Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 4


I was pissed off. I'd just found Jerome Wilkinson in the toilets with Charlotte's high strung friend, despite him being married. That wasn't the part that pissed me off though. It was the way her eyes rolled when I spoke to her, almost like she didn't have the time of day for me.

This was a fucking first.

I was too old to be continuing the way I was, according to anyone who had an opinion. I liked my lifestyle, because exclusivity wasn't in my vocabulary. There wasn't a woman alive that could capture my attention enough for me to remain with them forever onwards- in all honesty, monogamy was utter bullshit. We were put on this earth to roam, and spread our seed far and wide.

"Jeez man, you ruined that little ship before it could sail," muttered a voice from beside me. I glanced over to see Jerome gazing at Charlotte's friend- what was her name- Maxine or Max- yes- Max. A bloke's name.

"Wade back in, my friend. I was just admiring the view myself," I admit, swigging my beer as I watched Charlotte listening intently to Max. Charlotte was right up my street, but also the wife of my best friend. I wouldn't ever do that, but I wondered how he got as lucky as to meet someone as hot as Charlotte online.

"Her lips are amazing. Apparently she's single," Jerome said cheerfully, winking at me. "Thick thighs and the best titties I've felt in a long time. She isn't my usual type, you know? But I'm here for those curves."

I allowed my gaze to move over from Charlotte to Max, noticing that her lips were indeed plump and full. Her eyes were wide and bright blue, and I felt my cock twitch when I clocked her tits. A woman like that would look great choking on my cock.

"Mmm. Especially in that outfit," Jerome continued, leering as he chewed on his lip. "I swear I'd cum so quick-"

"Alright Jerome. Why don't you go and take yourself into a room and stroke one off?" I grimaced, moving my attention back to Max. She had great legs.

As though she could feel me watching her, her eyes move to meet mine, and there's a zip of electricity between us. She narrows her eyes, but I don't care- my cock had spoken. She looks confused for a second at my heated look, and breaks eye contact with me, mumbling something to Charlotte.. Charlotte then looks over at me with a frown, before Harry steals her away, kissing her hand as he does.

My prey was alone.

I watched as she folded her arms across her chest, her eyes darting around her as she drank her red wine. Her finger caught a drip that threatened to drop onto her tight white shirt, before she sucked it quickly.

Ding dong.

This woman was hard work, that much I already knew. Probably a virgin, or had never been fucked properly. She was uptight, and seemed to hate me. Time to switch on the charm.

I made my way over to her, her eyes clocking me, giving me that familar eye roll that seemed to be mine alone.

"How is your night going?" I ask, her sweet perfume meeting my nostrils as she flicks her hair over her shoulder. Unlike other women, she wasn't doing it to be flirtatious. She was exhaling with boredom, and irritation as she slurred slightly.

"What do you want, Cain?"

Damn her.

"Well, I was going to suggest you let me take you home and fuck your brains out, to be frank," I shrug, enjoying the confusion that swam in her baby blues. Wow, her eyes were fucking dynamite up close.

"What?" she spluttered, cupping her ear and leaning closer.

"I said, shall we go?"

"Go?" she echoed, laughing at me. "This is my besh friends party," she slurred. "You're a knob."

She couldn't even speak. Which I thought may make her dirtier. Her lips were blessed with a sweep of her tongue, and my cock stiffened again. What was with this bird?

"It's also my best friend's party," I shrug. "Are you staying over?"

She nods then, finishing her wine with two swift gulps. She pushes the empty glass into my hand, before blinking slowly.

"What do you want?"

Still slurring, but reigning in control.

"When did you last get fucked?"

I didn't see the point in pissing about. I wanted to see what was between those thighs of hers.

"You're disgusting," Max snapped, and I couldn't help but smirk.

"I'm fucking despicable, actually."

This got her attention, and I took the opportunity to step closer to her.

"And in the bedroom, well. I've not had many complaints."

"Me, and you? Ha, ha, ha."

She threw her head back, laughing. I didn't need to chase women, this was fucking ridiculous. We didn't get along, that much was obvious. But was she really so stupid to turn down sex?

"Fine. I was trying to help you," I shrug, moving to walk away.

"Help me? I'm not a charity case, thank you," she huffs, but I see her eyes drag down my body regardless.


"Come here," I say softly, reaching out for her hand. "Oh come on, stop being ridiculous."

She hesitates, but allows me to pull her over to me. She's a small thing, probably about five foot five, something around there. The heels she is wearing help her reach my chin, but I still have to dip my head to meet her eyes. She looks bold and confident, which is anything other than what I've seen her like before.

"I don't like you," she confesses, her hands pressing against my chest. "You're a womaniser, you're offensive-".

"I'm gonna stop you there," I mutter, wrapping my arm around her waist. I was surprised at how good she felt against me, and I look down to see her perfect cleavage beneath the stupid fucking tie she had on. "I want to fuck you. Is that going to be an option, or not?"

Before I can answer she is kissing me, and fuck me are her lips inviting. It's not just a kiss, it's something else. Her lips part to allow me entrance, and her tongue is in my mouth, exploring me like a professional. She is grinding against me, moaning softly as my dick hardens. As long as she didn't speak, we were good.

"Take me upstairs then," she drawls, her eyes half closed with desire. I feel a tad guilty for taking advantage of her tipsy state, but I'll make sure she is fully pleasured.

"Which room are you in?" I ask gruffly, walking upstairs regardless. One arm around her waist, the other on the wall to steady us.

"Mine," she replies helpfully, and I roll my eyes. I assume she is in the larger spare room, because I usually crash there when I stay.

We make it into the room, and she seems to sober up slightly, blinking at me as she drags a finger down my chest.

"Don't think Clark Kent would sleep with a police officer," she grins, looking up at me with those fucking eyes. She needed to suck my cock already.

"What do you do?" I ask, walking her over to the bed before removing her sandals.

"I'm a bookseller," she smiles widely. "I love books, do you?"

"More of a TV guy myself," I mutter, dragging her tights down as she shivers. "Leave these on," I command, pushing the stilettos back onto her feet.

I lean down to kiss her, her thighs wrapping around me as I slide my finger up her thigh, teasing her through the fabric of her panties. She throws her head back, her hands on my biceps as she moans. I can smell her pussy, and it tells me she is as turned on as I am. I resist the urge to bury my tongue in her sweet hole, and instead allow her to drag my mouth onto hers. It's frantic and urgent then, the shedding of our clothes. I'm completely naked as she drops to the floor, taking me in her mouth without me having to ask.

Good girl.

I throat fuck her for a bit, and I have to say, the image of her on the floor with nothing but her stilettos on is quite the sight. But then I want to see her titties bounce, and I want to taste her juices. Fuck, I want them running down my face.

I help her up, pushing her onto the bed as I open the drawer beside it.

"How did you know they were there?" Max purrs huskily. Shit her voice is insane.

"I stay here too," I shrug, tearing open the wrapper with my teeth. "Now you know where I keep my stash."

She goes to reply, but I've covered my cock in safety, and I'm ready to go. My mouth covers hers, and my fingers delve into her silky folds once more. She shudders immediately, and I decide to continue kissing her and finger fucking her.

"Don't stop that!" She hisses, clenching her legs around my waist. Wow, so she was gonna cum like this? This was a first. I continue to work her clit, her teeth biting down on my lip.

"Fuck, yes!" Max cries out, wrapping her legs around me as she orgasms.

Fuck me, that was easy. I hadn't even fucked her yet.

I decide not to wait any longer, and I move her hair from her ear as I speak.

"Can I fuck you now?"

"Only if you really, really, want to," Max giggles, kissing me again.

"Fuck, I do," I growl, positioning myself at her entrance.

"And you never, ever, speak of this to anyone," she says, before digging her heels into my ass, pushing me into her slick hole.

"Jesus!" I cry out, unable to believe this girl was so tight. "Are you a virgin?"

"No," Max wriggles beneath me, her hand reaching down to cup my balls as they move against her. "Just underfucked."

I lose myself in her then, my balls slapping against her wetness as she strokes them, whispering in my ear how much she loved my cock in her.

"Even though you hate me?" I smirk, lifting myself up so that I'm gazing down at her. I'm not a missionary kinda guy, but the view with Max was what dreams were made of. Pillow soft lips, a great rack and an expression of euphoria on her face. With each thrust she slammed against the bed, and it turned me the fuck on.

"Yep, you're good at this."

The next few hours are spent exploring one another, and countless times people walk in, desperate to find a place to make out. My favourite position was when she was on top, and I see her bring herself to orgasm on my dick. She's beautiful, without a doubt, but we have nothing in common other than this.

At least now she won't glare at me with that pissed off expression whenever we are thrown together.

I'd done the world a favour, and emptied my balls at the same time.

Good karma, right?

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