Her vendetta

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Part fifteen

I and my boys watched the ware house as the whole place was lit up with activities, they were like the busy bees everyone doing one thing or the other not a care that they may actually be caught.

I turned to look at my second, he nodded his head and we all got out.

I had five of my boys with me, with my gaze hard and steps determined, I matched towards the ware house with the boys behind me.

One of my boys kicked the door open, and before any of them could react they were dropping to the ground.

Leave one of them alive, I need him to carry a message to Daryl Smith for me I ordered loudly taking out a guy who was about to draw his gun.

Yeah you heard me right, I am raiding Daryl Smith drug ware house, it turn out the boy is not such a boy scout as he let's everyone believe, the money he used to build his hotel actually came from his drug business and I actually intend to cripple it.

I watched as the bodies drop with a dispassionate look. I looked around to see everyone on the floor, I thought I said keep one of them alive I screamed looking at the boys in rage but none of them could meet my eyes.

I was about to vent my anger on them when my second walked in with a young boy held to a gun point.

The boy looked to be in his twenties and his eyes was clouded in fear as he shook badly.

Please don't kill me he begged as Lucas dropped him on his knees.

I bent to be on eye level with him, Oh my boy am not going to kill you I said sweetly stroking his chin before grabbing it roughly in palms raising his eyes so that he is looking into mine.

I saw him swallow as his eyes met mine, he tried to look away but I held him firmly making him look into my eyes that reflected the darkness inside.

I want you to tell your boss that Jada is coming for him and this is just the beginning and it only ends with his death, I spoke in a chilled tone causing him to gulp a second time.

He is gone and wet his trousers taunted one of my men as the rest laughed.

I released the boys chin before he could release a breath of relieve I pistol wiped him rendering him unconscious.

You know what to do boys I told my guys walking out with Lucas on my heels.

I arrived at the club to see the whole place packed and walked straight towards the entrance.

Hey lady you can't jump the line screamed a moron from the back, I shot him a dark look making him shut up and look away.

Welcome boss my security spoke letting me and Lucas in.

I need you to arrange someone for me I told Lucas walking towards my private room, I needed another kind of release.

After the whole incident it took me time to be physical again with another human being, the first time I tried I ended up throwing up on the person but I found out that I can tolerate it if I was in control of what happens and since then all my sexual activities happens on my terms.

A knock sounded on my door. Come in I said sitting on the bed in a scanty wear watching the door.

I watched as a tall lean muscled dark chocolate man walk in with a cocky grin on his face. When he saw me he licked lips and I rolled my eyes at that.

He advanced towards me, his eyes clouded with lust, his intent obvious in his steps. Before he could touch me I put a hand on his chest holding him back.

Hold on Rambo, you are not here to fuck me, I fuck you I growled before he could digest my words I took his hands and flipped him on the bed, his confusion made it an easy feat.

Loose the shirt I commanded, feeling myself get wet from what I was going to do.

I always derive my pleasure more from dominating my partners than from the act itself.

Oh you like to be in charge, bitch, you could have said so am all for that he said his tone sounding cocky as he made himself comfortable on the bed.

Call me bitch one more time and you will be loosing a tongue I threatened with a hard look and chilled tone.

He eyed me as if to way how serious I was and must have seen something in my eyes because his hands hurried to his shirt to remove it, revealing a well sculptured chest and abdomen which I took in.

Loose the pants, I ordered my tone flat.

Keeping his gaze on mine he removed it slowly as if trying to tease me, but my look remained indifferent but my crutch was very wet, I was aroused by what we did earlier and being about to dominate this six foot hunk of a man was soaring my need high.

His shaft was in semi erection, and his size was commendable. I let my eyes move over him slowly, making his organ twitch in reaction.

I want you to stroke your dick I commanded, watching his hands with a hooded eyes as he followed my command.

When it was erect and bulging deliciously I climbed over him and without warning impaled myself on him.

I groaned from the pain and pleasure, throwing myself back as I fucked myself on his dick.

He kept growling as my pussy sinks onto him, but I wasn't interested in his pleasure, he was just a tool for me to get off.

I have been on him for a while but am yet to achieve my release, I took my breast in my hands squeezing them hard trying to add to my pleasure but it remains elusive till my mind was invaded by the beautiful brown eyes of Avery Smith and I found myself climaxing. With her face in my mind I rocked harder, trying for a second orgasm which caused my bed mate to increase his hips movements as I bounced on him faster, imagining it was Avery beneath me I came again.

Before he could reach his release I leaped off him and watched him erupt his seeds on his belly and some of them on my sheets.

I fell on the bed panting from the recent activity, get out I spoke harshly to him.

What he asked confused. I won't say it again I barked.

He stood up gathered his clothes and left.

I padded my way towards the bathroom, my thought troubled by my earlier thought.

Why did I think of her at that moment I asked myself as I stood under the shower allowing the water to run freely down my body.

The next day as I was bent towards the paper work, trying to get everything about the club in order, a knock came on the door, come in I said and watched Nick come a little hesitant in his steps.

What is it Nick, I asked lying back on my seat.

I found something boss he said eagerly walking towards me with his laptop.

I made room for him to show me what he found.

She is being blackmailed he said showing me Elizabeth phone messages and emails.

Mmmm I thought as my mouth turned up in a sick smile as a glint appeared in my eyes.

One of the email caught my eyes it reads "lady you have one week to pay in fifty thousand dollars in this account or am going public with what I have".

Elizabeth replied him asking for more time to come up with the money.

Get this, the guy is not the first person to black mail her, Nick said pulling up another set of black mail emails.

So our cougar has a dirt in her closet that she is worried about getting out, I said with a thoughtful look and a gleam in my eyes as a plan started formulating in my head.

Do we know what it is? I asked turning to him.

No but I can track this person, Nick replied.

Perfect, well-done Nick I said patting him on his shoulder and watched him beam at my praise, so go get me his address I ordered sending him flying out of my office in his hurry to get to work.

The phone rang severally before it was picked and a stressed voice barked into the receiver what? Boss am so sorry, a scared voice came from the other end.

What is it the voice barked impatiently.

We were raided last night boss and all the merchandise are gone.


The woman said to give you a message.

A woman the voice screamed baffled as his hands roved over his head in frustration.

She said to tell you that Jada is coming for you and it all ends with your death.

Who the hell is Jada the voice screamed hurling the phone to the wall in anger.

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