Her vendetta

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Part nineteen

The next morning as soon as I made it into my office I picked up the phone to call Johnathan, I was still feeling restless from my encounter with Avery Smith.

"Hello, " his gruff voice came on the phone. It sounded croak, showing he was still in bed.

"I want you in my office in the next minute" I growled into the phone not caring that he wasn't yet in and I cut the phone.

This morning I was not in the best of moods, I was about to blow from the frustration of the sleepless night I had as my dreams were plagued by the images of innocent Avery Smith doing things that were so far from innocent, which left me in a state of unwanted, unsatisfied desire.

I took my seat and opened my laptop deciding to go through our financial records, something I haven't done in weeks, because I kept procrastinating, finding the job tedious and a little boring.

Going through it meticulously as I can, because what is the essence of this if I just jumbled through it. I discovered some irregularities in some of the numbers imputed. "Fuck! I shouted, seeing red, my blood started boiling from the amount of rage the fuse my system.

Someone has been ripping me off. "Damn it I yelled, slamming the desk, I couldn't believe someone had the guts to steal from me. I let out a sinister loud laugh at the incredulity of the action.

The thought of what I will do to the son of a bitch when I find him out, calmed me a little, but not much.

The sound of a knock on my door distracted me from the anger that was still boiling very close to the surface.

"Come in" I growled, my anger infusing into my tone.

The door opened and my second walked in, following behind him was Johnathan who was trying to hide behind him, his face downcast.

"Boss" Lucas greeted in his rough scratchy voice, looking at me with questions in his eyes as he took notice of the mood I was.

Johnathan greeted also, his voice trembling a little, finally stepping out from his behind.

"Thank God you are here," I said to my second.

"What is it, boss?" He asked in a worried tone.

"Some bastard has been stealing from me I growled out through purse lips, as my fingers clenched into a fist.

My second looked surprised and I couldn't help rolling my eyes at the are you sure look on his face.

"I want the bastard found by the end of the day am I clear I said to him in a snarled tone, and eyes focused on him conveying the seriousness of the matter.

He nodded his head and turned to leave.

"Why were you here?" I asked stopping him on his tracks, reminding him of the reason he came to my office in the first place.

"I came to tell you that the Smith group has made the purchase."

Wonderful I said, finally cracking a smile.

You and the boys should be ready tonight cause we are going shopping, I spoke with a smirk on my face.

An answering smirk appeared on his face at my words before he turned and left.

His actions and excitement at all we do have led me to believe he actually enjoys all these we do and doesn't just do it because of the money.

I turned to the teen who has been very silent since he came in to see him squirming in his shoes.

I looked sharply at him causing him to strengthen up as he looked at me, trying not to show how scared he was in my presence

I wondered at his strange attitude. Jonathan has always been confident in my presence, not showing fear like the other teens in my presence, So what changed? I wondered.

"How is the assignment going? I asked deciding to get down to the reason why I called him.

The sudden sound of my voice startled him, making him jump, and me wondering again at what was going on with him.

"ine boss, " he stammered, looking away from me.

I stared at him, knowing he was lying, this was from the nervous twitches he was having, and his inability to meet my gaze.

As my gaze grew intense, and the silence thickened, he cracked, "not so good boss" he cried as if scared of a painful punishment for his answer.

"What seems to be the problem?" I asked calmly, "because I specifically remember you assuring me of your prowess in getting the girl, " I teased.

"Well she is not interested in me, " he murmured beneath his voice, his tone sounding indignant as if he can't believe she turned him down.

I broke out into loud laughter surprising the boy who looked at me in disbelief unable to comprehend my reaction.

I didn't understand it myself, just that I was please by his response and the reason why I didn't want to go into it.

"You can go I said dismissing him.

Will do it the old fashion way I thought taking back my seat.

Tonight I was on the prowl, on a mission to wipe off these unwanted feelings am having for a girl that shouldn't be in my thoughts in the first place.

I used my eyes to comb the whole club, looking for my target, a man a woman I don't care, just needed release.

I have been standing up here at the VIP section, looking over the ground floor for the past one hour and no one has yet to catch my attention and I can feel the frustration building inside me.

I needed release so badly, I was on the verge of picking a random partner when someone coughed beside me getting my attention.

"What is it?" Lucas, I growled turning to the man that stood straight beside me with a hard glint in his eyes.

"We have found the person boss, " he spoke tightly.

At first, I didn't get what he meant, but when I caught up a nasty grin broke my face, a grin that means something bad for the unlucky fellow.

At last, something to take the edge of my frustration.

I walked towards the dungeon, which is what I call the place where I conduct my business that will require a lot of noise if you know what I mean, and since the room is soundproof I let myself go eliciting the sweet screams from my victims.

I entered the room to see one of my bartenders suspended by his hands up towards the ceiling.

I was a little surprise that it is him, that shows that you can never trust anyone, they are all capable of betraying you.

When he caught sight of me, he swallowed bard as a lightening of fear flashed through his eyes which he was quick to wipe away presenting a feigned cool facade but I could smell his fear of him which brought a sickly smirk to my face.

Two of my guys were standing beside him looking intimidating and ready to pound him if it was required, but tonight I won't be needing their services because I will be letting out some steam.

Too bad is my best bartender that will be providing the entertainment.

I walked closer to him, moving around him as I trailed my long painted nails along, his sculpted abs.

He was a handsome man, I will give him that, and I would have considered taking him to my bed but under the circumstances and the fact that certain brown eyes keep appearing in my mind made that a no option.

"So you thought you could steal from me and get away with it, " I began in a sweet low tone.

"I don't know what you are talking about boss, " he denied in a calm tone, but the little spike in his breathing gave his lie away making chuckle.

One thing about some men is that they underestimate females, believing that we can't really do much harm with our delicate hands, and it seems this one is one of them, and am about to show him how wrong he is, that I can be as deadly and cruel as any crime lord if not more.

I walked in front of him and raised his face so that he was staring into my eyes, smirking at him I made sure he saw the blow coming.

When the punch landed on his stomach, there was a rush of air through his mouth leaving him breathless.

I leaned into him and whispered lowly into his ears, "I know the places I could hit you to cause the worse damage." So I ask again, "did you steal from me?" I growled, my tone sounding menacing as I took in the arrogant man who thinks he can fool me.

"I don't know what......" He began, but I smacked his face so hard that the sound resounded all over the room sending his face in the opposite direction.

Not giving him a chance to recover I delivered a punch to his liver causing him to release a painful moan.

"I hate being stolen from, and worse of all I hate being lied to, " I growled rendering blows upon blows on him not caring where they landed, I was seeing red and all I wanted to do was pound him to death.

His screams were like music to my ears urging me on, I could hear some of the guys wincing in sympathy especially when one of my blows landed on his precious jewel, his loud howl sent a rush of excitement through my body almost sending me over the edge.

I continued with the beatings, letting out all the frustrations that have been piling up inside.

When he couldn't take it anymore he started pleading for me to stop, his tone weak and exhausted from all his screams.

I ignored his pathetic pleading because I gave him a chance to come clean, but he rather chose to toy with me.

I continued till no sound was coming from him and that's when I stopped.

I felt a little exhausted, but no longer feeling frustrated.

"Wake him up" I growled to the guys.

I took the small chair in the corner bringing it forward, I turned it before sitting on it in a saddle form waiting for the bastard to come out of his consciousness.

One of the guys poured a bucket of cold water on his face, which jogged him out of his unconsciousness.

He tried strengthening from his slumped state but couldn't because of his weakness.

He was bleeding from his forehead and his lips and one of his eyes was swollen shut, different bruises decorated his face and torso some large, others small.

I really did a number on him, I thought with a slight wince but I didn't regret it.

"Bryan, " I called, making him look at me. I held his gaze, "I am giving you two weeks to have my hundred thousand dollars on my table, and if you don't this is just a tip of ice very of what I will do to you and your family."

At the mention of his family, his eyes grew wide, making me smirk, "and don't think about skipping town because I will find you" I snarled standing up.

"Come, Lucas, we have drugs to steal" I called out, walking away from the room with my knuckles bruised red.

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