Luscious Love

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1st place holder in the general fiction category in "Soul curry writing race" conducted by TheBooktrovert community. It is said that "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Is it a mere proverb or there are really enough examples in our life? Apparently it seems a bit lucid and gross but if we analyse it minutely it may convey some subtle meaning too because food is love made visible. Samarjit Suri and Anwesha Mukherjee have nothing common in their lives. If one is a fabulous soccer player then the other is a bookworm. One is menacing and other is reticent. Only one thing is common between them is their love for Maggi. However, is this love will create a tiff between them or bring them closer? To know their journey, indulge yourself in this delicious love story....Luscious Love.

Romance / Humor
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Some important advice & request:

1. Don’t copy my creation.......

Plagiarism will be strictly handled. Be inspired not an imitator. If you like any particular thought you may add it in your story by mentioning my name.

2. No bashing......

Every writer should have his/her freedom to imagine or fantasize. If you don’t like the plot, characters or dialogues simply quit reading. No bashing or bad words will be entertained. I am not supporting any kind of bullying or ragging. It's only an imagination on the demand of the plot.

3. Keep voting & commenting........

If you genuinely like my work please do vote and comment. I will genuinely appreciate my readers’ advice. It will keep me motivated.

4. Original fiction........

It is entirely my imagination and doesn’t have any connection to any living or dead or any other stories. If it does, it’s completely unintentional.

Happy reading ...........

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