Her vendetta

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Part twenty

Daryl Smith sat in his office, pouring over his finances, his hotels were in huge debts and his investors are threatening to pull out, he was hoping to use the money from the sales of his recently acquired drugs to pull himself out of this. The knock-on his door disrupted his concentration, come in he barked at the person, his eyes glaring in irritation.

His secretary, a beautiful, blonde-haired woman with green eyes, entered.

" I thought I instructed not to be disturbed, " Daryl yelled at his her without letting her speak.

"Am sorry sir, is just that, there is a gentleman here insisting on seeing you. I told him that he can't see you without an appointment, but he said is a matter of urgency that you will want to see him, " the secretary finished in a hurried tone, taking in a much-needed breath.

Daryl nodded his head, relenting. " send him in he said in a calmer tone. Daryl relaxed back in his chair as he wondered who could be wanting to see him urgently, there was no appointment he could think of, and none of his investors said anything about coming to his office.

Daryl's eyes widened in mild surprise when the man in charge of his drug business darkened the door of his office.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Daryl growled standing up on his feet, as his eyes narrowed in rage.

He has warned the man never to come to his office cause he didn't want people associating him with a known drug dealer in town and if his investors catch wind of this he is finished.

"Am sorry, boss, I know you said not to visit you at the office, but I had to see you in person, " the huge man said after he made his way into the office. "Something happened yesterday night that I thought to bring to your notice in person, " he stated with a little trepidation.

He was scared of the man standing in front of him, he might be dressed up in a fancy suit but he is as bad as they come, and not a man to truffle with.

"What happened?" Daryl growled impatiently, his tone that of someone not in any mood for any bad news. Hearing the reason why he was here, Daryl blew up, his anger palpable as they poured off him in waves. He pushed everything off his tables as they shattered on the floor, "fuck! fuck! fuck! Daryl screamed in anger and frustration. The huge man had to force himself not to react to his boss's anger, he knew he was going to be pissed off but not this pissed off. He felt sorry for the bitch who had the guts to piss off Daryl Smith.

Daryl paced his office, trying to calm down and think but remembering what was at stake he found himself picking up his chair and hurling it towards the wall in anger.

The loud sound made by the chair meets the wall did little calm his ire, turning to the man in the office, he growled "I want you to find that bitch, whoever she is, and teach her a lesson, I have had it with her and her meddlesome interference and make sure to recover those drugs.

"You got it boss the huge man said standing up to leave. Wait I will walk out with you, Daryl said packing his things he couldn't stay in his office one more minute not with the state it is in.

"Clarice cleans up my office Daryl ordered his secretary on his way out.

The two men walked out of the hotel building going to their different cars unaware of the camera that was snapped them when they walked out together.

"Jude! Daryl said stopping the man as he was about to open his car, "make it clean". The man nodded his head and entered his car, and drove off.

I was in her office discussing with Lucas about business when someone knocked at the door. "Come in!" I ordered out loud, and a lanky teen walked in with a camera hanging off his neck, wearing a buttoned-up blue shirt with a black ripped jean that was riding low on his waist and black and white sneakers.

He had a little envelope on his hand that shook slightly showing his nervousness. The two people in the room turned to look at the teen further increasing his nervousness.

"Did you get what I asked?" I questioned the trembling teen. He nodded his head so fast like a lizard, making me smile.

"Relax kid, I don't bite unless someone gets on my bad side, then I kidnap them, take them to my secret basement, and cut them to pieces I said in a serious tone making the already nervous teen swallow hard, his eyes bulging a little.

Stop it, Jada, the boy might think you are serious, Lucas scolded chuckling.

I allowed the serious look to remain in my face for few seconds before breaking down to a small smile, " am teasing you kid, relax, " I said stretching out my hand for the package in his hand.

The kid's shoulders relax a little, but he still had a tense look on his face.

I opened the envelope and took out the pictures inside. A satisfied smirk appeared on my face, " perfect! I exclaimed loudly, drawing the attention of my second who strained his neck to get a look at the pictures. The pictures were clear and captured what I needed.

I turned the pictures over to my second who viewed it with a widening smirk on his face, before turning to give me a proud look.

"You don't have to say it am a genius," I said in an arrogant way making him smile.

"Well done kid, " I praised the kid, that was standing so still in the room that I wondered if he was actually breathing.

The gentle release of air through his purse lips answered the question for me.

I pulled out my drawer and taking out some bills, "your payment, and little something extra for a good job" I said throwing the bundle of cash at him.

The kids smiled so wide, his eyes bright as he pocketed the bills. "Nice doing business with you ma, he stammered, saluting before turning quickly on his heels and leaving the office.

I looked at my second and we both burst into laughter at the boy's action.

I was going home that evening when I noticed a black tinted SUV tailing me. I swived to the next lane to see if it will follow, and it did, confirming my suspicion.

I pulled out my phone and I dialed my second. "Lucas is being followed, " I said into the phone as soon as it clicked.

"Do you know who it is?" Was his quick response.

"No," I said, driving through the so many cars on the traffic trying to lose him, but the guys remained on my tail.

"Ok am sending some of the guys your way to see if we can cut them off.

" No!" I yelled out, "I don't want them cut off let the guys follow me, " I said with a smirk as a thought flash into my mind.

"What do you let them follow you?!" Lucas growled in confusion, and a little bit of fear.

"I want to know who they are, I will take them to an empty parking lot, the one close to the telecommunications company the guys should be there waiting for us, as soon they arrive they should call me to let me know, and don't worry Lucas I promise to be careful I assure my second before ending the call.

I looked at my side mirror to see the car, two vehicles behind me. I smirked when my eyes met that of the driver.

let the game of cat and mouse begin, I thought speeding off as the guys in the other vehicle gave chase.

I took them on a merry chase, enjoying the excitement that came with turning them around in circles, I took them through every corner of the street till the call from my guys came alerting me of their arrival at the designated destination and luckily I was close to the area, I took a swift turn, my breaks protesting against the turn, then I sped off heading towards the lot.

I drove in slowly parking my car in the middle but remained in the car as I waited for the guys pursuing me to come in.

Immediately they drove in parking quickly a little far behind me. I heard the sound of doors opening and closing with the sound of guns being cocked.

I smiled and opened my door and stepped out.

"Hold it there bitch!" one of the guys yelled out, as the three-pointed their guns at me.

I stood still with a flat expression, watching them as they drew close, my leather coat flying around from the night air.

The sound of doors opening stopped them in their tracks, they turned to see several cars being opened as my own guys stepped out with their guns pointed at them.

They glanced around in surprise before turning to face me, their eyes narrowing in anger while a smirk appeared on my face.

"Boys you are outnumbered and outgunned, I began in a no-nonsense tone, pulling out my own weapon, "why don't you put down your weapons like the good little boys you are and let's have a chat," I said in a sickly sweet voice.

Maybe I shouldn't have called them little boys because the next thing I knew I was diving to a corner dodging flying bullets.

Shits! Shits! Shit! I cursed, seeing my shoulders bleeding, I must have been grazed by one of the bullets.

Fuck!these bastards, I thought in my mind before my own bullets to the lots flying around.

The whole parking lot was filled with the sounds of a gun being shot in different directions, shouts of pain and death came from different corners of the parking lot, and by the time we were done the three men were dead including two of my guys.

I stood in the midst of the whole mess, a little shocked still bleeding from my shoulders.

"Boss, what do we do?" One of my guys asked as we heard the sound of approaching siren.

"We clear out" I ordered snapping out of my daze state.

"And them?" He asked referring to the three men.

"I don't give a fuck about them I growled, just make sure nothing traces back to us, " I ordered curtly heading towards my car. I growled at the state of my car, most of the widows we're shattered, opening the door I entered and drove off, pissed about my car and how the evening turned out, and my bleeding shoulder was not helping my mood.

I reached my house to see Lucas waiting for me, he was pacing impatiently in front of my house. As soon as he caught sight of my vehicle driving in he walked towards me in determining steps, his ire obvious by the frown marring his forehead.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" He yelled as soon as I stepped out of the car.

I knew he was concerned for me, and that's why I was going to let him get away with using that tone of voice with me, so I just ignored him and walked towards my house, I just needed to sleep off this evening.

He followed me into the house

"You are hurt!" He said softly seeing my bleeding shoulders. I still ignored him heading towards my bathroom.

I removed my shirt that was soaked with my blood and went to clean the wounds, I winced as I applied the antiseptic. "Here let me help you, " he said taking the cotton wool from my hand.

He cleaned and dressed my wound in silence before breaking it.

"Am sorry I yelled at you, he apologized, it wasn't my place to question your actions.

" No, it wasn't!" I growled, and if you don't mind I would like to rest," I said dismissing him.

He watched me for a few minutes but my closed-off expression didn't change, he sighed out before turning around and letting himself out of my apartment.

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