Her vendetta

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Part fourteen

Ten years later

"Have you found him?" I asked the boy clicking furiously at the computer.

"Not yet boss," was his absent reply as his fingers kept flickering on the keyboards so fast that they were making my dizzy watching them.

"Well, you better find him fast," I barked coldly impatiently, standing up to leave the room when my second walked into the room.

He paused when he saw I wasn't alone in the room. I waved my hand for him to go ahead with what he wants to say

"Boss, we have found his warehouse, is the operation still on tonight? He asked his voice scratchy from all the smoking he does.

A sinister smile darkened my face at his words, looking into the hardened eyes of my second I nodded my head.

It'ss been ten years since I left this place, leaving everyone thinking I was dead when I smashed the car I was driving into a tree, lighting it on fire but not before leaving clues that will make the police think I was still inside when it caught fire. Now am back to exact retribution on all those that wronged me.

My eyes grew so cold as I imagined all the things I plan for them.

"Yes, we are storming the warehouse this night, get the boys ready because we have prey to catch," I said with a wicked smile.

"Found him!" exclaimed Nick excitedly interrupting us.

"Thanks, Nick, I said patting his head, I leaned towards the computer to see the address he found for me.

I saw his lustful gaze on my exposed cleavage, to tease him more I leaned lower making it more prominent, I smirked darkly when his eyes bulged out and he gulped down hard, catching his gaze with mine I winked at him making him flush red.

I was aware of his puppy love crush on me, so teasing him was one of my favorite pass time, I turned to my second who shook his head at me, reprimanding me with his eyes, which I ignored, with an eye roll. You are not fun, I whispered to him.

"I need you and your boys to pick up a worm for me at this address, I said, giving him the address Nick just found, to Lucas.

"Is he one of them?" Lucas asked his eyes narrowed.

I nodded my head, my eyes growing dark as memories of his betrayal in court flooded my system. I promise to make him pay I thought darkly in my mind.

Ten years ago, lying in the hospital after my abortive suicide attempt- yeah I attempted to kill myself, I couldn't go on, not losing the baby on top of every other thing that has happened- my mind was swirling with so many emotions and the forefront being the enormous hatred I have for all the people that drove me to this condition, and the thought of making them pay had me feeling so revived and alive. I had a new mission, something that gave me a purpose, that gave me a reason and that was to get my revenge on all of them.

Few days of being in the hospital under suicide watch, the plan grew in my head till it was all I could think about. I didn't have any concrete plans on how am going to do it but I knew if I was going to pull it off I have to make them believe I was dead so they wouldn't see me coming, and that's exactly what I did.

I knew if I was going to pull this off I needed money and I needed power and what better place to get the quick money than drugs and so I made my way into the life of the underworld. I started small making runs and then I grew in the business to the extent of having my crew and when I was certain it was time to put my plans into action I moved my business to the city I left ten years ago.

When my second had asked me why we were moving to this place I had to tell him everything and he readily offered his support and help.

I trust Lucas with my life, he was one reason I was able to survive in the crime world an ex-military who turned to gun for higher had seen me one day being harassed by five drug dealers had saved me but not before killing them right in front of me with no remorse or any emotions or what's so ever.

He had taken me under his wing and with his help, I was able to start hunting for my crews and eliminated some other dealers that were challenging me till we became the top dogs that everyone feared.

"Do you have any special request?" he asked, his eyes hard.

"Just bring him alive, every other thing is a free game."

"You got it, boss."

"Nick, I said turning to my nerd, what about the other task I gave you?"

"Will find something for you soon boss."

"Alright," I nodded heading towards my office.

Nick was an incidental finding but a great addition to my crew.

I caught him trying to pick my pocket and had my boss take him back to the way house to teach him a lesson but he has offered his services claiming is good with computers.

I had stopped the beatings my boys were going to give him and had tested his skills and found him not lying and had agreed to keep him.

Inside my office I opened my laptop and pulled up all the files I have on Daryl Smith, yeah Nick has been very busy since we came back. I looked at everything and couldn't believe the amount of dirt that he dug up on the asshole, enough to sink him and am going to sink him starting from tonight and by the time am done I will have buried six feet under where he belongs.

My eyes narrowed as the thought of how to punish the man I hated most in this world swirled around in my head.

I pulled up his wife, well I have plans for her, is quite fortunate that she is still married to the bastard, I remembered the gloating look on her face, how she stood supportive of her husband despite what he has done and my hand clenched into a tight fist as the familiar rage flowed through my system. I am going to show them I muttered out loud with hatred clouding my voice.

I watched the picture of the two of them smiling happily to the camera, all happy and looking good, and the rage boiled stronger, after destroying my life they think they can carry on with theirs as nothing happened, we will see about that.

The next picture was that of their daughter Avery, the first time I laid eyes on her when Nick got the files together I was struck dumb by her beauty, her eyes reminded me so much of her father but the innocence I saw in them had my heart racing with an unknown emotion.

I had ignored the feeling and focused more on the hatred I have for her father. Though she is innocent she is the one thing that is most precious to the bastard and hurting her will kill him, and her beguiling innocent face is not going to deter me I thought but I couldn't stop staring at her.

Imagining those eyes filled with passion as I pleasured sent a thrill straight to my clit making it throb in reaction. What the fuck! I exclaimed my ridiculous thoughts snapping the laptop close hard.

I picked my phone and called one of my men since Lucas was out doing something for me.

Hello came the gruff voice.

"Tell Jonathan that I want to see him," I said curtly into the phone.

"Yes boss," the voice replied in a respectful tone when he realized that is me he was speaking to.

Jonathan is another teenager I have in my employ he is one of my runners I nabbed him from another dealer offering him a deal he couldn't refuse, well no one actually refuses me if the person wants to live but in addition to keeping his life, I still offered an amount he couldn't turn down.

"I need you to seduce a girl," I said flatly as soon as my door opened causing the young man to falter in his step as he looked at me confused. I needed him to get close to Avery make her trust him, enough to follow him anywhere, making it easy for us to use her as bait to bring in her father.

I turned to face him, my eyes hard as I took him in. He was cute and has this boyish handsome face and sweet smiles that tend to draw girls to him.

"I have a job for you, I want you to play up to a girl and within three weeks have her eating out of your hands."

"Who boss he asked eagerly, in a cocky tone. I opened the laptop to show him Avery's picture and watched him lick his lips as he beheld her picture.

I was tempted to shut the laptop as a dark feeling I didn't understand, or I did understand but was scared to acknowledge swelled inside me.

"You are only to seduce her but don't touch her," I snapped not liking the look on his and watched in satisfaction as he flinched a little from the harshness of my tone.

"You think you can pull it off? I asked in a challenging tone.

"Yes boss," he answered with an arrogant grin on his face and I dismissed him.

The plans have been set in motion I thought going back to work. Yeah, I have a club that I run, I mean if I was going to conduct my drug business I needed a legitimate business to front, and what better business than a club.

The club I bought was one of the popular clubs in the city the owner was a bit reluctant to sell but with the help of my boys, we were able to make him see things our way.

A few minutes later a knock sounded on my door. "Come in," I said and the door opened to let in Lucas.

"Boss, he is downstairs waiting for you," he said causing a sinister smile to appear on my face, finally I get to have fun I thought with a dark smirk

I stood up strengthening the pencil skirt I wore that molded sexily around my hips, showing off my long legs, before walking out of the office my heels clicking on the floor as I walked.

The club was empty with few of my employees getting it ready for opening later tonight. I walked past the VIP section taking another door that leads me down to the underground and that was the thing that made buy this particular club.

I opened the door to see my first victim.

He looked up at me with no recognition, his eyes were bloodshot by the massive swelling.

I grinned darkly, I didn't expect him to recognize me after all it's been ten years and most people assume me dead.

"Hello, Bernard," I said with a sweet familiarity that contrasted the hard glint in my eyes.

He watched trying to place my face and I watched his eyes widen when it came to him. "Evelyn!" he cried confused and surprised, "I thought you were dead."

"Oh, you are not wrong, Evelyn is dead the woman standing before you is Jada, I spoke in a chilled tone, giving him the name I adopted in the crime world.

He gave me are you joking look, but I wasn't here for jokes. I have come a long way from the naive and innocent girl Evelyn was.

"So Bernard I brought you here to ask you few questions and I want you to think very carefully before you answer," I said corking the gun Lucas handed to me. I sat down in a small chair facing him, in a relaxed posture.

He was suspended by a long chain up towards the ceiling and his face spotted so many bruises, the boys did a good number on him.

I turned to the man, my eyes turning cold, "what did the Smith offer you that made you lie in the courtroom, I threw the first question at him.

My relaxed appearance must have deceived him into forgetting the warning that I gave him few seconds ago because he tried to play with me.

"I don't know what you are talking about," he said. I raised the gun and shut his knee cap, without shifting from the relaxed position I was in.

"You fucking bitch!!!" he screamed in pain.

I just watched coldly waiting for the answer to my question. "Am not going to ask again, Ben," I warned aiming the gun to the other knee.

"Ten thousand dollars," he cried whimpering.

"You see that wasn't so hard," I said with a dark grin, "how long did it take you to blow the money?"

He kept quiet, pissing me off

"How long!" I yelled leveling the gun.

"A week!" he screamed, please forgive me he started begging, and crying in a pathetic way, his face all botched up and red his knee bleeding from the wound I gave him, causing his blood to pull on the floor around his feet.

I watched him dispassionately, "so it took ten thousand dollars to get you to betray me and now I want you to make me an offer for your life and you better make it good."

I sat back in the chair, leg crossed, and watched him with a dark smirk on my face. "And don't forget you have got only three tries to go."

He continued his pathetic pleading, instead of saying something so I raised the gun in a threatening way.

"Fifty thousand dollars!" he shouted closing his eyes.

"Mmm," I said as if thinking of it, "try again I said with a wicked smile.

"Hundred." I shook my head dragging the gun along my face, "last chance," I said smile wide and dark.

"Two hundred," he whispered faintly. I threw my head to the side weighing his offer, "not good enough," I said with a dark smirk shooting him straight on the forehead I wasn't going to spare him in the first place, but it fun playing with him.

"Clean this up," I ordered making my way out. One down three more to go.

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