Her vendetta

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Part three

Throughout the day I was pumped with nervous excitement and since the dinner is not till evening and I was home alone on Saturday, with mum at work there was nothing to distract me from the dinner date with Daryl.

I just moved from one room to another cleaning everything even that didn't need cleaning, just so I could keep busy and not worry about the date.

Since our home was a modest two-bedroom apartment there wasn't much to clean and soon I was back on my ass thinking of another thing to disperse this nervous energy bubbling inside me. I couldn't shoot up any friend to distract seeing as I didn't have any and my colleagues at work are mere acquaintances with no close enough for this duty.

I tried distracting myself with my drawing, a hobby, I developed during high school, but the state of my mind was not encouraging anything creative.

After so many tries of drawing clothes that I don't think anyone will want to make much more wear I pushed my drawing supplies to one side and flung myself on the bed with a dreamy smile on my face as I imagined how the evening is going to be.

I can't still believe that a man as beautiful as Daryl is interested in me, a naive and so not sophisticated me. I rolled around on the bed thought-filled with dreamy and yummy things about my soon to be date till I fell into la-la land.

"So baby are you excited about your date?" mum asked with a teasing note, as she straightened out my hair, with my hot coil while I applied my makeup.

"You know I am" mum I said in an exciting voice, bouncing a little on my seat, my face radiating my smile and elation that the evening is finally here.

I was just about to put on my eyeliner, so I made a hand for mum to pause because I needed everything to be perfect tonight, and botching my makeup is so far from perfect.

Normally I wear my hair curled but for this date, I decided to go straight.

When I was done with the liner, I applied my lip gloss. it was natural gloss blending in perfectly well with my light pink full lips which I lined with a light brown lip liner.

I smacked my lip together smearing the gloss evenly, satisfied with how they looked, I pouted to the mirror, before smiling proudly at how it all turned out.

I look stunning if I do say so myself, which was confirmed by MA when she complimented my look.

When mum was done my hair fell softly to my shoulders, "you look very beautiful baby" she said in a proud voice kissing my head.

"Thanks, ma, " I said giving her a sweet smile, "I resemble my MA" I continued making her blush.

I stood up and headed towards my closet which I opened to bring the black gown I was wearing for the evening.

The gown was formal dinner wear that hugged me in all the right places, falling just short of my knees displaying my long legs to their perfection, which I made more eye-catching by wearing silver cat heels about four inches high. Am about 5.6ft tall, with the heels I added an extra height. The shoe complimented well with the black color of my gown that contrasted so well with my caramel skin color and the neck dipping so teasingly to give a little peep to my cleavage which I adorned with silver accessories.

"How do I look?" I asked twirling around for mum, as my smile flashed brighter than the sun.

"Stunning," she said with that proud look on her face that I will never get tired of seeing and hoped never to do anything to disappoint her.

"Mum, you might be a little biased" I teased chuckling.

"Of course! I am but that doesn't make it any less true."

"Well, I just hope Daryl appreciates it," I said with a little insecurity. A little frown marred my face at the thought of him not being impressed because all these were done to impress him so he can see me as a mature woman worthy of his attention.

"He is lucky to be going out with a pretty damsel like you," ma said with a pensive look.

I know why.

Mum has an issue with his age, saying he is way much older than me at his forty years to my twenty-two years and him being married though separated didn't endear him to mum, but mum has always allowed me to do whatever makes me happy, so she will support me as long as am happy with him.

I have always had a thing for older men, so that's why my attraction to Daryl didn't come as a surprise, adding his handsome well-sculpted face, his straight pointed nose, his lean muscled frame, and those pearly white teeth that contrast so well with dark chocolate smooth skin and then my attraction is shooting off the chain, and when he smiles flashing those dimples at me I go weak in the knees.

"Daryl looks so hot for a man of forty, " I said with a dreamy look, winking at mum making her roll her eyes at me as I chuckled.

The sound of the bell let me know that my date is here.

"See you later mum, " I quickly pecked her the cheeks before making my way downstairs with mum following behind me.

"Have a nice night" mum said to me as I opened the door.

The sight that met me made me swallow hard as my breath caught in my throat and my knees got weak.

He looked so mouth-watering in his black suit with a white pocket square. His wear complemented perfectly with mine, which I have to tell you was purely incidental.

"Red roses for a red hot lady", he said in a corny tone, wrecking his eyes all over me in appreciation.

Mission accomplished I thought smirking.

"Thanks, " I said blushing a little.

"Why don't you come in? while I put these in something" I said moving away from the doorway.

Heading towards the kitchen, I heard him and mum exchange greetings while I made my way to the kitchen where I found something to put the roses, but not before taking a sniff of the beautiful arrangement.

I love flowers and roses are my best.

I walked back in to see Daryl and mum regarding each other in intense silence.

"See you later mum," I said giving her a look before walking out with Daryl preceding me.

"My lady," he said in a gentleman tone opening the door for me.

I smiled my thanks at him hoping my face was not too red.

He drove us to one of the most renowned and expensive restaurants in the city and I couldn't help the surprise I felt, I wasn't expecting him to go all out but I sure was not complaining because eating in this place has only been a dream and now is turning to reality.

The valet took the keys from him to park the car while we walked in with his hand lightly on my waist.

Inside the establishment, I gawked at everything, it looks so sophisticated and beautiful including its the clientele who looks like the LA creme of the society. Daryl blended in so well with the crowd while I on the other hand felt like Alice in wonderland.

I hoped I didn't stick out like a sore thumb, making it obvious that I didn't belong.

"Your table sir," said the waiter in a polite tone leading us to it.

"Thanks, " Daryl said pulling out a seat for me.

I sat down quietly and couldn't help looking around the restaurant again, the place was so amazing.

We both picked up the wine menu, I glanced at mine not recognizing most of the names on the paper as my experience with wines was limited but my eyes widened at the exorbitant prices I could feed myself for a week with such amount.

"Do you mind if I order for us?" Daryl asked looking in my direction.

I shook my head no, lowering the menu back on the table.

The waiter leaned closer to glimpse the choice Daryl made before leaving to get the order.

I felt Daryl stare at me, "what?!" I asked looking up.

"You look very gorgeous tonight, " he whispered, flashing me his heart-stopping smile.

I blushed from his compliment and the appreciative look in his gaze.

"Thank you" I replied not looking at him as I felt shy.

"No need to thank me, " I always show my appreciation when faced with beautiful things and, the woman sitting across from me is one gorgeous being, he said with a ferocious grin in my direction making my face to flush deeper luckily the waiter arrived with our drink allowing me room to take in air as I was suddenly hot.

Daryl poured our wine and moved mine towards me.

I took the glass as my hand shook a little.

I was a bit nervous, this is the first time am going out on a date with a man as perfect and handsome as Daryl, and, adding the environment I couldn't help feeling a little anxious.

"Nervous?" he asked, peering into my eyes seeing the trembling.

"A little," I mumbled with a smile and a shy glance in his direction.

"Don't be, so tell me about your boyfriend, because a pretty lady like will not be single" he said, looking me directly in the eyes, his interest displayed blatantly in his gaze.

I took a sip of my wine before answering him.

The fruity lemon taste with subtle creaminess flooded my taste buds, this is good I thought taking a bigger sip.

"I don't have a boyfriend," I let out, returning his direct look.

He smirked at me in disbelief, "that's not possible, don't tell me nobody has claimed a gorgeous looking creature like you!."

"Maybe I was waiting for you," I said flirting a little.

He chuckled a little before gulping down his drink.

"So how is the internship going?" He asked changing the subject without responding to my pathetic attempt at flirting.

He poured himself another drink, waiting for my response.

"Well, I began, I just wish that Elena will stop drilling me so hard."

"I think the woman should have been a drill Sergent with the way she barks out orders at people, I mumbled, making a funny face making my date to laugh.

I smiled happy that I wasn't being a boring date.

We talked a little more about me before I dredged up the courage to ask the question I have wanted to ask since I met Daryl a few weeks ago.

"What happened between you and your wife?" I asked and knew immediately that I have blundered when his expression closed off.

"You ready to eat?" He asked sidestepping the question. His eyes lacking the warmth that was there at the beginning of the evening.

My stomach growled answering for me, making me flushed in embarrassment. I berated myself for not eating something before coming.

We ordered our dinner and throughout our meal, we talked and laughed, and I was happy to see him lose his earlier pensive mood.

By the time the evening drew to a close I was glad that there was no further is happening. It was a really good date.

"I don't want our evening to end yet," Daryl announced with a contemplative look on his face as we both sat in his car about to leave.

"Me too" I quickly rejoined.

I didn't want the evening to end yet, I was enjoying his company.

"Do you mind coming to my place for a cup of coffee?" He asked looking expectantly at me.

"Why not" I readily agreed, pumped to find out where a millionaire like him lived.

He lived in a penthouse and the inside was sparsely decorated, I wanted to ask him about it but remembering his expression when I asked him something personal I let it go.

"Make yourself comfortable," he said, heading towards the direction of what I assume to be the kitchen.

I sat down on the black leather couch which dipped in with my weight.

I continued to glance around, taking in the little things in the room.

Despite the sparsely look of the room the walls were beautifully decorated with bluish-green paint that reflected off the white light, brightening the living room.

He came back out bearing two glasses of wine, "why have coffee when we can have this sweet tasty wine" he said sitting beside me.

He was so close that I was engulfed by the powerful smell of his cologne causing me to swallow hard, suddenly feeling hot.

I took my drink in one gulp to quench the dryness of my throat.

"You look hot, " in this dress he complimented inching closer to me.

He took my glass and his and dropped them on the table before leaning closer, so close that I can feel his breath on my face.

My heart skipped and started racing as I waited for him to take the final step and then he kissed me.

At first, the kiss was gentle, softly coercing mine to join in the dance, he drew me closer as he deepened the kiss.

I groaned into his mouth kissing him back.

Our lips molded and battled each other before he pushed me down towards the couch.

The impression of his erection on my thigh alerted me to the fact that we were going further than I wished to this night.

"Stop!" I whispered.

He ignored me and rather kissed me harder his kiss bruising as he ground against me, hard.

"Stop!!" I yelled loudly, pushing at his chest.

He didn't bulge.

"Why pretty?" lady, he growled still raining kisses over my face as he grins deeper into me.

I became scared but tried to reason with him.

"Please Daryl stop, am not yet ready to sleep with you," I said in a pleading tone.

He leaned away looking down at me, his expression murderous, "you little tease! you think you can deny me after flaunting your body all night and giving me those come hitter looks during diner!" he snarled, he leaned in again, this time giving hard bites on my neck.

I flinched from the pain and started struggling, this was not the Daryl I know, I thought, my heart pounding, but this time in fear.

When my struggle became too much he started hitting me before attacking my gown and tearing it open, exposing my bra covered breast to his hungry gaze.

He attacked them like a mad person, groping and biting them hard making me moan in pain.

I relented and allowed him to touch me, then when he wasn't expecting it I shoved him off my body as I made a run for the door.

I didn't make it far before he caught me dragging me to the ground and pinning me down. He moved my gown above my waist tearing my underwear away, he unbuttoned himself and then forced himself on me.

I looked up at the detective when I was done with my tale that had started beautifully but had a sordid ending, making no move to wipe the tears running down my cheeks.

"So how did you meet this man?"

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