Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 12


Harry offered to drop me home before he picked Charlotte up from Max's apartment. The sheer mention of her name made my dick twitch, and my brain distracted.

"I'll go and see her. I'll send your wife down," I declare, avoiding the inquisitive gaze on Harry's face. "What? I'm horny, she's horny-"

"I don't think it is just sex she is after, Cain," says Harry gently. "Charlotte told me Max is on the same dating site we met on. She wants to settle down."

A flicker of annoyance threatens to change my features, and I turn my head away so that Harry can't see it.

"I better go and make hay whilst the sun shines then."

Harry shakes his head at my shitty joke, but he looks disappointed. I was used to that look- the one that silently asked why the hell I didn't want to settle down with a perfectly good woman.

Hell, I didn't even know the answer to that.

I took the stairs two at a time, arriving at Max's door as Charlotte walked out, her eyes glassy. She looked good, as usual, but my attention was summoned by Max and her deadly curves. How she had the effect on me that she did was beyond me, but the look in her eyes when she clocked me standing there was worth surprising her.

Charlotte clearly wanted the details of our sordid little arrangement, and Max must've been holding out on her. My hand is itching to touch Max, so without thinking I slip it around her waist and bid Charlotte farewell.

Claiming Max was quickly becoming the favourite part of my day, especially when she gave up resisting me. I almost laughed out loud when Max suggested I call ahead- in case she had someone here.

Who the fuck would she have here?

This question burned into my mind, but I knew what Harry meant then. As I fucked Max against the wall, her cries filled the apartment. My face was buried in her neck, her legs taut around my waist. Her scent drove me crazy, and I felt the desire to fuck her harder.

I walk her over to the sofa, sitting down with her on my lap. Max uses her fingers to guide me back inside of her, gasping as she does. I lean back, allowing myself to enjoy the show. Max swung her hips forward, obeying her body, her head thrown back in desire. Her tits were magnificent, and I wanted to bite her nipples; hard.

Her hair falls over my shoulder as she leans forward, her mouth skimming my jaw as she turns my face to hers. She stares at me, a brief moment in time where neither of us dare speak. I reach for her, my fingers bruising her hips as I slam her onto my dick. Her lips are on mine then, crushing them without movement, her breath caught in her throat as I pound into her.

My fingers move then, allowing her to take control again. Her tongue enters my mouth, so gentle yet delicious.

I could kiss Max all fucking day.

We break apart, and I take the opportunity to skim my finger over the areola of her nipple, the sensitivity making her moan with lust. I dip my head down, my tongue circling the bud before allowing my lips to suck on it, nibbling lightly. I feel her nails dig into my back as I bite, softly at first, but then I need more.

I'm not sure what she can handle. I don't want to ask, but I need to see how she reacts.

To pain.

I bite a little harder, and she yelps, but grinds her hips into me, her pussy glides up and down my shaft with her arousal.

Fuck it.

I bite harder, and she cries out, wrapping her legs around me as she climaxes, rubbing her pussy against my groin as she loses her grip on reality. I lick it so tenderly then, my tongue soothing the indentations of my teeth, the rosy bud now angry and red.

"Your turn," Max breathes, her hands cupping her tits. I've seen countless women do this, trying to be sexy when actually it's fucking cringe worthy. But when Max does it; its sensual. Her teeth sink into her lip as she releases one breast, her hand reaching down to wrap a fist around the base of my shaft. She moves it up and down, her body following suit, and I swear when I emptied myself into her, I called her name.

Max is kissing me again, our sweaty bodies now sticking together. I kiss her back though, my fingers running down her back. She lifts off me, and stands up, drinking the remnants of the wine glass on the table. She doesn't say anything, and I wonder what the fuck to do.

I know I need to go, but I don't want to be a dick. Max finally looked at me, naked and proud. As she should be.

"We need to talk, Cain."

Her voice is breathless, tired from our hard fucking. She walks away, and I follow her, not entirely sure what to say. The shower is turned on, and I watch as she climbs in, her dark hair saturated by the steamy water.

"What do you want to talk about?" I ask quietly, watching with fascination as she soaped her shapely body. I was hard again- fuck.

"Come in the shower. You're dirty," Max smiles.


I join her, and she turns around, allowing me to step into the hot water that drenches me instantly. Her hands cup my face in hers, and I turn us around so that she can see me without getting soaked.

She doesn't say anything for a while, and I'm aware that she is watching me wash like I did her.

"We are clearly very attracted to one another," Max admits, rolling her eyes when I chuckle.

"You don't say?" I tease, rinsing the soap from my body.

"The thing is, Cain, I don't really want this."

I turn the shower off, and we stand there, dripping wet. Max reaches for a towel, wrapping it around herself before handing another towel to me. It's thick and soft, and it smells of spring. I remain silent, drying myself as I follow her to her bedroom.

"You say that, but did you see what just happened between us?" I remind her, drying my hair as Max bites her lip. Was I having an effect on her again?

"Yeah. We have good sex," Max replies flatly, slipping silky white panties over her delicious legs. "We find each other attractive, yet every time we have had any form of a conversation we argue."

"We do not," I scoff, walking over to her. She is combing her hair with the fingers, and I can’t resist touching her.

"We do, Cain."

I dip my head to her shoulder, dotting open mouthed kisses up to her throat. Max moves away with an irritated groan, before tugging a t-shirt on. I try not to laugh when I notice it has a Disney Princess on it, but she is covered in tattoos and sticking her finger up.


"You aren't even listening to me. You're standing there naked, which is distracting."

I sigh then, turning around and pulling out a bright pink sarong from the top draw. I drape it around my waist, as Max cackles laughing.

"Continue," I say, keeping a straight face.

"Cain. That's my sarong."

"I'm no longer naked!"

"Fine," Max says, her shoulders shaking with laughter. "But it's transparent."

This woman.

"Will you just speak so we can carry on fucking?" I demand, raising my brows.

"Cain, you don't even like me," Max whispers to herself. "I don't- I don't like you either. I need someone with-"

"Why do you have to need anyone?" I sigh, sinking to the bed beside her. Her eyes soften then, and as she goes to answer me I stroke her cheek. "Of course I like you. I think the fact I'm here on a Saturday night wearing a fucking pink sarong tells you that."

We laugh then, but then she tilts her head at me, and I know she is going to ruin everything.

"More than just sex, Cain? Considering you don't know a thing about me?"

I can't lie. Not to Max.

"No," I confess, and she drops her eyes. Fuck. "But this is good, between us, Max. Don't be that woman."

Something changes in her eyes then, and when she lifts her gaze to mine, I'm met with a cool stare I've seen many times before with other women.

"But you get to be that man? No, Cain. I can't do...this," Max moves her finger between us, letting out an annoyed huff as she does. "It's wrecking my head. So this stops. Now. Before it's too late."

I know what she is saying, and I'm already nodding.

"I get it, Max. I'm not the guy you want to fall in love with, trust me. I'm a right dick."

Max smiles faintly then, and drags her knees to her chest. She looks disappointed, but she soon hides it with a wide smile.

"Can you see yourself out?"

"Yeah, sure. Are" I ask, suddenly tired beyond belief. Max nods, waving at me dismissively. I walk into the other room, picking up my clothes.

It was time for me to leave.

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