Her vendetta

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Part Twenty three

Everything was ready just waiting for our first guest. I was tired of playing games with them, it was time to let them in on the secret.

The guys that shot at me have been apprehended by my guys and just like I thought they were Daryl's boys and their screams as I sent them to meet their maker is still ringing in my ears.

As for Daryl he is still riding the heat of my recent revelation, he is being investigated by the authorities and most of his investors have pulled out, and his hotel offered up for sale guess who bought it. Yeah, is moi and the money used in purchasing it was happily donated by yours truly, Elizabeth Lockwood. She paid up. And what did I do with the tape? you may ask. Oh, I released it as I promised her I would, but not into her hands but rather into the hands of a reputable newspaper who were only too happy to run with the story.

Its been three days since the sex tape of our hot short lawyer became a public spectacle, not only does our cougar have a certain appetite when it comes to sex she also enjoys the company of the same sex, and from my boys, I was able to gather that our lawyer has not been able to step out of her apartment, in fear of being harassed by the press who have been all over since her video went viral. And to sweeten the whole thing her employers let her go, claiming that they cannot afford to keep her on with all the bad publicity following her around.

Revenge can taste so sweet I savored, grinning widely as I sipped my drink in my apartment.

My phone rang, disturbing my little celebration.

"Hello," I picked up, holding the phone in one hand, while my glass was kept with another hand. It was evening and I was sitting on the patio of my building enjoying the cool evening breeze as it blew softly across my skin leaving a welcome chill in its wake.

"Boss we have got them," Lucas scratchy voice came through the phone.

"And the girl?" I asked in a slightly breathy way.

"We have her too."

"Perfect, what about the bastard any sight of him yet?"

"Not at all, but I have some of our scouts asking around for any information."

"Alright, I will be coming in soon," I told him and cut the call.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed in mild annoyance, ever since the news about his debts and drug dealing became public knowledge, Daryl Smith has disappeared into the thin air, obviously hiding from the authorities who are looking to question him, and they are not the only ones searching. It appears that the bastard has been able to elude my boys, but not for long I thought with a hard smirk.

"Well! well! what have we here!" I said walking into the room where Elizabeth and Madeline were being held. They were hogtied with duct tape to their mouth.

I gave a sign for the boys to remove the duct tape. Which they did without mercy causing both women, to hurl in mild pain when it yanked forcefully away.

They both turned to glare at me. Despite the indignity way both women were tied, Madeline still had her superior attitude intact, and glaring eyes still had that haughty look, as if she is the queen beholding her subjects. As for the lawyer, she appeared to project a brave front, as she also glared in my direction, but I can still see the streaks of fear in those brown eyes.

I looked on both women with amusement in my eyes, it seems they are yet to comprehend the deir situation they are in.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth growled in a demanding voice, while her Madeline continued to glare in my direction before threatening me with her husband.

In her haughty tone, she threatened that I will not get away with this, that her husband will kill me for this.

Hearing this I burst out into loud laughter, causing the women to gaze at me in confusion, and I saw the haughty look in Madeline's eyes gradually being replaced by fear when she saw that throwing her husband name did not bring the expected fear she thought it would, and this answered the question of if she knew what her husband was into. I guess she knew.

I quickly lost the smile on my face and took on a no-nonsense look, and approached the woman, squatting in front of Madeline I focused on her with an intense stare, allowing her to glimpse the darkness in my soul that swirling just beneath the surface.

I felt satisfied when she drew back from me in fear.

"I am going to ask you a question and I want you to think carefully before you answer me," I spoke in a voice that told her I meant business and she shouldn't play with me.

She swallowed and looked on at me waiting for me to speak.

"Where is your husband?" I asked in a chilled tone.

She opened her mouth to answer, and my eyes grew dark in warning but she ignored it, giving me a defiance look before answering "I don't know."

I growled, before smacking her hard to the face, sending her to the floor, at the same time Elizabeth cried "don't hit her!."

When she got herself up, she had a surprised look on her face, as if she couldn't believe I will hit her.

Elizabeth cry made me turn to her with a smirk on my face, she was looking at Madeline in concern and fear. "Oh yes, I forgot you are fucking her," I spat out bluntly in a mocking tone, causing a gasp of surprise from Madeline who threw a confused look in Elizabeth's direction.

"Oh, you are wondering how I knew?" I asked with a dark smirk, squatting in front of her again, "well it seems your lover there" I said pointing in Elizabeth's direction, "likes to keep souvenirs, she kept tapes of some of your encounters which I happen to have in my possession, I wonder how Daryl Smith will feel watching his wife being fucked senseless by his lawyer," I finished in a mocking sinister tone, tilting my head to the side as if imagining his reaction.

"How could you?" Madeline growled in anger, looking at the lawyer in pain and disbelief. Elizabeth gave a pleading look in Madeliene direction, but when the stony look remained, her look became defeated as she cast her gaze down.

if I didn't know better I will think our lawyer is in love with Madeline, but that is impossible women like her won't recognize love if it came and bit them in the ass, I thought in my mind.

"Ladies I would like to have Daryl's location, one of you should better talk or things will get" ugly I threatened, standing on my feet while staring down at the women, my look hard and cold.

They both looked at each other communicating without words while I tapped my foot impatiently.

"We don't know where he is but I know a way to contact him" Madeline said snapping my attention.

Finally, I thought looking at her to give up the number but the damn woman stared at me as if lost on what to do.

"Are you waiting for me to serve you wine before you tell me the number?" I snapped sarcastically in a loud voice startling the poor woman who drew back in fright before she squeaked out the numbers in a stammering tone.

"Got that Lucas?" I asked my second without looking at me, focused intensely on the cowering woman, who didn't look regal now.

" Yes, boss" he answered.

I leaned to the woman and whispered into her ear. The threat behind my low voice had her eyes wide and trembling. Without further words, I walked out of the room.

When I walked into the next room my fist clenched in anger at the state she was in. "I thought I told you imbeciles to bring her unharmed" I growled, taking in the bruises on Avery's face. She was unconscious and had her hands and legs tied together.

"Sorry boss, but we didn't expect the girl to fight back, she went batshit crazy with her feet on us, like she is a black belsomeshit or some shit," one of the guys snarled in anger, glaring at the unconscious girl.

I looked at him to see him sporting a black eye, likewise some of the other guys I sent to get the girl. I didn't know why but a proud feeling suffers me, I felt proud of my girl.

Stop it Jada she is not your girl my subconscious scolded harshly, returning me to reality.

"Wake her up" I said without emotion, schooling my features into a stony expression and watched flatly as the girl's eyes fluttered a while before it snapped open and she looked around in fright before her gaze fell on me.

She looked confused for a second before everything came rushing back. "You bitch, let me go!!!" she screeched in a loud voice, thrashing around and trying to get out of the rope.

"There is no need screaming, the walls are insulated, as for letting you go is not gonna happen princess" I said with a sinister smile my eyes cold as they looked into hers.

She screamed more profanities at me, still struggling to escape her confinement. Her next words made me flinch and my body vibrates in repressed anger.

" You cold-hearted bitch, I regret saving you, she hurled at me, unaware of the pain her words were causing. "I should have let you bleed to death that day," she screamed, thrashing harder. "My dad will kill you for this!" she threatened.

I walked to her and hurled her up, "if you don't shut your mouth, I will shut it for you" I snapped coldly, "and believe me you won't appreciate my method." She held my gaze without flinching, her eyes reflecting her deviance. If I wasn't trying to be threatening I would have smiled at her bravado, but I needed her scared.

"Is good that you mentioned your father because I was going to call him, he and I have a score to settle, but the son of a bitch has done a disappearing act before my guys could grab him, so you are going to serve as bait for us to lure him to the open." I wasn't expecting the response she gave to my words.

She threw her head and laughed out loud, snagging everyone's attention as we all gazed at her as if she has lost it.

After having her joke, that was lost on all of us, she looked at me, smirking with a triumphant look that had me confused, "you think my dad is going to come out of hiding because of me, well you are wasting your time, daddy dearest didn't like having a dyke as a daughter so when he caught me with another girl, he sent me packing when I refused to be the little girl he wanted, so, you see you got the wrong bait."

Though her words came out in a joking manner, I could see the pain in her eyes. Am not surprised at the bastard's actions I thought, surprised at the anger that filled me hearing her words. I suppressed the feeling and looked at the girl who was looking away in a defeated way, "it doesn't matter am still going to call him," I said releasing her and getting on my feet.

Lucas handed me the phone and I dialed the number Madeline gave to me and waited.

A few seconds later the phone clicked and Daryl's gruff voice came through the phone.

"Madeline!, where the hell have you been?" he snarled in an irritated tone, "I have been looking all over for you."

"This is not your wife," I said coolly into the phone, causing the bastard to inhale sharply.

"Who is this he asked with suspicion?"

"This is Jada, I have your wife and daughter and if you don't come to the address am going to give you, let say you will be seeing the corpse of your wife and daughter in the street, in pieces, " I threatened giving one of the guys a sign and he hit Avery hard on the face causing her to let out a scream of pain.

"How do I know you have my daughter?" the man asked quietly. I walked back to Avery and held the phone to her, "speak to your father" I ordered her.

"Dad!, don't listen to this bitch she won't hurt me" she screamed into the phone. I took the phone from her and smacked her hand on the face sending her to the floor, before grabbing her by her chin and glaring into her eyes. "The next time you try that again then I will show you what am capable of," I said, satisfied when her eyes grew in fear. I shoved her away then returned to the phone, "you have three hours to be in this location, or I will allow my men to have fun with your daughter and wife."

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