Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 38


Bringing Hayley in for questioning was difficult. It took three officers to hold her down outside the hair salon, and two more to help escort her into the back of the van. I could hear her screams from the custody station, and Harry merely closed his eyes with irritation.

“Tell me again why we do this job?”

“Because it pays so damn well?” I offer, checking my phone for the millionth time. Max hadn’t replied to any of my texts, and it was riling me. I knew she was okay because Harry told me she was; but the woman was ignoring my messages.

Harry sighed, giving me a pitiful smile.

“Is she still not speaking to you?”

“Nope,” I pop the P, shoving my phone back into my pocket. “Do you have any idea why?”

Harry shifts uncomfortably and drops his gaze. He focuses on the skin around his fingernails, his brow furrowed with concentration.

“Harry,” I warn, slapping his arm. “What do you know?”

“I swore to Charlotte I wouldn’t-”

Just as Harry is about to spill all, the interrogation room door swings open, the handle smashing into the wall behind it as Hayley is dragged in, her hands cuffed behind her back. She’s thrust into the chair and attached so she can’t move anymore. Her eyes are like pits of darkness, her lips curling into a snarl as we address her.

“Hayley Dupont?” Harry says, looking up at her expectantly.

“Let. Me. Go,” she hisses, thrashing around in her chair. She was a slip of a thing, but boy, was she strong.

“Hayley,” I say, dragging my chair closer to the table to meet her violent gaze.

“Fuck you,” she swears, spitting directly in my face. I drag a handkerchief from my jean pocket, smiling at her regardless. Women like this usually floated my boat, but this scumbag was going down for what she did to the George girls.

“Ordinarily, sweetheart, I think you and I could have had some fun,” I muse, my eyes drifting over her tiny body. She stiffens, her head tilting ever so slightly to the right as she watches me.

“If only you weren’t into sluts,” she smiled sweetly, rolling her eyes.

I knew then that she had a problem with Max, and I had every intention of finding out why.

“Plus, you have a boyfriend,” Harry points out, playing the game. This girl liked attention.

“I doubt you’ve brought me in here to make me airtight, Detectives,” Hayley flutters her eyelashes with a pout. “More’s the pity. I would’ve come willingly.”

“We need to ask you about someone who you might know,” I say, dragging out a photo of Andy. It was his mugshot, and I saw the corners of her mouth lift slightly.

“Nope, never seen him,” Hayley sings, slumping back into the chair. “Can I go now?”

“Nope,” I mimic her words, and she looks at me with narrow eyes. “He knows you. We have three witnesses that said you two were an item not so long back,” I add, enjoying watching her squirm.

“They’re liars,” Hayley juts her chin out, shrugging her shoulders.

“Plus, we have these,” Harry sighs, dropping images of Hayley and Andy together onto the table. A flicker of emotion passes over Hayley’s face, but it soon passes, returning to the stony expression she wore so well.

“Stop playing fucking games, doll, eh?” I say finally. “We know you framed Andy for the kidnap of those two girls.”

Hayley didn’t even blink, she continued to gaze ahead of her wordlessly.

“We also know you dropped ten grand to Santo a few nights ago,” Harry drops in, as her eyes widen. “Not Yan; you.”

“I have nothing to say, so are you charging me?” Hayley asks, her eyes searching mine, then Harry’s. Harry looks at me, and I nod.

“If you have nothing to say, Hayley Dupont, I am charging you with money laundering, intent to supply cocaine and heroin, human trafficking-” Harry reels off as Hayley bows her head.

“Stop,” she hisses.

“I haven’t finished,” Harry chuckles, winking at me. “Did you have something to say?”

“I didn’t traffic anyone- and I haven’t supplied shit!”

“Happy with the money laundering though?” Harry checks, nodding his head and scribbling away on his clipboard. I try to hide my smile, but Hayley shakes her head.

“This isn’t all on me,” she argues, her head swivelling from Harry to me, her eyes filling with tears. “This isn’t my fault!.”

I daren’t breathe as she sobs quietly, tears spilling down her cheeks. Her earlier bravado has disappeared, and I lean forward, reaching out to gather all the images.

“Two girls kidnapped, one assaulted. She has amnesia, Hayley,” I say gruffly. “Girls as young as sixteen are being trafficked, and I haven’t even got to the drugs yet.”

“How old are you, thirty-two?” Harry murmurs, glancing down at her stat sheet. “What are you doing with a guy like Yan? You’re a good-looking woman.”

Hayley is still staring at the floor, shaking her head silently.

“Don’t you want marriage, a couple of kids? A career?” Harry continues, peering at her. “You’ve got no previous, Hayley. What gives?”

“Yan takes care of me. I don’t have to work. He loves me,” her eyes meet mine as she shrugs. “He does.”

“Yan loves himself more than anyone, sweetheart,” I inform her, swiping on my phone. “Did you know he left on a flight to Philadelphia this evening?”

Hayleys head snaps up then, shaking it from side to side vehemently.

“He wouldn’t leave me-”

“He has,” I announce, examining my phone carefully. “He left on the six fifteen flight, first class. What’s in Philly, Hayley? Cos it sure as hell ain’t you.”

Hayley flushes puce, before paling rapidly. She turns to the side, vomiting loudly. I grimace, standing up to get a cleaner.

“Let’s have a break, shall we?” I huff, leaving the room before anyone could stop me. Harry directs the officers outside into the room, and they take Hayley to the medical unit. As we wait for the room to be cleaned, Harry slaps me on the chest.

“What’s with the withholding information from me? I’m your partner, man,” he grumbles, shaking his head.

“Oh that,” I wave dismissively. “Utter bollocks. Yan will pull every string in his violin case to get her out of here. I’ve got people watching him as we speak.”

Harry’s mouth falls open, his eyes shining with admiration.

“Why Philly?”

“Because that’s where his baby mama lives,” I chuckle, shrugging. “I told you, I’m taking him down.”

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