Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 43


I'm in heaven.

After weeks of tossing and turning in my parent's house, I'd had the most blissful sleep in Cain's arms. Arms that were wrapped tightly around my waist, my body flush against his. Our legs were entwined beneath the sheets, and I allowed myself to absorb the tranquility of the moment.

I exhale, and Cain stirs beside me, his morning voice purring into my ear.

"Morning, Maxie."

I twist my body around, his arms loosening to allow me to move. I'm met with his sleepy gaze, the corners of his mouth lifting as I watch him doze.

"Is that how you greet the woman you love?" I whisper, pressing my lips against his. He growls in response, moving on top of me as I giggle.

"You want more?" Cain mumbles into my ear, his lips dropping soft kisses down my neck. "The woman I love gets whatever she wants."

Hearing him refer to me in that way makes my head spin. His kisses move down to my breasts, his fingers teasing my nipples after his tongue finishes playing with them. I suck in a breath, arching my back as Cain disappears beneath the sheets. I know where he is heading, and I'm here for it. My fingers grip his hair with apprehension, my eyes rolling back in my head.

"You're so beautiful," he rumbles against me. His mouth moves to my inner thigh, his muscular arms lifting my thighs over his biceps as he parts them. "Mmm, I've always liked breakfast in bed."

I'm about to laugh but it's cut short by Cains tongue caressing my vulva like it's melted chocolate. Sucking, nibbling- damn- biting his way down to my slick entrance.

I hiss, bucking my hips into his mouth as he lifts my ass up, pushing his mouth against me. His tongue is almost frantic as it fucks me, his lips working some kind of witchcraft as he does. His fingers join the party then, pressing down on my clit as I moan.

I squeeze my eyes tightly shut as my orgasm ravages me, my breath halting in my throat as I hold his head in position. My legs wrap around him, his feast continuing as waves of euphoria crash through me. I swear I see every star in the universe as he lowers me down, allowing me to catch my breath. Just as he emerges from the sheets, a smug grin on his face, I summon the strength to push him onto his back- not an easy feat given his large size.

His eyes widen as I straddle him, his heated gaze journeying over me slowly.

"Your turn," I smile, trailing my tongue down the middle of his hard abs. I'm tempted to slide him into me and ride myself into another intense climax, but I focus on his pleasure, and his pleasure alone.

My hair falls over my face, his hands dragging it back so he can gaze at me. Something about Cain Harvey staring down at you as you're about to suck his cock is so fucking erotic.

My hand grips the shaft, my tongue stroking the head teasingly. Cain lifts his hips and my mouth is filled, but I ease up, pushing him down with my hand on his stomach.

"Max," he warns, turning his head to check out my body. "I'm going to fuck you so hard in a minute that you won't walk for a week, I swear-"

His voice cracks when I inhale his cock in one swift motion, keeping my eyes trained on him the whole while. He hisses out when I push it into my throat, knowing how he likes that the best. My eyes water, but his roll back in his head, his teeth sinking into his lip as I move my mouth up and down the shaft.

My hands aren't idle either, one thumb and forefinger creates a tight ring around the base of his shaft, my lips using them as a target with each suck. My other hand is spread over Cain's stomach for leverage, his rock hard body making me want him even more.

"I'm going to cum, Max," Cain growls, throwing his head back into the pillow. I pick up my pace, his legs stiffening beneath me as he spasms, shooting his load deep into my throat. His moans fill the room as I swallow, the usually sour taste barely noticeable.

His semen tastes good too? Jeez. I needed to keep him.

When he's finished, his hands lace with mine, dragging me to him as I giggle. He kisses me, and it doesn't matter that we reek of each other's intimate parts. He strokes my hair away from my eyes, gazing at me with such adoration I shake my head, puzzled.

"Cain, you better be serious about me," I murmur, my eyes searching his.

"Sweetheart," he drawls, his fingers holding the bottom of my chin in place. "I want to spend every spare moment with you. You're all I think about, and I don't mean just in the bedroom."

I laugh then, biting my lip as I look up at him.

"Despite your skills in that department," he sighs with a wide grin. "I'm determined to get to know everything about you, Maxie."

He draws me to him again, and our bodies crush together as he dots kisses on my back.

"I love spooning," I admit, twirling my hair around my finger. "It's so…"

"Nice," mumbles Cain.

"It's amazing," I confess, lacing my fingers with his. "I've wanted this for ages, but not with just anyone."

Cain is silent now, and I turn my head to find him dozing. I swat his arm as he groans, tugging me towards him and kissing my shoulder with cute kisses.

"Baby, I'm tired. Lemme sleep. I love you."

His voice is thick with sleep, but his arms tighten around me. The words he uttered swirling around in my brain. My smile is so wide, my cheeks begin to ache. His breathing turns heavy, and it's only then do I respond.

"I love you too."

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