Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 22


I'm not sure how long I paced around outside Max's apartment, but soon enough the contender for Max's heart had arrived. I watch as Andy jumps down from his car, his gaze sweeping around him. The thought of him kissing Max made me stomach twist with jealousy, which heavily influenced my following actions.

"Hey, Andy," I call out, leaning against the bonnet of my car.

Andy turns with surprise, his brow furrowing when he sees me.

"Cain," he says with a forced smile. "Fancy seeing you here."

His laugh is humourless as he walks towards me.

"Yeah, about that. I'm not sure what Max has told you about me, but I'm happy to fill in the blanks."

I'm being a dick, I know. I'm being territorial over someone who hasn't said they want me, and it's a shitty move.

"I think I can guess," Andy meets my eyes, folding his arms across his chest.

"I like her, man," I shrug.

Andy is silent then, his gaze hardening as he sighs.

"So do I."

No shit.

"Look, I'm just telling you that I want to be with Max. I met her before you did, so I'm not stepping on your toes. I just want you to know I'm not giving up."

Andy looks devastated, and I actually feel a pang of sympathy for the guy. But then he nods, looking directly at me.

"Noted. I'll let Max decide whether she wants to continue seeing me though, not you."

My entire body tenses up, and I let out a snort of disbelief.

"You're still going to see her, despite knowing she is into me?"

Andy glances up at the building behind him, before turning back to me.

"Yeah, just like you have been. I've got to go now."

I'm fucking seething. So what if I'd been seeing Max alongside Andy? I'd met her first- plus we had a sexual relationship. They didn't. Yet.

I close my eyes, forcing myself to get into my car. I drive out of the car park, not wanting to watch Max leave with him. The last thing I needed was that. I diall Harry's number, needing to vent to someone who knows me.


"This woman is driving me insane."

Harry chuckles down the line, and I hear Charlotte groan from beside him. Harry whispers something to her before a series of noises tell me he was moving away. I hear a door close, and I feel bad.

"Sorry man, have I interrupted your marital time?" I yawn, pulling out into the open road. A bar catches my eye, and I contemplate stopping off for a drink.

"It's fine. I assume you're talking about Max?"

"The one and only. I spent the day with her today, watching films and shit. Then-"

"Wait," Harry interrupts me. "Did you sleep with her?"

"No, but that wasn't my decision," I mutter.

"You've got it bad," Harry declares triumphantly.

"Yeah, and so has the dude that's taking her out tonight," I snap, deciding to just head home. A bar and a car was not a good combination, especially for a man of the law.

"Fuck," Harry groans with empathy. "Andy?"

"Yup. I've just seen the guy, I was leaving as he turned up. So I told him I'm interested in Max."

"Shit, how did that go down?"

I quickly fill him in on the conversation with Andy, leaving nothing out.

"Max will kill you," Harry snorts. "But I'd have done the same."

"I hate that he seems like a decent guy. I'm gonna run a background check on him, just in case."

"And if he is a serial killer? Then what? You can't tell her anything you find, if anything," Harry reminds me.

"So? I'll know," I retort stubbornly.

"I'm surprised that Max is seeing both of you. You're hardly the type of guy to wait around, Cain. What the fuck is going on?" Harry demands.

"I'm fucked if I know. Maybe I'm pussy whipped," I muse, pulling into my driveway and cutting the engine. "You know, it could be that I need to be with someone else myself, see if its just sexual frustration that's making me behave like a love struck puppy."

Harry groans with exasperation, but I'm sure I'm onto something.

"If you fuck someone else, you're only proving her right," Harry points out.

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her, Harry. If I still feel like this after sowing my seed, then it's real."

"Cain-" Harry warns, as I drag myself out of my car.

"Good talk, Harry. See you."

I end the call, swiping through my contacts with gusto. I wanted to fuck the brains out of someone, and see if I still felt this way in the morning. I wasn't being a pawn in her game anymore, fuck that.

Two can play the field.

So, I find myself beneath Bella some forty minutes later. She is shit hot at this, and my cock is close to bursting inside of her. She is stunning too, her light eyes contrasting against her deeply tanned skin.

"Oh, Cain, yes!"

I grunt as I shoot my load, a wave of relief washing over me as I do.

"Where have you been?" Bella gasps, still riding my dick. As she orgasms around me, our mouths meet and we kiss, but it's nothing like kissing Max.

No. Don't think of her.

Bella wants to talk, mostly about why she hasn't seen me in so long. I remind her its only been a few weeks, but she goes all whiny. I'm irritated now, my post orgasm high declining rapidly.

I make empty promises to Bella, and leave. I don't feel bad, either. Bella knows the score; she just didn't like it.

It was only when I got back in my car did I see the missed calls and the texts from Harry.

Meet me at the station. It's about Max.

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