Her vendetta

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Part Seventeen

The next morning, I relaxed back in my seat in the office, leg thrown across her desk licking my dried lips in anticipation about the call I was about to make.

I took one look at the video and couldn't help the smirk that appeared on my face.

I have been thinking about what to do to Elizabeth Lockwood and to have this fall into my laps in a platter of gold, I can't believe my luck, even though I have long ago stopped believing in luck.

The phone rang for few minutes before it was picked and an irritated voice snapped into the phone.


Jada was amused by the impatience of the voice, guess our almighty lawyer is swapped today Jada teased but her voice lacked the humor she tried to portray.

I really don't have time for this, snapped the voice and was about to hang the call.

Well if you don't have time for this, you will probably have time seeing your business all over the media I said with a low chuckle.

The silence that reigned on the other side showed she got the other woman attention.

What do you mean? the voice asked in a frosty tone, that Jada believed had put the fear of God in her opponent and had one time affected but this time rolled off her like water over a stone.

You know what I mean Jada replied in a serious tone, ready to get down to business.

She heard the person on the other side inhale sharply, before the voice came back.

How are my sure you really possess what you claim?

'Mmmm' Jada sounded but was not in a hurry to say anything as she kept the woman waiting in suspense.

It seems this is one of those prank calls came the voice annoyed don't call me again the voice snapped and clicked the phone.

Jada looked at her phone in amazement. I can't believe she caught the call on me! I really have to hand it to the woman, even in the face of a threat she had the balls to call me bluff, well I have to show her I wasn't bluffing shouldn't I? Jada thought smirking as she sent a one of the videos to the number she just called.

The next second her line rang, but Jada refused to pick, but it kept ringing so she decided to put the woman out of her misery and picked the call.

What do you want? The woman barked into the phone, her frustration and fear clear in her voice.

Just hundred thousand in the account I will send you in the next one hour, or this video goes viral.

Are you insane! Screeched the voice. Where do you want me to get that kind of money the voice screamed.

Not my problem darling, clock is ticking Jada said and cut the call to the woman screams of profanities.

It was entertaining rattling the fearsome Elizabeth Lockwood Jada thought grinning maliciously.

I opened my computer and brought up the pictures of those that owe me, one image had a red line across it showing that it has been taking care off, when I got to the last picture I stared at the young face trying to figure out why I don't feel the amount of hatred I feel when I look at the other pictures after all she is the daughter of my worst enemy and I shouldn't be feeling this towards her.

Then why is it that her thought have refused to free my mind I asked in frustration rubbing my hands across my face, is like she an atom of light fighting in the midst of all the darkness swirling in my mind.

I found my fingers itching towards the screen to touch the innocent face that calls to me like a siren in the sea but I quickly withdrew my hand when I realized what I was doing.

What the fuck is wrong with me! I exclaimed in anger and disbelief before shutting the system down in a loud bang.

I need a drink I thought standing up from my seat, moving towards the mini bar I have in my office. I took out a brandy pouring little into a glass and swallowing it in one gulp.

Am not going to allow the thought of one pesky female sway me from the part I have chosen I thought, fortifying myself as I poured myself another drink.

I need to do something to take my mind away from all these shit, I reasoned swallowing the next glass in one gulp.

I walked into my ware house to see my guys startled at my entrance.

I rarely came down to this part of the building, leaving my second to handle anything concerning my drug business.

Boss they all greeted showing their respect.

Where is Lucas? I asked of the guys. He pointed to the back. I walked in the direction he pointed.

As soon as I entered my phone dinged, signalling that I have a message.

I opened my phone and smiled at it, I looked at the time to see it was just thirty minutes.

Mmm, you found the money rather quickly I thought smirking let's see how long it will take you if I up the stakes.

I rang the number again, you have really been a good girl I teased but I before I could finish my word she interrupted.

I have paid you the money so can I have the tapes she demanded.

I laughed out loud drawing the attention of the men in the room I just entered, who must be wondering what could have made laugh out loud like that.

Oh my darling I said in a condescending tone, you seems to think you have a say in this, I have all the cards, I say jump and you ask how high I said my tone losing the initial mirth, sounding chilled, or have you forgotten what's at stake?

The woman on the other side took in several deep breaths probably holding herself from saying anything.

It pleased me to have her in this situation where she felt very helpless, it must really be a foreign feeling going by the quick breaths coming through the phone.

Okay what can I do to get you to release the tape? She asked in calm clenched voice.

I tilted my head as the if thinking about it, half a million dollars.

What!!!! Are you insane? She screamed, making me chuckle.

Apparently I am because you keep asking me the question. Anyway you asked and that's what it will take.

If I give you the money you will release the tapes? She asked coolly.

Yes I affirmed.

Both of them she bargained.

Both of them.

She went to cut the call, but I chirped in, darling you have a week to provide the money or the deal is off I said curtly. And then I heard the dial tone signaling the end of the call.

A cat like grin shaped my mouth as I rejoiced in this victory it felt really good having the woman that acted as if she was untouchable at my mercy.

Boss what brings you here? Lucas asked drawing me out of my musing.

I looked around to see two guys at the corner counting my money before focusing my eyes on my second. I came to see how things are going down here.

He gave me a disbelieving look but didn't say anything.

So is the shipments coming in today I asked him.

Yes boss but they said that another group is offering them higher the amount we are offering. They are threatening to sell to them unless we double our fees.

Which group I asked my eyes narrowing.

Daryl's men.

My mouth turned up at his words, before I said let them have it.

He looked at me confused.

Let them help us buy it, we will relieve it off them I said making my second grin widely as caught on to what am planning. In the mean time I have something for you and the boys to do for me.

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