk, ‘Absolutely, I wasn’t born yesterday’.

He drops his dramatic charade, and grins at me, ‘Alright fine, you got me there, but yes in this case I have already got you covered, that is if you are agreeing to my request’. Stev winks at me with a twinkle in his golden eyes.

I roll my eyes at him in defeat, ‘Yeah, yeah, we have a deal, you better not slack off on our project while I’m gone, ’ I warn, ‘I’m gonna tell Amy to keep an eye on you and your procrastination tendencies Mr. CEO’.

‘Wow, so you finally remember that I am in fact you’re CEO and you are the employee here.’ He smiles at me like a Cheshire cat.

Shrugging my shoulders at him, ‘Yeah I guess, if you can call yourself that Stev’ i say with a twinkle in my eye.

He flips me the finger, ‘Jebi se!’ (fuck you) I hear as he prances out of my office.

I chuckle, man Serbs you either love em or you hate em!



Dear beautiful human, i'm not sure how you found me but i'm glad you did.

This is my first novel so i hope you enjoy this story and journey that i'm on.

If you have any suggestions or anything you'd like to let me know, feel free to comment and whatnot! xoxo

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