Her vendetta

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Part twenty one

"That's out of the question!" I yelled out, my voice sharp glaring in my second direction. Lucas has been going on about adding some guards to follow me, due to last night's attack.

"Boss, I can't risk your life, " he spoke softly, his worry clear in his eyes. "Okay, why not let them shadow until we know what or who we are dealing with, he tried to compromise his eyes pleading with me to give in.

I tried to hold on, disliking the thought of being followed around even if it is for my own protection, but the pleading look on his face did me in and I found myself agreeing to his suggestion.

" Okay I accept I said after letting him wait for a while, he gave me a pleased nod and turned to leave but I stopped him, " only two men I said with finality, showing that I wouldn't welcome any argument. When he went to say something, the look I threw in his direction shut him up and he left the office without another word.

I know for Lucas our relationship is more than that of a boss employees relationship that he has come to regard as somewhat of a daughter, and that he worries about me a lot that was the main reason I gave in to his suggestion.

I relaxed back in my seat and tried to think of a person who will want to kill me. My mind brought up Daryl, I mean I haven't been subtle in going after his business so that makes him the obvious culprit the other drug dealers in the city has no beef with me and I have none with them, I mean there is enough ground for everyone to conduct their business, so that leaves only Daryl but the question now is has he figured out who I am? or is it just a retaliation for stealing his drugs?, well that is a question for when Lucas finishes his investigation.

I groaned out, rubbing my hand across my face, wincing a little as my injured shoulders protested.

A sharp knock came on my door, and it opened, Boss, Nick hailed entering the office, he was carrying his laptop, following behind him was my second.

Why was he back I wondered, before focusing on the teen who was clutching his laptop tightly and forgetting slightly on his feet. My second took a seat opposite me and gave the floor to the fidgety teen.

"What have you found for me today? Nick!" I asked with a twinkle in my eyes.

His eyes were bright showing he was pleased with his finding and couldn't wait to show me.

I bade him forward.

He rushed towards me, jabbing his thigh to my desk in his hurry.

I looked at my second and winked at him before turning to the teen who was so focused on showing me what is on his laptop that he wasn't aware of his closeness to me so I decided to mess with him a little. I leaned in closer to him, towards his face, as he was leaning forward and was clicking on his laptop, this made my breathing fall softly on his cheeks, but the damn teen had all his focus on the laptop that it didn't even make any difference, so top it up a notch. "What is it you want to show me?" I purred into his ear, in a low husky voice, the breath from my lips brushing the side of his face.

His hands paused on the keyboards, and he turned to stare at me, his eyes wide when he realized how close our faces were, his prominent Adam's apple bulging out as he swallowed hard.

I held his gaze making sure to restrain the smirk that was begging to come out. I saw his eyes flick to my lips, before going back to my eyes, and then it went back to my lips. The next time his eyes came back to mine his intention became clear. He leaned towards me as if to kiss me and I arched one of my brows up at him, and this jerked him back to reality, making him realize who he was with.

He quickly strengthened up, face red as tomatoes. "Am so sorry boss," he squeaked out, his words coming out in a jerky fashion, his voice shaking from his fear.

He started to pant, his breathing falling down fast, as he continued to gaze at me in fear. I don't know if it was from his fear which I saw fill his eyes or from the feelings my nearness caused, probably both. He looked as if he was going to bolt any moment, "relax Nick," I said to him calmly, trying to assure the teen that I wasn't going to do any horrible thing to him for his actions, while inside I was dying of laughter.

I shouldn't have teased him I regretted seeing as the boy was still trembling a little despite how calm he tried to appear as he went back to his laptop, but I couldn't help having fun with him, he wears his feelings on his sleeves making it so easy to tease him, moreover, the morning has been a dull one so he was like a mild entertainment.

I took a glance at Lucas, the mirth on his face set me off. I tried to control the laughter but seeing the confusion on Nicks's face set me off again, by now my second was not just laughing in silence anymore.

I decided to take pity on the poor guy when it became obvious that the joke is at his expense. Getting serious again, I allowed every trace of laughter to disappear from my face then looked at the teen I addressed him in a calm collected voice "show me. "

He took one more look at me before leaning towards his laptop again. When he was done he turned it to face me. What I saw on the screen was a bunch of numbers that didn't make any sense.

"What is this?! I growled at the teen.

"This is the financial records of the Daryl Smith hotel business," he said with a little bit of pride in his voice.

His words got my attention as I turned to him, waiting for him to explain. But the boy looked on as if lost staring at my face.

"Nick, why am I looking at Daryl Smith's financial records?" I barked growing impatient, sometimes this the puppy crush of his gets in the way.

"Oh sorry, " he apologized softly, looking a little sheepish as he looked away from me.

He bent to the laptop, drawing my attention back to the screen, from these numbers it shows that the hotel is in heavy debt, he summarised using the pointer on the monitor, he explained most of the figures displayed on the screen indicating the amount of money the hotel owned several suppliers.

His words put a knowing smirk on my face, as a plan begin to hatch in my mind, plans of how to put this good piece of information to use, and then it clicked. This will be a perfect piece to add to the other piece I have on my hand to finish Daryl Smith I thought in my mind with a wolfish grin designing my face.

I looked at Lucas, the twinkle in his eyes showed he knew what I was thinking, as he returned the grin on my face with a knowing smirk of his own.

The grin on my face gave way to a nasty smirk as I thought about the damage I was going to inflict with this piece of information.

"You know what to do, " I spoke to Lucas, the seriousness of my voice showing that I want it done perfectly with no room for mistake.

He nodded his head, showing he understood perfectly.

We both turned to look at the boy that has made my morning turn for the better. "Nick, you have done such a great job, " I praised him, causing his chest to puff out as he strengthened up more. "I want you to go with Lucas, there is one more thing I need you to do for me," I instructed him with my eyes fixed on him.

He nodded his head solemnly and he and Lucas headed towards the door. And Lucas, I want it carried in all the news outlets in the city, I said to his back. You got it, boss, was his reply before they left my office.

Left alone in the quietness of my office, I leaned back on my leather seat and threw my legs crossed on my desk. My thoughts filled with all the things I have done, since I started on this path of vengeance, though a lot, it is not near enough to compensate for the things they did to me. I thought about my baby I lost, and I couldn't help the bitter taste that filled my mouth, flowing from my heart, as it clenched in pain, no is not enough and I will not stop till they all pay with their life. My eyes hardened as my hate for them flooded my system.

I picked up my phone and shot a text to Elizabeth.

Hey hotshot lawyer, your time is running out, I hope you remember what is at stake.

Her response came almost immediately.

Give me a little more time, I will get the money together.

Well remember time waits for no one if I don't hear from you in the next two days, then the videos go viral.

I didn't get any response to my last text.

I then remembered that my manager told me that our drinks were in shortage and will not be enough for this night, I stood up grabbing my coat, I left the office to make some arrangements.

It took a while for me to get things done and by the time I was through it was evening, so I decided to branch into one restaurant and get something to eat because I missed lunch, and I was really famished.

I was enjoying my meal when I felt the presence of someone standing close to the table. I looked up to see a handsome, white dude with his brown almost black hair combed so neatly, and parted at the side, it was so glossy that am sure he must have emptied one container of gel on it.

He flashed me a confident smile, sure of his looks and it's the effect on ladies.

I watched him flatly, waiting for him to state his business.

When he saw no reaction on my face from his smile, he quickly lost it, "can I seat with you he asked, his voice was soft and a little deep with a trace of corkiness.

I nodded my head, I mean is a free country and he is free to seat wherever he wants. Not giving any further attention I went back to my meal.

I felt his eyes on me while I ate, it was a little disgruntling but I ignored it but when he continued, I couldn't ignore it anymore. "What?! I snapped without looking up, my voice sounding irritated.

"Am sorry I didn't mean to offend you, is just that you are a very beautiful woman and I would like........."

"No thank you" I cut in sharply, not letting him finish. He began to open his mouth to say something else, but the glare I threw at him shut his mouth quickly.

Luckily I was allowed to finish my food in silence.

When I was done with my meal I hailed the waitress, she came. "This man will get my bill, " I told her looking at the man, who looked surprised but didn't say anything. The waitress nodded her head and left, while I left for the door.

"Hello lady!" I heard someone calling out, at first I ignored it and continued making my way to my car, but when the voice persisted it became obvious I was the one being called, so I stopped and turned in the direction of the voice. It was the man that joined me, he was hurrying towards me.

I learned to my car and waited for him to reach me.

When he reached my car, he was panting slightly, I waited patiently for him to catch his breath and state why he was hailing me.

"Am sorry lady, can I know your name?" He asked a little breathless.

I gave him a close-mouthed smile. "Is that why you ran after me?" I asked.

He shrugged, waiting for me to say my name.

"Jada I said curtly, but he looked on as if waiting for something else, so I arched up my brow at him.

"That is it?! he asked in a high tone looking as if I was playing him.

I just stared down at him without uttering another word.

When he understood I wasn't going to say any other thing, he introduced himself, "am Mark Simmons" he said stretching his hands towards me.

I ignored it and he quickly dropped it a little flushed. "So here is my card you can call me anytime, " he said, his tone sounding hopeful.

I took the card from him without any other word to him entered my car and drove off.

On my way home I decided to take a shorter route to my house because I needed to reach home, rest a little before going to the club.

As I drove along the road there were only a few vehicles on the road, lost in the music playing from my speaker I didn't notice the car that was following me till a bullet to the back shattered my windscreen.

My heart leaped from my chest and then started thumping hard, I increased my speed, trying to lose them. But they gave a chase, shooting at me at the same time. One of there bullets hit my back tires and sent my car spinning. I tried to control it, but I couldn't and it only came to a stop when it hit a nearby tree, sending me forward, that I hit my head on the steering hard.

I felt disoriented, I heard the other car brake, but the distant sound of a siren coming our way dissuaded them from coming down as they drove away.

I knew I couldn't wait here to be caught by the police so I came down slowly picking all my things from the car, and set it ablaze. I didn't want the cops tracing the car to my doorstep and asking questions.

As I walked along the road I felt my side burning, and I looked to see a piece of glass stuck to my side and it was bleeding, I knew if I removed the glass the bleeding will become much so I left it and tried taking one step at a time.

I brought out my phone and called Lucas, not giving him a chance to scold me for leaving without the protection he arranged for me I gave him a run down of the situation and immediately cut the call after giving him my location. I knew he was going to be livid at me but at the moment I couldn't give a fuck.

My eyes grew drowsy as I walked down the road I felt weak and tired and was about to drop on the road from weakness when I looked up to see a car slowing down, beside me.

It couldn't be Lucas because I just finished speaking with him, I reasoned as fear crowded my system, could it be the guys that were just shooting at me coming to finish the job, I wondered.

I made a move to run even though at the moment I couldn't afford to, the soft feminine voice asking if I was alright halted me. The car came to a full stop, when the driver came around to where I was standing I lost my power of breath.

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