Her vendetta

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Part nine

It was really difficult going back to sleep after seeing the news. After so many paces in the living room with no answer coming forth on what next is going to happen now the bastard was released I trudged up to mums room to seek comfort in her arms.

I opened her door slowly, trying not to make any noise so I won't wake her but as soon as my weight dropped on her bed she opened her eyes.

" Is everything alright Evie?" She croaked in a sleep tinged voice, rolling to her side to accommodate me as I laid my head on her chest.

"Yes mama" I answered softly snuggling more into her arms, I didn't want to bother her yet with the news of Daryl release, we can talk about that in the morning I thought closing my eyes as mums slow heartbeat lured me to sleep.

The next morning I felt mum rolling around on the bed as she left the bed probably to prepare for work. I was so not ready to greet the day so I groaned and turned around till I got comfortable on the bed with her absence letting out a satisfied sigh I went back to sleep.

"Evie baby wake up!" Mum cried and cajoled, trying to wake me up. I grudgingly opened my eyes to see mum dripping wet from her shower.

"Morning mum" I mumbled and felt my eyes closing again as sleep gripped me in their clutches refusing to let go.

"Evie if you don't wake up you are going to be late for work," she said to me her words sounding far away.

Her words were not a motivation at all to wake up as I continued to let out soft snores.

The feel of something cold drenching my face had my eyes open as wide as they can and the sleep clearing from my eyes at the speed of light. I turn to glare at my mum that was chuckling softly at her handiwork, which I seriously did not find funny.

If you have ever been woken up by a cold shower you will probably understand what am feeling now.

I stood from the bed stretching out the kinks of sleep, I padded towards my own room to get ready for the day.

On my way there I heard the phone in the living room ring. "I will get it" I hollered to mum, taking the steps two at a time, as I rushed towards the ringing sound trying to catch it before it goes to voice mail.

"Hello" I panted into the phone, my breath coming in small pants.

"Is this the Wright residence?" Asked a soft cool female voice across the phone.

I nodded my head saying yes at the same time.

"This is detective Crook, " the voice said putting a name to it.

Hearing her name caused my heart to skip in my chest as it started racing hard, in fear as I wondered the reason for her call.

Calm down Evelyn I scolded myself inwardly, before getting back to the detective.

"Hello detective, this is Evelyn," I said with little trepidation into the phone, my voice suddenly filled with nerves despite my internal warnings.

"Hello Evelyn, how are you doing?" she asked with mild interest.

"Fine!" I snapped out unintentionally, is just that I was dying to know the reason she called and was not in the mood for niceties.

She must have gotten the memo because the next time she spoke she sounded business-like. She wanted to speak to my mum, but I wasn't going to take that, am an adult so if there is anything she wants to say about the case she can say it to me, and that is exactly what I told her.

"I apologize, Miss Wright, " she said a cool voice before she went ahead to relate the reason for her calling.

Her words chilled me to the bone, thank you detective I answered flatly cutting the call not caring if she was done or not. My rage started like a slow rumble before escalating to a raging inferno, causing me to hurl the telephone in my hand to the nearest wall. This caused the phone to disconnect from its socket before crashing hard against the wall.

The loud noise had my mum running down the stairs in fright.

"What is going on Evie?" She asked in alarm.

I just stood still, fist clenched tightly at my side, eyes tightly closed as I tried to answer her without breaking down. My first tries came out broken, so I took a deep breath then told her that it was detective Crook, on the line and she wanted us to come down to the station because Daryl denied the allegations and the case will be going to court, and also the bastard is out on bail I added all in a straight tone trying not to let the rage I was feeling about the whole thing infect in my voice, but the state of the telephone spoke volumes about my mood.

"Why don't you go get ready, Evie, while I clean up here, " she spoke in a calm soothing voice.

I took one more deep breath to calm myself, casting a look of regret towards the shattered telephone I strutted towards my room to get ready.

We arrived at the station, each lost to her own thoughts. We made our way into the station and met the same officer at the front desk. This time he didn't need any prompting he took us straight to detective Crook office.

We entered her office to see her in serious discussion with another police officer, their discussion seems to be a serious one, because she was yelling, as the other officer looked on with a chagrin.

When she caught sight of us she dismissed the officer, who cast us a strange look on his way out.

We took our seat in front of the detected and waited calmly as she went in detail the reason she wanted us to come down.

She told us about Daryl's lawyers bailing him out early this morning and how they are claiming he is innocent of the crime he was accused of.

Innocence my foot, I muttered sarcastically beneath my voice, as my anger came rushing back at the unfairness of the whole thing. How the man could easily walk free just because he had money in his pocket, and probably has badass lawyers on his side, while I on the other hand can't afford to buy myself a second-hand car to replace my beat up one talk more of hiring a lawyer.

As I was contemplating the bleakness of my situation, while my mum and detectives continued to discuss, the door opened and a tall handsome African American man with a serious look on his face came into the office. The serious look, change to one of the huge smiles transforming his whole closed off and aloof appearance, as soon as his eyes met that of the detective, which was returned by the detective who had stood up to hug the newcomer.

I guess they knew each other. I and mum looked on as the two obvious friends caught up with each other. When they were done, Detective turned in our direction and made introductions, his handshake was strong and firm as his expression was schooled back to business.

"Ross these are the Wright, they are the ones I was telling you about, " the detective said to our confusion, while the tall leaned muscled man nodded his head in understanding.

Mrs. Wright, Evenly this Ross Reynolds, one of the best prosecuting attorney in the city and a dear friend of mine, her voice grew tender here, "he will be representing you in your case, " she finished looking at us expectantly.

We looked at each other, conveying and understanding each other thoughts. Though we are grateful for the detective offer, the man looks expensive and we can't afford to hire his services. Mum turned to the detective, and the man and related this seeming apologetic for turning down his service.

"No no Mrs. Wright you misunderstand, am not charging you for this am doing it as a favor to my friend here, he said looking fondly at the detective, who I was surprised to see blush from his look.

Mmm I don't think they are just friends, I thought in my mind, but whatever they are am just grateful to him which mum conveyed so well for the both of us when she thanked the man profusely to the man, almost making expire from embarrassment.

" You are welcome Mrs. Wright, no need for the whole thanks, as I said am glad to help" the man was forced to interrupt my mum's unending thanks of gratitude, with the detective looking on with mild amusement at her friend's discomfort. Finally mum let it go causing the man to release a sigh of relief before he turned in my direction to focus his brown orbs on me.

I squirmed a little being under attention as everyone in the room looks in my direction.

"Can you tell me in detail miss Wright everything that transpired between you and Mr. Smith, he said further worsening my discomfort. "Please I want to know everything no matter how minute and unnecessary you think it is, " he added.

I kept silent for a few seconds trying to get myself together before I begin rehearsing my tale again.

When I was done I had tears running down my cheeks, I wondered when I will stop the waterworks at any mention of what happened to me.

"Is there anything you haven't told me?" he asked in a soft tone his eyes focused on me as if to make sure I was being entirely honest of which I was so I held his gaze "I have told you everything Mr. Ross, " I murmured softly.

He nodded his head in acknowledgment, before saying " am made to understand that the trial will be in two weeks' time.

I was surprised by his words, I didn't know about this, the detective must have told mum when I was lost in my thoughts. I felt a little panic coming on at the suddenness of the trial, we will be prepared within this short time I wondered in worry, turning back to the discussion to hear the detective taking his leave, not before he extracted a promise of dinner from the smiling detective. Mum thanked the man once more as he took his leave.

"Thanks for your help" mum said in gratitude to the detective, who just raised a part of her mouth in somewhat of a smile, waving mum thanks away "just happy to help ma and I wish you all the best," she said as we both stood to take our leave.

As we came out from the station there were some reporters hanging around the station as soon they caught sight of us they rushed in our direction but luckily the officer escorting us to our car was able to stop them from getting to us, but that didn't stop them from flinging their questions at me.

One question caught my attention causing me to falter as I staggered on my feet.

The reporter had callously asked if I was a second Charlotte after Mr. Smith's money, whether all these are just a ruse to extort money from him.

I froze the reporter with my glare, don't you think I could have found a better way to extort money from him instead of subjecting myself to all these scrutiny and ridicule I snapped in a cold tone my eyes glaring ice at the man, how daft can people be, I wondered in irritation.

"So where did you meet Mr. Smith?" Threw another reporter, taking advantage of my momentary lapse.

I didn't reply, I just entered the car and mum zoomed off.

"You shouldn't have answered them at all" mum scolded as we drove home.

I just kept silence, throwing around the reporter question about being a second Charlotte, he was partially right as my situation felt exactly like hers, remembering my harsh judgment of the girl caused me to burst into hysterical laughter.

"Are you alright?" mum asked as my laughter continued to ring out the car, casting me a weird worried look.

I laughed harder till my laughter changed into tears and I started sobbing.

"What is it baby?" mum asked now alarmed as she cast anxious glances along the road looking for a safe place to park.

*Nothing mum" I said in a tear-filled voice, willing myself to stop crying but the tears wouldn't stop following.

She gave me a disbelieving look still searching for where to park.

"There is no need to stop mum, I just thought of something," I said finally getting myself under control.

"What is it?" She asked her concern so obvious in her gaze.

"Do you know that Daryl had done what he did to me to someone before, " I said quietly?

"What!" She exclaimed sharply.

"Well, I read somewhere that he was accused of raping a woman on their date but his lawyer convinced the judge that it was a con sexual act and a few days later the woman changed her statement saying she just did it to extort money from him."

"You knew that he had that kind of history and you still went out with him!" She yelled in a raised disbelief tone.

I looked down flushed in shame, "how would I have known he was really capable of such, I had believed it to be a mere plot by the woman to extort money from the man, and moreover I was clouded by my infatuation with the man" I said in self-disgust.

Mum just shook her head, "what has happened, has happened let's focus on this trial" she said squeezing me hand in comfort.

We were watching a show on TV when it changed and we were now seeing an average looking beautiful black woman claiming to be Mr. Smith publicist, with several reporters and cameras surrounding her. She has this air of confidence about her that I was envious of, I guess most of Daryl's employees must be beautiful and capable women, is he sleeping with them? I couldn't help but wonder, that wouldn't be far fetched seeing the kind of man he is.

"Am standing here on behalf of Mr. Daryl Smith she began sounding bold and confident, to address the alleged rape accusation against my employer and we are here to tell the public that this is a plot of a disgruntled young woman who feels slighted that Mr. Smith is getting back with his wife after having slept with her."

My mouth hung open in shock as my eyes widened in reaction, my ears couldn't believe what it was hearing.

The sound of a hard knock on our door snapped me out of my shock as I wondered who could be knocking at this late hour. I flung the door open and my eyes widened at who was standing before me.

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