Her vendetta

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Part sixteen

Jada stood at the VIP section of her club and watched the clubbers dance as the music blasted loudly off the walls. She took in the gyrating hips, the dry hopping, taking sips of her drink. Her gaze was dispassionate as she took in the crowd with nothing in particular catching her eyes.

Her eyes caught that of a beautiful brunette as she dances on the man behind her, her movements were erotic and as Jada watched her she felt herself react to the sensual movement as her center heated up.

She watched the woman move some more before signaling to Lucas who nodded at her and descended downstairs.

Jada watched her second prowl through the crowd, making his way to the woman who was still dancing her life out unaware of the effects she was having on her audience that were watching her with heat in their eyes, Jada noticed as her eyes caught some of the men close to the woman.

When the woman noticed Lucas presence she stopped dancing to the protest of the man behind her who had been enjoying the ass moving on him.

Lucas spoke to the woman briefly before pointing in my direction.

I raised my glass in acknowledgement while focusing on the woman with my gaze.

She had a beautiful brown eyes which brought to my mind a certain brown eyes I shouldn't be thinking about.

I quickly banished her thought from my mind and refocused on the woman who I saw swallow hard at my intense stare before she turned to follow Lucas.

The man she was dancing with tried to stop her by holding her hand, but the chilled look Lucas sent his way had him removing his hand quickly and taking a step back.

I turned away from the crowd and returned to my seat.

The VIP section was slightly populated by the famous people, rich business men and women who wanted the privacy to have their fun, but I have a section all to myself which provided me the privacy I needed to entertain whoever I wanted.

I was relaxed in my chair drink in one hand my body primed like a jungle cat anticipating its kill.

Boss she is hear my second said drawing my attention to the woman.

She stood beside Lucas, hesitant but I could feel her take me in as her eyes flashed in hunger.

I smirked inside but remained impassionate outwardly. I knew the effects my body had on people both male and female so u wasn't surprised by her attraction.

I allowed my eyes to move from her head to the toe taking in her features slowly, and watching her squirm a little as I continued to watch not saying a thing.

Seat down I spoke in a commanding low tone watching her gulp as she reacted to the sound of my voice before taking the seat opposite me without looking at me.

What's your poison I asked the woman who was sitting meekly in front of me, a far cry from the vixen that was dancing with reckless abandon on the dance floor.

Making her look up, you have to relax I said in a calm voice, I don't bite unless you asked me to I teased with a smirk as I allowed my eyes to flash the hunger that has been brewing inside me since I caught sight of her on the dance floor.

She gulped down hard but her eyes held me in challenge making me grin widely as I accepted her challenge.

I will take scotch straight she said still holding my eyes.

My brow hitched up at her choice but that only made me smirk harder.

So what's your name beautiful I purred drawing closer to the woman.

Michelle she said, looking down as her nervousness came back.

I had to stop myself from sighing as I stood up to seat close to her.

She inhaled sharply at my nearness which I ignored rather I asked her why she was nervous.

She kept silent, so I took her chin in my hand and raised her face to look into my eyes. When I speak to you I expect an answer I spoke in a hard tone making her tremble.

Releasing her chin I waited for her to answer me.

I know about your reputation she said fearfully.

What reputation? I teased allowing a teasing grin to appear on my face as I stroked the woman cheeks.

She held my gaze again, you have a reputation of fucking them and leaving them and there are some rumors that you have killed people that got on your bad side.

I shrugged my shoulders neither confirming or contrasting her claims.

You have such a beautiful skin I said caressing her face and smirked when I saw her shiver at my touch.

You shouldn't believe everything you hear I teased kissing her throat gently.

She gasped softly throwing her neck to the side to create more room which I took advantage of as I trailed my lips along the smooth skin.

The sound of a cough interrupted us. I looked up to glare at the person while the woman jumped away from me like a scared cat.

Lucas stood with her drink a sheepish look on his face.

Your drink my darling I said as I took the drink from Lucas and gave it to her.

She took it from me and gulped it down in one go.

Damn I exclaimed impressed as she smiled slightly. I was thirsty she said her voice slightly shaking.

So where were we I whispered moving close to her again.

My loins were on fire and I needed to get this woman to my room.

When I looked up to see the same hunger I was feeling reflected in her eyes missed with little fear, my clit tightened in excitement.

Why don't we take this up in my room I purred close to her ear while stroking her thighs. The short black dress she was wearing afforded my hand the access to touch her bare skin, as I moved my hand higher.

She gulped down again nodding her head to my request.

I stood up taking her hand in my hand lead her out of the VIP section towards my private room.

The next day the sound of my phone ringing in my room woke me up from sleep.

Hello I croaked into the phone wondering who was calling me at this hour. I looked to see it was six am.

Boss I found him shouted an excited voice from the other side, making my ear cringed from its high volume.

Who did you find that you had to wake me up on this ungodly hour Nick I growled into the phone my irritation obvious in my tone.

I heard a nervous gulp from him as his breathing increased.

Am sorry boss he apologized his voice shaking from fear and nervousness.

I took in a deep breath, trying to relax as the rest of me woke up.

Is alright Nick I said softly, so who did you find?

The man that is black mailing the lawyer, he screeched again, the excitement back in his voice.

I robbed my head trying to reduce the throbbing.

I have been having this mild attack of headaches because of the sleepless nights I suffer following the incident I went through, and his screeches were not helping.

Nick you have got to lower your voice I admonished the excited teen.

Sorry boss he apologized again.

I nodded, well-done Nick I complimented him before cutting the call.

I grinned at the wonderful news, happy that my plans were gradually falling into place.

I wondered if Daryl had gotten my message as I made my way towards my bathroom to prepare for my day.

You are sure this is the place I asked Nick who was situated in the back of my car.

We were currently parked in front of a nondescript building that looked as if it was falling apart and looking so unsafe for someone to in habit it.

Yes boss he answered quickly nodding his head.

I looked towards my second who nodded his head and we both stepped down from the car along with Nick.

Lucas knocked on the door but there was no answer, he knocked harder still no answer.

I was getting impatient and the neighbor hood looked like the slump and I was not enjoying the filthy air that was filtering to my nose.

Lucas used one leg to knock the door down and we walked in.

I had to hold my nose close with my fingers to ward off the stench that was oozing out of the room.

I don't think this guy had heard the word cleaning.

We moved further into the house avoiding the clusters that littered everywhere in the unkempt room to see a body slumped in the midst of few empty beer bottles.

Lucas shook the guy vigorously with his foot causing him to open his eyes slightly.

If you are here to steal anything I got nothing worth stealing he mumbled trying to go back to sleep.

Obviously I thought kicking him hard on his foot. This caused him to jerk up, looking around fearfully. When he took in our appearance and realised that we were not one of his neighbour hood thugs he sat up properly looking at us curiously with little bit of fear.

Where is the tape? I asked coldly.

What tape? He replied playing ignorant.

I brought out my gun corcking it while fixing him with a chilled gaze I won't ask again I growled pointing it at him.

Okay I will tell you he screamed moving back.

I smirked at him lowering the gun.

The guy scrambled quickly to his feet going into a room he came back with two tapes which he placed on his table.

Play it I ordered. As we watched the tape I couldn't help the sinister grin that appeared on my face. Perfect I thought.

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