Mutually Arranged

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"His love was the one she wanted. His attention was the one she craved." Scarlett Williams, a normal college going girl. Not a believer of love. Fan of happy endings. A bubbly, happy go lucky girl with awesome friends and parents. "Her love was the one he needed. Her attention was what he lived for." Xander Knight, a typical cold hearted, ruthless billionaire. Never cared for anyone except his grandfather and mother. He rules the business world. His name makes people tremble to their bones. What would happen when these get mutually arranged to each other? Would Xander's cold heart melt? Will Scarlett ever believe in love? And why does she not believe in love in the first place? What made Xander cold hearted? Join their journey and see how these both go through various challenges thrown by life at them.

Romance / Mystery
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"Love is a smoke

Made with the
Fumes of sighs."

- William Shakespeare

He was standing there. Looking so broken, so fragile. I didn't know what to do. There were tears in his deep ocean like eyes turning midnight sky minute by minute.

"You are lying. I want you. I need you."
His voice trembled.

Not able to look at him anymore, k turned my head away.
"Why don't you get it?" I asked.
I never wanted to see him like this.
Never thought a man like him would be in front of me like this someday.

"I never had any feelings for you. All this meant nothing to me. I do not love you. I can't love you. You deserve better. You deserve the best." With that I turned around and walked away.

"Please, don't do this. I know you don't want to do this. We can be together. Please...." He tried again, running after me.

His face clearly showed he didn't expect me to be like this.
He wanted me to run towards him, to hug him, to tell him I was joking, that
all this was a stupid prank.
But it wasn't. It was the truth. I couldn't be with him.

I was sure this was the end.
We were never meant to be anyway.
But oh! How wrong was I ?
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