Her vendetta

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Part eighteen

I had just made it down from my room, heading towards my kitchen to have my early morning coffee, when the phone rang.

It was Sunday morning and I wanted to use today and relax. No work, no nothing but it seems the universe is not going to grant me that as the phone kept on ringing.

Putting the water for my coffee on the fire, I picked up the phone and checked. It was Lucas, I clicked the answer button and immediately his voice came through.

Boss, are you seeing the news? he asked, jumping right in.

I just woke up Lucas, I haven't even had my coffee talk more of turning on the TV.

Turn it on now boss, you will be happy with the news.

'Mmmm', I thought wondering what in the news that will make me happy, then I remembered the job I asked them to do for me last night.

Did you guys carry out what I instructed last night? I asked him.

Turn the TV on the boss you will see.

Hanging up the phone, I padded my way towards the living room, my barefoot falling softly on the slightly cold floor. I put on the TV, and immediately my mouth broke into a satisfied smile, which widened as the broadcast continued.

"Last night the fire service authorities we're called to put out a massive fire at one of the largest boutiques in the city which belongs to Victoria Smith, the wife of the hotel mogul Daryl Smith. The fire was set to have started at the wee hours of the morning and before anyone could notice and turned to a raging inferno, when the fire service was able to make it to the scene the whole building has been burned to the ground, luckily no life was lost from this I incidence, but it was a huge loss of properties and we sympathize with the smith's family for this huge loss. The local authorities are looking into the incidence to determine if it was a deliberate act, we will keep you posted on further information".

The broadcaster finished ending the news.

The losses are just beginning I whispered tightly as I dialed Lucas number.

Was that to your satisfaction boss? He asked in a smug tone.

His words made me grin even though he couldn't see it.

Yes, it was I said unable to hide the satisfaction in my tone at a job well done.

I hope it wouldn't be traced back to us? I asked. Because the whole idea of this is to fly under the radar and not the tip of our enemies.

No boss, everything was done clean.

Tell the guys we'll do, that am pleased with their job, and for the other thing, keep an eye on it and inform me when the deal is done.

You got it, boss, he said, and I could imagine him throwing the two-finger salute.

I cut the call, letting out a heavy sigh. I felt a little prick of conscience at what I was doing but my alter ego was quick to remind me everything they put me through which hardened my heart immediately as my eyes narrowed with a determined me glint.

I promised myself to make sure I bring down Daryl Smith to his knees and nothing was going to stand in my way, least of all my conscience.

Throughout the day I spent it laying around, with nothing to do. Never been one for keeping friends, it didn't change through the course of the years and so I didn't have anyone to hang out with and moreover the kind of business I do makes it dangerous to have friends, who can be used against you. So for now am all alone.

The thought of my mother flashed across my mind and I quickly erased it from her mind.

My mother is the one regret I have in all this, the thought of her always made my heart squeeze in pain.

I can't go to her, not after all these years of making her believe that I was dead and the thought of facing her with what I have become makes me double up in shame, though I still provide for her through the anonymous source and the last I checked she has moved closer to her only living relative, her sister who lives in the next city close to the one I reside.

Pushing down the pain and regret the thought of my mother brought on, I decided to leave the house, instead of wallowing in my painful and distressing thoughts.

I went to the park at least with the crowd and buzz of activities my mind will be distracted.

In the park, the whole place was crowded with people, family, friends. They all wore happy smiles on their faces which made my heart squeeze in envy.

I decided to just stroll around, not doing anything.

Few minutes into my stay I saw the ice cream stand and headed that way. I bought a large scoop of my favorite ice cream "vanilla".

I walked towards the Ferris wheel and stood watching the riders. I have this phobia for height so I could only admire them from the ground.

Scared to ride a soft voice spoke beside me.

I turned to answer and lost the power of speech as I looked at the person with mouth open in astonishment and my ice cream dripping down my arm.

My heart started thumping in my chest so hard.

What the fuck is she doing here? This was the question that kept on ringing in my head.

The soft chuckle that came from her brought me back to my senses.

No, not at all I stammered my voice trembling.

I didn't even know what I was answering as the pounding in my heart was clouding my senses.

She smiled at me and I got lost in her beautiful smile as my gaze narrowed on her small full lips. It was moistened by her colorless lip gloss and begging me to kiss it.

What the hell am I thinking! I scolded myself.

Get it together Jada for heaven's sake this is your enemy daughter, I told myself trying to recover from the shock of seeing the girl that has been in my thoughts ever since I set my eyes on her.

Of all people to meet in this place is Daryl Smith's daughter the girl that has taken over my senses.

Care to ride she challenged snapping me out of my thoughts, bestowing on me that innocent beguiling eyes of hers that had my senses reeling.

I nodded my head totally forgetting my phobia for height, and when I realized what I had agreed to I groaned inside, but the radiant smile that broke her face made me it worth it.

We took our seat and I tried not to shake despite how my throat was almost closed off from my fear.

When everyone was settled and the ride was about to begin, I closed my eyes tight, with my fist clenched.

Sacred she asked softly.

I shook my head no, but when the ride began, I swallowed hard, trying to wet my throat that has suddenly dried up and at the same time trying to keep the scream that was building up inside.

The touch of a soft hand on my own startled me, sending a shock of electricity towards my hand all over the body.

My eyes snapped open and I looked in the direction of the young woman whose only response was a knowing smile before she faced front, leaning her head back and her eyes closed.

I swallowed at the contact of her flesh on mine and couldn't help watching her beautiful face as the ride continued.

Her face was calm and serene, radiating a soft beauty that held me captivated, I couldn't look away, and the tingles shooting up from where our hands were connected distracted me from the ride.

The screams of other passengers in the ride with us brought me back to my senses and I quickly snatched my hand away from the girl despite everything in me screaming not to let go.

I wanted to grab her hand again, but the knowledge of who she is kept my hand tightly on my laps.

There was no visible reaction from her from the sudden removal of my hand as her face remained calm.

I missed the connection of our hand.

As the ride went higher, my fear returned, jumbled with the mass of confusion going on in my head from the feeling caused by the girl beside me, made my stomach queasy, and the urge to throw up filled me.

I went back to holding my hands in a tight fist, and my teeth clenched tight to keep everything inside.

As soon the ride was over I jumped down, without glancing at my ride partner, I staggered away.

Once I got to my car, I tried to open my car, but my hand shook badly making it difficult.

At last, it opened and I slumped into the driver's seat not giving myself a chance to calm down I drive off quickly trying to put as much distance as I can from Avery Smith.

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