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Max George was at the stage in her life where she was beginning to wonder if she would ever meet anyone serious. Her best friend had settled down after meeting someone online that made Chris Hemsworth look standard, so Max decides to give it a whirl herself. Max then meets Andy, who is everything she wants, whilst she finds herself attracted to the enigmatic Cain Harvey- Detective Cain Harvey, to be exact. Soon, Max is embroiled in a world of crime, torn between two men. How will it end?

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Chapter 1

"You think?"

Charlotte twists her body so she is facing in the same direction as me.

"Yup. I read an article online the other day that said enemies have the best sex. I immediately thought of you and Cain."

Cain Harvey. Charlotte's husband's work colleague and best friend, and an absolute pain in my ass. He was all hunky and heavenly, but the minute he opened his mouth I was out. He was an asshole.

"Well, no thanks to you I have to put up with him whenever we are out. He thinks he is way too good for me, you know that."

Charlotte frowns, pursing her lips together as she throws her hair over her shoulder. I couldn't say what I meant- that guys like Cain only go for girls like Charlotte- petite little dolls with an insane body and killer good looks. It just wasn't me- I was the one guys ignored to make a beeline for Charlotte. Despite the fact she was clearly married, a heavy diamond ring sitting beside her thick platinum gold band on her wedding finger, men still tried their luck. They had no way of knowing she was with a high ranking police detective, Harry, who was the male version of her, The two of them met through through online dating four years ago, and the rest was history.

My online dating experience was somewhat different, ranging from men who thought I wanted a quick fuck despite my descriptions of wanting a serious relationship, to those who were so desperate for a girlfriend they were ready for me to move in instantly.

I swirled my straw around my glass, my fingers idly tracing the condensation on the glass. The liquid inside held the ability to distract me away from my shambolic reality which was my love life, until Charlotte continued.

"I agree," Charlotte sighed, deflated. "He is a dick. He wouldn't be good enough for you anyway, can you imagine a guy like that in your little apartment surrounded by books?"

I smiled faintly, as Charlotte clutched my arm. I worked in a bookstore in town, and couldn't help but add to my collection nearly every day. Books lined the walls of my apartment, and I loved it that way. Intelligence and ability to appreciate the escapism I found in my books were two of the most important qualities to me in a man.

"I didn't mean that to sound so shitty," Charlotte said hastily, her heavily lined kohl eyes widening as she spoke. "I just meant that he's probably stupid."

"He must be, to ignore me for oh, the likes of her?" I pointed out with amusement, as I nodded towards Cain's current victim. She looked like she had stepped off the cover of Vogue- all elegantly pinned up hair and a skin tight dress, her height competing with Cain's six foot two frame. Cain appeared to be making zero effort whatsoever, and the woman was tripping over herself to get to him. My eyes skimmed over the grey blazer that sat on his broad frame like a glove, his hand resting on his thigh whilst he perched on the edge of the stool before Vogue-woman, and it was only when he stood up that I saw the white shirt tucked into the smart jeans.

His eyes skimmed over the room analytically despite the alcohol in his hand, and I realised I was staring. More to the point, his eyes skimmed over me like I wasn't there, stopping briefly on Charlotte who waved him over, earning herself a swift kick in the shin. The last thing I needed was an evening with Cain.

"Hey!" Charlotte smiled broadly, as he leaned forward, kissing her on both cheeks. His alpha scent made my skin tingle, but I refused to let him know. His ego was already large enough. I checked my phone whilst Charlotte chatted to him, complaining about the late nights Harry was doing lately, when suddenly Charlotte excused herself.

"Could you just excuse me? I'm desperate for the loo. Guard the drinks, Max."

My cheeks flamed when Charlotte winked at me, and I braced myself for Cain's gaze.


"Actually, it's Max," I corrected him curtly, a wolfish smile on his lips.

"Sorry darlin', my mistake. I just think you're like this cute little teddy bear, and I just wanna give you a nickname."

I lifted my gaze to his then, an inferno of butterflies dancing around my stomach as he watched me with amusement.

"A teddy bear?" I echo, shaking my head in disbelief. "Well why don't you hop on back to your catwalk model and quit wasting my time?"

Cain snorted then, leaning one arm on the table which made it tilt slightly, his hand reaching out to catch my drink before it fell to the floor.

"Why are you offended? It's a compliment."

"That you think I'm cuddly?"

"Well, that's another word for it. I'd have gone with curvy or voluptuous."

"God, you're a dick."

"You need to get laid, Maxie. All this pent up frustration-"

"Are you kidding me? I'm not sexually frustrated, thank you."

I lifted my drink to my lips, hoping Charlotte would hurry up and return. The last thing I needed was Cain delving into the dusty shelves of my sex life.

"First of all, your left eye twitches when you lie. Secondly, You can't keep eye contact with me for longer than three seconds," Cain smirked, running his finger around the rim of my glass absentmindedly. "Finally, you were checking me out earlier. Times must be hard."

"You are so far up your own ass-"


The silky voice that interrupts us belongs to Vogue-woman, and she barely glances at me. She has the hint of a European accent, and she smiled seductively at Cain.

"Let's go," she whispered into his ear, as his hand slipped around her waist. I hazard a guess that the dress she is wearing is worth more than my entire apartment. I began to fantasise about what she did for a living, and decided that she probably worked as a bikini model. I swallowed down my jealousy when she nuzzled Cain's neck, her hand cupping his jaw as she gazed at him. I drained my drink, standing up to find Charlotte waving at me as she approached our table.

"Sorry. IBS."

I cut my eyes at her as Cain stifled back laughter, and Charlotte glared at Vogue-woman.

"Bye then," she said haughtily, holding her stomach tenderly. I knew she didn't suffer from IBS; it was a childish ploy to leave me alone with the fuck boy of the century.

"Do you ladies need a ride home?" Cain asked, his eyes mainly on Charlotte. I turn away, studying the bar for anyone to distract my attention. Mostly city men in expensive suits, and wannabe models like Vogue-woman here.

"No, go and do whatever it is you people do," I said innocently, lifting my glass to my lips, waving my hand dismissively.

"We fuck, Maxie. Have you forgotten what that feels like?" Cain smirked gruffly, and the vodka I was drinking slid down the wrong hole, causing me to choke slightly.

"Lovely. One day though, you'll have to grow up," Charlotte sang, shaking her head as she turned around. "Anyway. Where were we?"

"Fuck off, Cain," I managed, grabbing napkins to wipe my mouth. Cain laughed, before winking at me.

"Just playing Maxie-moo. I know you're still a virgin, wanking off to books."

Vogue-woman looked at me with surprise, and I shrugged.

"Beats the real thing, apparently," I shot back, enjoying the way his eyebrows knitted together with intrigue. "Plus I don't have to kick books out of bed after."

Charlotte is howling now, and Vogue-woman is dragging Cain away as he shakes his head with amusement.

"Your friend really needs to get laid," he aims at Charlotte, "Get her on Tinder or something."

The bastard.

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