Her vendetta

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Part four


Its been few days since my encounter with the gorgeous man and am yet to call him and I haven't encountered him anywhere, not that I can really see such a man just like that, I mean his circle and mine are like desert apart.

Today I was lying lazily on my bed. It is weekend and is not in the mood to get up from the bed yet, so I lay wrapped around by my soft white sheets, daydreaming about nothing in particular.

There has not been any change at work, Elena is still running me haggard.

In case you have forgotten, Elena is the wicked witch that I was assigned to follow and learn from. I don't want to get into her matter because it will spoil this my lovely cool morning, anyway why I even thought of her in the first place is that after being on my feet all week it feels so good to be off them.

I brought my laptop to the bed and flung it open, typing in my password I waited for its booth.

A knock on my door had me looking in that direction as it opened a little wide revealing my mum.

"Morning Evie, " she greeted in a cheerful voice, making her way into my room.

"Morning mum" I grunted, rising up on my elbow and faced her

I saw she was dressed up for work, she looked good this morning which I told her.

"Thanks, baby, " she said blushing a little making me smile, "anyway I came to tell you are off to work and that I left your breakfast in the oven."

"Thanks, mum, " I mumbled, but I was just speaking to her back because she has already turned and left my room.

The door closed with a little force than she intended making me wince before I turned back to my laptop to see my desktop window showing.

I went to the Mozilla fire force and typed in my favorite fashion blog. I opened it and started reading. I spent a few hours on it, before I got hungry, getting on my feet I made my way to the kitchen still in my batman pajamas. Well, I told you am a child at heart, " winks".

I opened the fridge and took out the orange juice in the middle partition and drank it directly from the container, a bad habit I know, mum has tried correcting me several times but she gave up when I couldn't drink my juice from anything other than the container. I don't know why, I just prefer getting it from the source.

Thirst quenched, I went for solid food.

I opened the oven and brought out the breakfast mum made, without waiting to sit down I started eating, am really hungry don't judge me. I complimented the breakfast with the juice, taking intermittent sips in between my food.

When I was done with my meal, I turned to go back to my room but something hitting our front stopped me on tracks, curious, I went towards the door to find out.

I opened the door, waving at old man Carl, our opposite neighbor who was currently watery his flowers. I looked down to see today newspaper, I picked it up and the first thing caught my eyes was the magnificent picture of Daryl Jonas Smith, well that's the name written on the card.

I stood outside drooling on his picture, the man is really handsome. Feeling the gaze of passer-byes made me realize I was standing in front of our house in my pajamas so I quickly made my way back inside the paper clutch in my hand.

Inside my room, I tossed myself on the bed legs raised off the bed, flapping around as I flipped through the paper before getting where Daryl's story was.

It was in the business section, being fashion journalist in the making am always more interested in the fashion column, so I rarely read other columns, so I really don't know much about what is happening in the business world but I was curious to know about Daryl so after few minutes of admiring his picture I went to the story.

Apparently, Daryl is a hotelier, and his hotel was one of the most expensive and renowned business hotels in the city, and he is married or rather separated according to the story on him.

It said here that Daryl was thrown out of his matrimonial home by his wife who was screaming that she wants a divorce, and that was not the only thing she screamed at him, she also hurled other profanities at him calling him a monster, that he goes around pretending to be a saint, that people really don't know what he is really capable of doing whatever that means, I thought as I continued to read.

But now, the said wife is claiming that all that she said a few days ago was because she was under the influence of alcohol that she didn't mean any of those things and that she and husband are just taking a break.

When I was done with the story my curiosity was aroused, I wanted to know more about this man that has taken residence in my thoughts, being the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing.

I know he is married, but now he is divorced, separated my subconscious corrected, 'whatever!' I just want to know about him, is not as if am going to call him up I justified to my conscience.

Typing Daryl Jonas Smith on the google search, it didn't take a second before sites carrying stories about him flashed on my screen. I scrolled down and picked out one and clicked on it and it opened.

It was something about his business, talking about his hotel and all since what I really wanted to know was the personal stuff I just flipped through that page before clicking on another, this one had something personal about him.

It said here that Daryl married his wife Madeline ten years ago and they have an eight-year-old child, Avery Smith the child looks beautiful, she has her father's looks.

Reading further down it was said that Daryl was a playboy, and made the top list for one the most sought after bachelor for three consecutive years, no surprise there with that kind of face.

Anyway, all these were before he married his wife and was taken out of the market. Getting to the end of the story I clicked back before clicking another site.

This one had a story about an alleged rape. Years back, before his marriage, Daryl was accused by a young woman for raping her on their date, but Daryl was exonerated as his lawyer Elizabeth Lockwood had claimed that the encounter was a con sexual one and as the girl was an adult and actually went home with him willing the court ruled in his favor. A few days later the girl told the news channel that she made the whole thing up, that she just wanted to extort money from him.

I shook my head at this, there no length people will no go for money, even to the extent of accusing an innocent man, I thought in disgust.

After several other meaningless reads,s I decided to close the web, I went to my movie section on my laptop and decided to do a marathon movie watching.

It's been long I actually had a chance to watch most of my movie series. I scrolled through my collections because I have so many on my movie file, I stopped at Wentworth file, despite the lesbian theme nature of the movie I love it.

The drama, of course, that's expected when you are dealing with a bunch of women locked up in one place and adding the fact that they are all criminals, also the show is filled with high dramatic suspense with so many plots and twits and the romance and love story added in the midst of all those violence was really good. I just finished season six, so am starting season seven.

I clicked on the first episode plugging my earpiece to its port on the laptop, I attached it to my ear and settled down to watch my movie.

"Evie! Evie!, " Someone yelled shaking me on the shoulder causing me to jump in fright.

I turned to see my mum standing in my room her hand on her hips as she glared at me.

"Mum what are you doing back home?" I asked, surprised to see her back home early.

"What am I doing home!" she yelled, looking pissed. "I left this house with you on the bed in your nightwear and I come back to meet you still in your pajamas, have you ever taken your bath?! She continued in high tone, her eyes glaring daggers at me.

My cheeks reddened from her scolding, I looked out the window to see everywhere was dark, "fuck! I exclaimed and smiled sheepishly when mum added language young lady in a stern voice.

Sorry mum, I just got carried away and didn't know when it got late.

My stomach growled loudly reminding me that I have not had anything since breakfast.

"Obviously, you haven't eaten too," mum added.

I looked down, refusing to meet her stare.

"Go clean yourself up you stink," she mumbled, rubbing her nose together as if perceiving something bad.

I took a sniff at myself, yep she is right I stank.

"I will call the Pizza place, when you are done you come downstairs," mum said leaving the room.

I felt bad, mum is not really a fan of pizza for dinner and because I forgot to make anything for dinner we are left with eating pizza.

Monday morning I made it into work early, in my hand holding the coffee I picked up for Elena, I went to her office to see no one there, that's odd, Elena is never known to be late. She is always here at 6.00 am one hour before the rest of the staff starts arriving she claims it gives her an opportunity to work in peace before the noise and clatter of the employees associated with the arrival of the staff.

Maybe she just stepped out, I thought before making my way to her seat. I sat there and I pretended that I was the boss, with my feet on the table I imitated Elena calling me and barking orders at me. I chuckled at my poor imitation and jumped out of the seat when a cough sounded at the doorway.

It was the boss lady, I started panicking did she hear me making jest of my supervisor. Oh my God, am so done for.

"Don't look so panicked, that was good acting there, have you thought of going into acting, " she said making her way further into the room.

I blushed from her witnessing me make a fool of myself, I pushed her words aside, she was just testing, I thought.

I looked up at her curiously, wondering what she was doing down here.

"Am sure you are aware that Elena will not be coming in today?" She asked.

How will I be aware, is not as if the woman calls me up to chat about her schedules I thought sarcastically but outwardly kept quiet and waited for the woman to continue.

"She is away on a family emergency, so for today, you will be joining Mrs. Grant because her own intern couldn't come in due to an illness. Mrs. Grant is our business writer, "do you know who she is?"

Is there anyone who doesn't know her, my first welcome to this place on my first day was a showdown between Elena and Mrs. Grant. I later got to know that they are rivals, always vying for the position of the best columnist of the year, apparently is an award the office gives out at the end of the year.

There is no monetary attachment, is just for the bragging rights, women will compete for everything. Last year Elena was the defending champion as her column had the highest number of readers, this year the race is on. According to the office pool, Elena is slightly ahead of the annoyance of Mrs. Grant.

I nodded my head, to her question.

"Alright, you make your way there now, " she said and walked out leaving the Flory scent of her perfume behind.

I hope Elena will not be mad when she hears I worked for her arch-rival I thought picking up my things as I made my way towards the business section of the office.

"Follow me" Mrs. Grant barked as soon as she saw me, not giving me a chance to come in, apparently she was briefed about me joining her today. This was one of the things she has in common with Elena, they are both bossy women.

As we drove away from the office, she didn't say anything, not where we were going or why we were going there and that's how it was all through the journey till we pulled into the hotel premises.

The name of the hotel looked familiar but at the moment it was not coming to me. We both came down from the car after she parked at the spot the security directed her.

"We are here to interview a big shot in the business world, and if I can get him to spill his guts to me, my reader's chart is going to shoot off the chat, " she said with a gleam in her eyes.

I wondered who this hotel owner was as I followed the woman into the magnificent hotel. The interior was even more sophisticated than the exterior, but I wasn't giving a chance to admire it because the woman was off like a cannon as soon as the receptionist directed her where the person she was meeting was waiting for her.

Because I was busy gawking at my surroundings I didn't get to hear the name of the person she was meeting.

Inside the lift, Mrs had this look on her face as if she was planning her strategy in her head. The lift stopped at the last floor and we stepped off, taking our right to a double door room which Mrs. Grant pushed in and we both walked in.

I froze on my track as I caught sight of the man sitting on one of the chairs surrounding a long-ass table.

It can't be I thought as my heart thumped so hard in my chest. I couldn't move as I stared at the man who had only been a figment of my thoughts.

The sound of them greeting each other snapped me out of my stupor and I pushed further into the room.

"This is Miss..... " Mrs. Grant started and waited for me to supply my name.

Of course, she doesn't know or she has already forgotten, 'whatever'.

"Miss Evelyn Wright, " I said in a slightly shaky voice.

"Hello, gorgeous we meet again," Daryl said in his deep voice, beaming at me as those piercing brown orbs focused on me, making go weak in the knees.

My face flushed red from his focused stare, making me feel hot all of a sudden. I looked down at my toes unable to stand the power of his gaze. I really didn't know why this man affects me like this, is it just infatuation or something else? I wondered within myself

I felt Mrs. Grant cast a curious look my way but I still didn't look up, and I could still feel his hot gaze on me.

The room was filled with momentary awkward silence before Mrs. Grant took control, asking Mr. Smith if he was ready to begin the interview.

He gave one more look in my direction before taking back his seat, Mrs. Grant took the seat opposite him, while I took the next one, on her side.

As the interview began I paid attention to the way Mrs grant framed her questions.

She was good, she always asked her question in such a way that you can't give her one-word answer, but Mr. Smith must be a pro at giving interviews as he always found a way to sidestep questions he didn't want to say anything on.

On the other hand, Mrs. Grant also has this talent of always finding her way back to those questions as evidence by the number of times she has brought up the topic of Mr. Smith's family which he has repeatedly and smartly diverted by talking about his business or some other thing.

Mrs. Grant was getting frustrated as shown by the repeated taping of her fingers on the table. She was backing on this story to boost the number of her readers, so I could understand her frustration.

"Mr. Smith you have to give me something here, " she implored, finally cracking.

Me I just looked on interest, watching the both of them play the cat and mouse game, the only problem was figuring who was the cat and who was the mouse, I guess Mrs. Grant was the mouse because she was the first to crack.

Mr. Smith looked at me before turning to face Mrs. Grant, "am sorry my family is not up for discussion today, and if is the only reason you wanted to do this interview am sorry I have to disappoint you" he said standing up indicating that the interview was over.

"Am sorry ladies I have to be going I have a business meeting with some of my investors "he said, nodding his head at us, "it was nice to see you again Mrs. Wright" he said before leaving the room.

The disappointing look on Mrs. Grant's face turned to one of curiosity as she asked what's your connection with Mr. Smith.......

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