Her vendetta

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Part twenty two

This is ridiculous, why do I keep running into her? and why does my heart always leap to my throat at the sight of her? I shouldn't be feeling this way, she the daughter of the man I hate most in this world.

" You are hurt," she said softly with a grip on my shoulder saving me when I staggered on my feet.

"No shit sherlock" I growled sarcastically beneath my voice while stepping back from her touch. Not before I felt a thrill run through my body from the feel of her hand on my skin.

My words must not have been low enough, because she heard them, and rolled her eyes in response.

I ignored her action and went to step pass her because I needed to be moving on, before I could take two steps I was swaying on my feet again from the dizziness that assaulted my senses, immediately her arms went around me to steady me.

"I don't need your help!" I grumbled weakly but couldn't find the strength to leave her arms as I found myself leaning more into her. Despite my weakness, I was able to catch her eye-roll at my words, " if you keep doing that your eyeballs are going to fall into your head," I mumbled with a little bit of tease. She rolled her eyes again making us both chuckle.

My mirth was interrupted by another wave of dizziness swaying me a little.

"You need to go to the hospital," she stated in a worried tone.

"No! no! no!" I shook my head, "no hospital" I murmured leaning more on her as we walked towards the car.

She opened the passenger car and helped me inside before running around to the driver's side.

"Please no hospital" I whispered to her when she came into the car before succumbing to the grip of darkness.

I was dragged to consciousness by the intense pain at my side. With a painful groan, I opened my eyes to be assaulted by bright walls, the room was filled with white paint, white curtains, the whole place appeared white. I started to panic thinking I was in a hospital, till my senses were assaulted by a familiar lavender smell, emanating from the sheets.

Yeah, no hospital I know smells like lavender I thought relaxing.

"You are awake," the familiar voice spoke entering the room.

I turned to face her, and my heart skipped a bit when I took in the beautiful face. I swallowed, my throat feeling a little bit parched, and when I went to speak it sounded croaky.

"Here," she said giving me a glass of water, which I gulped down. "You have to take it easy" she admonished softly while hovering close to me as if scared I will choke to death, and her nearness was raking havoc to my senses. I felt surrounded by her smell, I had to fight the urge to take a deep breath, taking in her sweet smell.

"Where am I?" I asked in a more stable voice.

"My house" she answered casually, leaning towards the bedside table where she dropped the tray she walked in with.

Her response caused me to cough out the water I took in before her statement, nearly missing splashing her face. "What!" I croaked still coughing.

"What the hell, I told you to take it easy" She yelled mildly, trying to wipe the spilled water while taking the glass of my hand.

I wasn't paying attention to her, cause I was busy trying to get out of the bed, and out of this damn house. I can't believe am in Daryl Smith's house.

"Fuck! fuck! I yelled in frustration when my side protested at my hasty movement. The agony following through my system did not deter me from trying to leave the bed. I needed to get out here asap, like yesterday.

"What are you doing?!" she cried out in confusion while trying to stop me. "If you don't stop you are gonna open your stitches" she spoke in a high tone as if speaking to a child.

I ignored her and stood up on my feet, I swayed a little before crashing on the bed the next second.

"You are a stubborn woman she stated in exasperation, why do you want to leave so badly, I mean am not pursing you, why not stay until you can get back on your feet."

"I can't" I snapped trying to sit upright.

"Why?" she asked helping me.

"What about your parents?" I asked her, ignoring her question.

I don't know she answered nonchalantly, with a weird look on her face.

I turned to stare at her, she was looking at her hands, making it obvious that something was wrong.

"See I don't speak to my parents much so I don't know their way about" she mumbled softly.

Her words surprised me and the lost look in her eyes made me want to take her into my arms. I know the feeling of loneliness when I see one, seeing that is what I feel most times.

"So whose house is this?" I asked, with a little bit of confusion.

"Mine" she stated.

At that my brow arched up in disbelief, making her smile.

"I work on the side, and I rent this place with two other of my friends," she explained sounding so proud of herself, and she should be if she was able to survive outside her parent's support. "They were the ones who helped me with your injury seeing I was useless when it came to blood, " she said in a teasing tone at her expense.

Realizing that this wasn't Daryl Smith's house, that I won't be encountering the bastard if I step out the room helped me relax and also realized that I was famished which my stomach decided to confirm with a loud growl.

The musical chuckle from the girl beside me did funny things to my body which I ignored in favor of feeding my stomach.

"Here," she said stretching the tray to me with a smile on her face.

"Thanks," I said accepting the meal, which I ate in silence, when I finished I leaned to drop the plate at the same time she leaned to take it, this brought our faces very close to each other making us freeze.

I stared into the brown pools, getting lost in their dept and when I saw a small pink tongue come out to lick the pink full lips I lost it. Plates forgotten, I leaned forward and captured her lips with mine.

It was so soft and tasted like heaven, I molded my lips gently against hers, licking and sucking at the lower lips, coercing soft sexy moans from the girl and when she leaned forward kissing me more aggressively, I came back to my senses quickly shoving her off.

What the hell am I doing kissing Daryl Smith's daughter, I scolded myself internally with self-loathing, as we both panted from the kiss. I refused to look at the little temptress because I know if I do I will lose it.

"Why did you stop?" the girl asked in a need filed voice while staring intensely at me.

The husky tone of her voice nearly did me in as I moaned internally.

Control yourself, Jada, I yelled at myself internally while gripping my hands in a tight fist to avoid grabbing the girl beside me and giving her what she is begging for and more.

I don't go around kissing little girls who go around looking for older women to experiment on. I spoke harshly purposely using the word little girl knowing that it will piss her off and that was exactly what happened when the dark need in her eyes gave way to a cloud of anger. She strengthened away from me, before speaking a cool controlled voice, that couldn't hide how furious she was.

"First of all, am an adult who knows her mind, secondly am not experimenting I have been aware of my sexuality since I was in high school." My eyes widened a bit at this information, so that is the reason Jonathan never had a chance in the first place, I wonder what Daryl Smith thinks of having a dyke daughter, probably not good if she is not close to them. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize when she finished speaking and only the loud bang of the door alerted me that I was alone.

"Fuck!, fuck! I groaned with my head in my palm, I didn't mean to hurt her by my words but nothing can ever happen between us, and she is too young I reasoned. Trying to convince my raging libido the reasons why we couldn't walk out there and ravage the little temptress.

The chirping sound from my phone drew my attention to it, I picked it up to see several missed calls from Lucas, and hundreds of messages. "Fuck!, I better call him back before he goes out of his mind.

I picked the phone and dialed him, it took a second for it to click and his deep voice was ringing loud into my ears.

"Calm down Lucas, am fine" I tried to placate the rambling and aggrieved man. It took a while for me to convince him I wasn't dead in a ditch or a burnt corpse in my car, seeing that he went to look for me and encountered my car in flames.

I do have a habit of setting my car on fire I thought with slight humor.

He asked where I was, but I couldn't tell him, seeing that I didn't know where Avery lives. The loud profanities he screamed into my ears when I told him who I was with had me wishing to clean my ears. I told him to get the address from Jonathan and come pick me up.

When I cut the call, I threw the phone on the bed and falling flatly on it. I glanced around the room, trying to keep my thoughts busy and not on the girl who is just a few doors away from me.

What made her decide to paint everything in the room white, I wondered in my mind as my eyes roamed around her room, taking in the posters of different bands on her walls and beautiful female celebrities, most of them were women who portrayed strong characters in a movie.

Are those her type I wondered trying to compare myself to them? Why the hell am doing that I yelled inside putting a pause to the thought.

My phone rang breaking the silence, it was Lucas, when I picked he told me he was outside, I told to knock and come in because I was going to need some help to navigate.

In the next seconds, there was a loud knock from the outside door, which I heard Avery open, but the conversation that took place was far for me to pick up. Then I heard footfalls heading in my direction. I tried to sit up when the door was flung open and Lucas was marching in my direction. He helped me up and on my feet. I leaned on him a little, hating that I was so weak to move on my own.

He assisted me to the living room where we met Avery frozen in the middle staring at the TV with a lost and pained look.

We both looked at the TV to see Daryl's image being flashed around, I wasn't shocked by the news after all I asked Lucas to do it.

The news was about Daryl's dealings with a known drug lord, there were images of the drug lord entering his hotel and both of them leaving together, also there was news about his financial crisis and which caused the speculation of Daryl Smith, being a drug dealer, which was my intention, but the sight of those brown eyes filled with hurt and tears had my heart clenching in guilt. Since I started on this path of vengeance this is the first time of me feeling regret.

Lucas coughed getting the attention of the girl. She whirled around to face us, her hand going automatically to her face to wipe the tears there.

"I guess you are leaving" she whispered not meeting my eyes.

My heart clenched in pain at the forlorn look in her eyes, the urge to take her into my arms ceased me so badly that I found myself taking a step in her direction, if not for the little nudge from Lucas at my side that halted me.

"Yes, we are leaving, and thanks for all the help," I spoke softly with an apologetic look on my face, for what I was apologizing for I wasn't sure.

We both stared into each other eyes, I saw her need, her loneliness, the need for contact, I was about to answer the need when Lucas nudged me again.

"Thanks again," I said and indicated to Lucas for us to leave before I do something I will regret.

"Don't tell me, you have the hots for Daryl's daughter," Lucas stated with mild disbelief.

"I do not" I denied in a flat tone "and please don't speak of it again" I warned, at the same time warning my heart to forget Avery and focus on what I have to do.

"Is time we finished this" I told Lucas inside the car with a determined and hardened look before he drove off.

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