Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 21


"I had a lovely day with you," I stand on tiptoe to kiss Cain's lips lightly. He captures my wrist, tugging me towards him as he spins me around. My back is against the door, and he lifts me up with ease.

"Cain!" My squeal is muffled by his mouth on mine, and I forget what I'm protesting against. After spending the day with Cain, ending it like this only seems apt. He kisses me like he is running out of air, his hands that are supporting my ass, now grip me tightly.

"Are you certain you don't want to shower with me?" The lips that had sent me into overdrive were now snaking their way down my throat, nipping lightly as they do.

Yes, I want to shower with you, I scream inwardly. But I want you to be mine...not just for a night.

"I can't," I manage to breathe, his steel blue grey eyes meeting mine.

"You can, Maxie, you are ignoring your blatant desire for me."

Cain releases me slowly, and I stand on my feet almost reluctantly.

"Blatant?" I snort, studying him.

He is a cocky son of a bitch, that much is true. He steps back, holding me at arms length as his gaze travels south.

"Your pupils dilate whenever I'm near you," Cain smirks, reaching out to drag his finger over my lips. My breath hitches in my throat, and his finger drops down my chest, stopping above my t-shirt neckline. "You moan when I kiss you, and your nipples harden. I can feel them against my chest."

The blood is rushing in my ears now, and I have no doubt my cheeks are flushed.

"Your heart beats so hard in your chest you wonder if you are having a heart attack," he continues, lacing his fingers with mine. "All you think about is fucking me, but you know you can't, because you'll only like me more."

I can't tell him he is wrong, because he's not. He's right.

"Why don't you cancel your plans tonight and stay with me?"

I swear, God himself couldn't resist this Devil.

"I don't trust you to follow through with your words, Cain. You're great at fucking," I tilt my head, unlocking my fingers from his. "But can you really see yourself in a relationship with me?"

The look in his eyes makes my stomach plummet, because how can Cain Harvey ever really settle down? I knew this. I'd known this from the moment I walked upstairs with him at that party.

"I said I'd try," Cain sighs with exasperation, and shoots me a puzzled look. "Do I need to sign on the dotted line, sweetheart?"

"No, Cain but-"

"You're the one spending the evening with another man, Max. After a day of us, like this- you're actually going to go?"

His voice is raised now, and I can't help but see his point. The problem was; I did like Andy. I knew Andy liked me, and I also knew what Andy wanted from me. With Cain, I wasn't so sure.

"Can you just accept why I'm not jumping into this with you? I've met someone else, and I want to give him a chance!"

"So, you're going to try us both out and see which one of us suits you more?"

We're staring at each other now with wide eyes and angry expressions. This isn't how I wanted this to go at all.

"You asked me to give you a chance, Cain," I whisper. "I've done that today, and we have tomorrow-"

"Oh, great. Sloppy seconds, is it?" Cain snaps, raising his eyebrows defiantly.

"You're disgusting. As if I would sleep with him after seeing him a handful of times!" I retort, moving away from the door to grant his exit.

"Like you did me, you mean?"

Oh. My. GOD.

"Excuse me? I've known you for long enough, and met you countless times. How dare you say that to me?"

My voice is shaking with rage, my hands balled into fists beside me. We stare at one another for a second, and I realise we have crossed a line.

"I'm sorry," Cain says, a strange expression on his face. "Look, I won't deny that I'm jealous Maxie. Tonight, whilst I'm sitting at home wishing you were in my bed with me, you'll be with another man."

"In bed with you?" I echo, shaking my head sadly.

Cain frowns, his eyes clouding over before he nods, his jaw set in a firm line.

"Is that another nail in my coffin?" Cain scoffs, folding his arms.

"Just go, Cain."

I feel exhausted. I didn't want to see Cain when he was in this mood, and we would only argue further if he were to stay.

"Fine. I'll be here tomorrow, unless you tell me otherwise. I'm sorry I'm a jealous dick, Max."

Cain lifts his hand up to stroke my face, and my eyes threaten to well up with tears. Cain studies me, waiting for me to reply. When I don't, a look of sadness passes through his eyes. He leaves, and it's only when the door closes behind him do I cry.

Tears of frustration slide down my cheeks, and I wipe them away angrily. This was exactly why I avoided men like Cain Harvey. He had the ability to make me feel like the bad one, simply for protecting myself. If I gave in, and I became Cain's girlfriend…

I shook my head, aware that I could predict his behaviour. I was the one woman who didn't fall at his feet; and he was intrigued. He probably couldn't understand why, after our incredible compatibility in the bedroom, I'd not begged him to marry me.

I was twenty seven. I lived alone, and I was content with my little job in a bookstore. I hadn't dated in years- and now here I was with not one; but two men in my life.

I couldn't push away the nagging feeling that Cain just wanted what he couldn't have.

What he thought he couldn't have.

I was trying so desperately to protect myself from Cain, when along came Andy.

Sweet, funny Andy.

I was attracted to him too- in a different way to Cain. But he seemed more reliable, less… unpredictable than Cain. I couldn't see Andy ever cheating on me, for example, yet with Cain, it would probably be a weekly occurrence.

I wished it wasn't the case, but I had a gut feeling I was right.

I needed to get ready to see Andy.

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