Her vendetta

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Evelyn Jada Wright a young aspiring journalist who thought she has found the man of her dreams had her dreams shattered when the so called man raped her and left her broken and bitter and when the court ruled not guilty Evelyn thought to end it all, finding out that the bastard left her pregnant didn't change her mind but when the mission to end it all failed Evelyn faked her death and came back years later to take revenge on all those who wronged her, but what she didn't count on was the feelings the young Avery Smith will arouse in her. Will she succumb to the beguiling innocent eyes of young woman, who makes fill things that she never believed she will feel again, or would she continue in her path of darkness. Find out in Her Vendetta

Romance / Thriller
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Part one

This day is the darkest day of my life, a day I wish I never woke up, never left my bed, and never agreed to go out with him.

I moaned in agony as I laid down on the floor, my knees were drawn up to my chest, holding the torn pieces of my clothes together with blood dripping down my thighs, weeping and wishing the sun never broke the sky to start this day, or that I was a magician that I could set back the hand of the clock.

How did I get here? It all began the day I met him, Daryl Jonas Smith, a man I wish I never set eyes on, that I never encountered him.

A few weeks ago.

This is the first day of my internship at Catlinks company one of the highest publishing companies. I was studying to be a journalist and was very excited when I got a letter telling me that my application was accepted, and now am running late. I hope I don't lose this internship I worried rushing out the door but not before screaming to my mum that I was leaving.

She replied back but I didn't hear her because I was already out the door.

I opened the door of my used-up car that my parents got me in high school throwing my handbag inside I entered the driver's side. I put the key in the ignition and started it, it purred before shutting down. Not today baby I begged, before starting the car again. Please don't let me down I prayed as I tried again. It purred then died again.

"Fuck!" I said hitting the staring wheel before laying my forehead on it, am so screwed I thought.

It is already too late to get a bus and if I don't get this car started I might as well start trekking to work because that's the only way I will be getting to work and I can't ask my mum because she too is also late for work and wouldn't be able to drop me off.

One last time I told myself starting it again, please please please I begged and whooped in joy when the engine purred to life.

"Yes!!!, I love you," I screamed in excitement, kissing the car before revising out of our driveway.

When I got to work, I was thirty minutes late so I ran towards the office complex, my mind racing from nerves and mild agitation praying that I wouldn't be in trouble for being late.

So focused was I on making it through the door that I didn't see the person heading towards me till I collided with a hard wall stopping my momentum.

I stumbled nearly losing my balance if not for the strong arm I felt around my waist steadying me.

"Easy pretty lady, where is the fire?" joked a deep baritone voice.

"Am so sorry" I apologized, face flushing. I bent down and picked up the things that I knocked down.

I stood up to give it to him and froze.

The man was gorgeous and the dashing smile on his face with the flashing dimples sent shivers down my spine.

"Is everything alright?" He asked looking concerned when I just stood there staring morosely.

"Yes, it is" I stammered in a shaky voice extending my hand to him for his things.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed when I remembered the reason I was rushing in the first place.

"Please excuse me, I have to go", I told the gorgeous man trying to get around him.

"Hey! wait," he said, stopping me in my tracks.

"Here is my card I love to see you again," he said offering me his card with a sparkling smile.

I nodded, trying not to be affected by his knee-weakening smile, and collected the card from his hand. I ignored the electric feeling I got when my fingers brushed his and dashed inside the complex, with his chuckle following me.

Inside the establishment, I signed in and went towards the lift. I stood impatiently, waiting for it to come down, I was tempted to use the stairs when it seems there was traffic holding up the lift. Finally, it arrived, and I hurriedly entered with others waiting for it.

When it got to the second floor, I stepped out making my way towards a small open room walled off by white wooden boards, where I saw the other interns about three of them with a woman who looks like she was giving them an orientation.

I crept towards them, moving quietly so I wouldn't be noticed, but the woman glared in my direction as soon as I joined them making me flush red, I look to my feet unable to stand her glare.

Since I was late to the party, I felt lost and not following with what she was saying, all the same, I still paid attention trying to pick as much as I can.

"You can go," the woman said dismissing us, few minutes later, and everyone stood up to go.

"Not you," she said pointing at me.

I stopped in my tracks and turned back to the woman with trepidation.

"Sit down" she commanded.

I did.

"What's your name?"

"Evelyn Wright", I answered politely.

"Do you want this internship?"

I nodded my head.

"Are you sure?" She asked sternly, looking very serious.

"Yes ma," I said in a serious tone with a nod for added effect.

"Am not sure I believe you, but take this as a warning the next time you are late again you will be out the door, do you understand me?" she asked.

"Yes ma," I said, promising myself that this will be the last time I will be late because this internship is really important to me.

"Good, you can leave," she said dismissing me.

For the rest the day I shadowed the woman I was assigned to, but unfortunately, I didn't get to do anything meaningful because I was busy fetching this and that for her, and by the time the day was over I was so tired on my feet that I was on the verge of collapse.

I left the office around six pm with the rest of the staff. When I got home the delicious smell of dinner cooking welcomed me home.

"Oh my God is so hungry," I groaned out loud to mum, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I wasn't able to get lunch today, because the journalist that I was assigned to decided to use me as an errand girl," I complained to her taking a seat on the kitchen stool.

"Sorry, my darling, why don't you go and freshen up by the time you come down dinner will be ready".

"OK, mum," I said taking my things upstairs to my room.

A few minutes later I came down to see dinner served and mum waiting for me.

"Sorry I kept you waiting MA", I apologized taking a seat."

"Is okay," she said waving off my apology.

"Let say the grace," she said taking my hands in hers as we both closed our eyes.

"Amen", I said when she finished before digging into our dinner.

"Your Papa will be so proud of you baby", mum said looking at me with pride.

"Thanks, ma", I said feeling happy and content as I smiled at her.

she smiled back but her smile was tainted with sadness and I know why, she was thinking about my dad, who passed away five years ago when I was seventeen.

It was a hit and run and the driver was never caught.

Mum has been mourning him ever since and has refused to date anyone else. When did I ask why? Her response was, why date when you have already had the best.

I guess dad was her one and only, I hope someday I get to meet someone I can love deeply like my mum did my dad.

"So how was work?" I asked mum, trying to take her mind off dad.

"It was a little bit stressful but nothing I couldn't handle. Had some difficult customers, you know the type that comes in without money in their pocket but still what to get the expensive goods" she said with some exasperation making me chuckle.

Mum works at a department store as one of their sellers, the little she makes is what she uses in providing for us and the money dad left when he died went to my schooling that's why I need this internship, it will go long way helping me secure a great job when am done and I need this to take care of ma, for once.

"Thanks, ma," I said taking both our plates to the kitchen where I cleaned them up.

"Do you want to watch the TV? Or are you so tired?" Mum asked me when I came out of the kitchen.

I was tired but there is no harm in spending more time with my mum.

"Yes," I said walking towards the sofa where I flung myself down with my legs over the arms.

Mum raised my Head and sat down placing it down on her laps.

"So what are we watching?" I asked picking up the remote.

"Anything" I just want to spend time with you.

I turned it on and the Kardashians were on, I quickly changed the channel, not a fan of the show at all. I went to the fashion channel, I saw they were showing a runway in Milan so I left it there.

The fashion channel is one of my favorite channels because I wanted to be a fashion writer, the others being sports, Nickelodeon. Yeah am a child at heart, sue me.

I also love the food channel, this one is ma favorite, where she learns different kinds of dishes, that am so willing to taste out for her.

Ma is a very good cook so am not scared to be her lab rat.

I laid down back on ma's lap and watched the beautiful models as they did there walk with their background music blasting loud out of the speaker.

Ma started stroking my hair with her fingers which relaxed me making me release a contented sigh.

I love it when she does this, but it has this side effect of making me fall asleep, as I now found my eyes drooping and the next minute they were closed.

"Baby you need to go to bed," mum said shaking me awake.

"What?" I asked looking around, a little disoriented.

"You fell asleep," she said.

"Oh", I said yawning.

"Why don't you go to your room and sleep". Mum told me.

"What about you? "

"I will be up in a while".

"Good night mum", I said walking towards the stairs.

Inside my room, I flung myself on the bed, my eyes already closing before I hit the bed.

My thought momentarily flashed to the man I met this morning but I pushed it aside choosing to go to sleep.

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