Her vendetta

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Part six

I have seen plenty of crime movies to know you don't enter a black tinted glass car to see someone unless you want to be kidnaped and taken to an underground secret lab and be experimented on.

I watched the man wearily, not making any move towards the car, who is to say that the person he says wants to see me is really the person in there. I was really scared of being a lab rat, who knows these days. And to make matters worse, I was the only one in the parking lot with these people whoever they are.

I thought about making a run for it, I have already warmed up my feet to do a Usain Bolt act when the dude said the name that had me stopping in my tracks.

"Mr. Smith wants to see you" he repeated, when he saw I wasn't making any move to approach him, opening the side door for me, his face not giving anything away, typical of dudes like him, always forming serious.

I walked hesitantly towards the car, glancing around to see if there was anyone around who will bear witness to me entering this car. I kept one eye on the man to see if he will make any sudden movement and am out of here.

When I entered the car, Mr. Smith was really seating at the owner's corner looking amazing in his power suit radiating an intimidating and powerful aura.

Confirming that it was really him in the car, and some mad scientist looking for who to use for the experiment, set my mind at ease.

Mr. Smith looked so good, that I felt myself react to his appearance, my throat grew dry, making it difficult to swallow, as I ogled him. My breathing changed from being this close to him.

The driver closing the door, made the car feel much smaller than it actually is, maybe it felt that way because of the intimidating and good-looking man taking up much of the space with his compelling presence.

I started feeling nervous being in such close proximity with the man am crushing on, and when those piercing deep chocolate eyes focused on me I found myself not being able to breathe as I drowned in them.

I never thought that a man's eyes can be beautiful, especially it being the color that it was, but I must say his eyes are.

"Hello Evelyn" he drawled, his voice low and deep sending shivers down my body.

What the hell is wrong with you!, even the man's voice is causing you to react, I thought to myself in disgust, snap out of it! And stop acting like a love-struck a fan in front of her celebrity crush I yelled inside, trying to snap myself out of the morose feeling that has taken over my body.

I coughed, using that as a way to try and get myself together, I didn't want it to seem like a mindless immature girl unworthy of Mr. Smith's attention.

"Good evening Mr. Smith" I greeted in a cool voice, happy that my voice came out strong and not shaky from nerves that were still plaguing me.

"Please Evelyn call me Daryl" he purred, flashing his white sparkling teeth in a confident, cocky grin that had my knees going weak in reaction, thank God I was sitting down.

I just nodded, when I noticed my feet tapping loud on the floor I quickly held it in my hand to steady it. This man is really causing havoc in my system, I thought, as I felt myself sweating a little despite the on AC.

My feet tap whenever am nervous and I was majorly nervous now with the butterflies them happily clapping their wings in my stomach.

Nervous he asked having noticed my tapping feet.

I took in a deep breath before answering, his masculine cologne filling my nose. It smelt nice and wasn't stifling like most men perfumes.

"Not really" I denied looking at my fingers that I kept twisting and shuffling around, they were damp from my nervousness.

He chuckled softly obviously knowing I was lying, "you don't have to be nervous around me," he said, his voice low and smooth, "I don't bite unless you want me to" he purred, with a hungry look before it changed and his eyes took on a serious look.

"You are such a beautiful young woman Evelyn" he began "and I must tell you I was attracted to you the first day we met and I caught you in my arms. I have heard of damsels falling into one's arms but I have never experienced that till that day, it was as if I held an angel in my arms" he finished, his eyes glowing at me, revealing his interest in me.

I flushed red from his words and couldn't stand the look in his eyes so I looked away, staring at my hands, my heart pounded so hard in my chest that I was scared of it falling out.

He took my chin in his hand forcing me to look into his eyes that have gone very dark, his desire for me clear in his gaze, I swallowed hard at the naked desire staring back at me lost at what to do as my underwear grew damp. He started to lean towards me as if to kiss me but we were interrupted by the voice of his driver dispelling the tensed atmosphere.

"We are here boss," the man said stepping out of the car.

Mr. Smith drew back from me and resumed his position.

I released the hard breath, I was holding in during the tense moment. The thought of what would have happened if the driver hadn't interrupted caused a rush of want to my system causing me to squirm a little.

I looked out the window to see we are in front of my house, wow! the journey felt so short.

"How do you know where I live?" I asked the man sitting calmly beside seeming unaffected by what transpired earlier on. I winced when my voice came out shaky and nervous.

I know I didn't reveal where I lived, so I was a bit curious about how he found out where I stay.

"I am interested in seeing you Evelyn" he drawled sidestepping my question.

"What about your wife?" I couldn't help asking.

He waved his hand as if dismissing my question, "am done with that bitch!" he growled callously, his eyes growing cold before it quickly dispersed leaving me wondering if I actually saw right maybe there is more to their separation than they are letting on.

The firm touch on my hand made me lose my train of thought as all my senses became focused on the man and the heat generated from his touch.

"So what do you say? Will you like to go out for a coffee with me?" he asked in a voice of a man confident of the answer he is going to receive, but I hesitated a little in giving him my answer, causing him to withdraw his hand and relax back on his seat.

I was pondering whether to accept his invitation or not, considering his wife, I mean they just separated but is just a coffee and he just said he is through with his wife so I don't have to worry about her, since he has made it clear that she is out of the picture.

I nodded my head shyly and watched as a grin spread over his face making me smile in return.

"Thanks, Evelyn for accepting my invitation," he said, raising my hand to his lips and kissed it, more like caressed it with his tongue, with his eyes locked in mine.

I inhaled sharply at the touch of his lips on my skin.

"Thanks for bringing me home Mr. Smith" I let out in a tone higher than I expected.

"Daryl and the pleasure is mine, he drawled before the door was opened by his driver.

I thanked him once again and stepped out of the car, my legs shaking a bit when they touched the ground.

They drove away, while I stood on the walkway staring in a daze at their tail lights not believing that I just drove inside the car of Daryl Smith, the Daryl Smith, in fact, the whole ride is still felt like is a dream.

Our front door opened and my mum stood there, "are you going to come in, or do you plan to spend the rest of your night there" she said in a snarky tone, her hands folded across her chest giving me a weird look.

I rolled my eyes at her tone, before walking towards her.

"Why are you smiling like a cat that ate the canary," she asked curiously, her stare suspicious.

"No reason mum" I mumbled out, blushing hard.

I wasn't even aware that I was smiling.

"Then why are you blushing" she teased with a knowing look on her face making me blush harder.

"Who was that?" she asked with a narrowed look in her eyes.

"Who mum?" I asked, my face blank, pretending not to know what she is talking about

Her eyes gave me the don't mess with me look and I knew there was no escaping this, she will not let it go if I don't tell her so I told her everything.

"Evelyn that man is too old for you!" she yelled, with a worried look, and moreover he is married she added as if listing points that make the man unfit for me.

"No mum he is separated and he said they are done." I defended, growing a little irritated at her putting a damper on my glowing mood.

"It doesn't matter I don't trust him, " she said folding her hands across her chest as if reading for a fight.

"But ma, you haven't even met him!" I cried.

"It doesn't make mothers know these things, " was her smart rejoinder.

I wanted to roll my head on my palm hearing her words but I decided to change tactics.

"I really like him, mum I whined giving her a puppy look, I knew she couldn't resist me with this look. I have been using it to get my way ever since I was little, obviously, it still walks because immediately her stance relaxed.

"You know I will always want you to do what makes you happy but promise me you will be careful, " she said looking earnestly at me as she grabbed my two hands in hers squeezing them.

"I promised you, " mum, I said to get and she let go, but what's there to be careful about I thought dismissing her words.

"So what's for dinner?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

She gave me a resigned look before she stood up making her way towards the kitchen, "you know the drill clean up first before dinner."

During the work the next day, I was in a daze, I kept thinking about Daryl, this caused my boss to keep shooting me weird looks because I kept clucking out on her.

"Oh, okay that's it" Elena snapped having fed up with my absent-mindedness, "what is going on with you?! she growled.

"Nothing ma" I blurted out, not looking at her.

"If nothing is going on then you better pay attention when am speaking with you" she snarled, her tone angry and harsh.

"Am so sorry ma, " I quickly apologized, shaking a little from her harsh words.

Wow, this is the first time Elena is being angry with me, despite her no-nonsense attitude she has never shouted at me, or let say I have never given her a reason to, which changed today.

After her harsh admonition, we went back to work.

We were working on the story she did on one upcoming fashion designer, one Mr. Traci Jacqueline, who just gained popularity these recent few months. The tremendous increase in the market of his brand drew the medias attention to him and now every news media and the world is clamoring to know who he is and the story behind his success, but Elena once again worked her charms and got the exclusive when others were being turned down as the guy claimed not to be into interviews. Guess Elena made him change his mind, yeah she is that good.

"Heard you interviewed Mr. Smith with Victoria yesterday, " Elena said suddenly making my heart skip as his name was mentioned, her tone sounded flat as if she wasn't interested in knowing my answer, but the look in her eyes told a different story.

"Yes, " I whispered my voice nervous as I looked at her wondering if she knows anything.

"So how was it working with the she-devil?" She asked giving me a knowing look.

Oh! That is what she is interested in, I thought in relief, for a moment I thought she must have heard something about the lift I received yesterday from Daryl Smith.

"Ehm' I began, it was okay but nothing compared to working with you" I praised.

She rolled her eyes at my words, " I don't want to know if you liked working with her, am interested in knowing if she got the interview she wanted? She started harshly lowering at me, "and you don't have to kiss my ass I know I can be overbearing and snappy sometimes and has been overworking you she said giving me a look.

You said it I couldn't help adding in my mind

I looked back at her to see her looking at me still waiting. When our eyes met, she raised one her brow up at me, before she said "out with it we don't have all day."

Out with what I asked myself, before remembering what she wanted to know.

"No ma, she didn't get the interview she wanted," I told her, and then I went ahead to spill to her in detail everything that transpired during the interview. Please forgive me Mrs. Grant I apologized in my mind, but I didn't regret saying something after all Elena is my boss and has my loyalty.

It's been two weeks since the night Daryl drove me home, I was heading towards the lobby at the end of work when I met Mrs. Grant, who I haven't run into since the day we worked together.

"Hi, Mrs. Grant, I greeted her as we both stepped through the door, hello Miss Wright she replied nodding at me.

Seeing her reminded me of my betrayal, and this made me feel a little guilty.

I went to continue my way home when her question made me stopped.

"Have you heard from Mr. Smith?" She asked looking at me, hoping for a positive response.

Damn this woman doesn't give up, I thought which reminded me of my boss.

"No ma, I haven't seen him" I answered her and that was the truth, I haven't heard from Daryl since that night but he has been the talk of the town ever since it became public that he and his wife are no longer separating for a while but going for a permanent separation.

Mrs. Grant nodded her head and continued on to her car. Hopefully, she won't ask me about Daryl again.

The next morning being Saturday I was woken up by the banging on our door.

It was 7.30 am and being that I love sleeping in on Saturday, it didn't seat well with me that I will be up on Saturday morning before twelve pm.

I matched down in my PJs my irritation clear in the stumping of my foot. I yanked the door open ready to give the person at the door a piece of my mind only to discover it was the delivery man.

He stepped back a little from me seeing the furious look on my face.

I took a deep breath to relax, seeing that it wasn't his fault he was just doing his job. But he could have at least chosen a reasonable time to deliver his message, not at this ungodly hour, I thought refusing to listen to my conscience that was saying 7.30 am was not an ungodly hour.

The delivery man stretched out the rose in his hand to me snapping me out of my thought, along with his book for me to sign.

I accepted the roses and signed the book.

After giving me a weird look the man hurried out of our front porch. I didn't blame him, when I opened that door I had looked like I was going to murder someone which was not far from my mind with the mood I was in.

I took a quick glance around our street before going back into the house with the beautiful bouquet of red roses in my hand wondering who sent it.

I took the white card inside it and opened it. I read what was written in it.

"Sorry for not contacting you for a while Miss Wright, to make it up to you I will be picking you up for dinner this evening signed Daryl Smith".

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