Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 47


What a fucking day.

We’d come back to mine, and Max insisted on cooking dinner. I’d stopped off at the store so she could pick up some food, and as the aroma from the kitchen reaches the lounge, I’m pleased she did.

I lift myself up, taking my tumbler filled with whiskey with me. The vision that greets me makes my heart skip a beat, and I lean against the doorway to watch her work. Her hair is pulled away from her face, exposing her neck and jawline. The look of concentration on her face as she stirs the sauce is so fucking cute. She frowns, searching for plates in all the wrong places before I walk forward, opening the right one.

Her eyes light up as she kisses me on the lips, taking two plates from behind me.

“Hungry?” She asks, tilting her head as she checks the steak. I drop the whiskey onto the side as I walk behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist. I bury my head into her neck, and she lifts her hand to the side of my face, fingers stroking my skin lovingly. She may not have said it yet, but I knew.

“Fuck, yes,” I murmur, her scent driving me wild.

“Good, because the food is ready,” she giggles, wriggling out of my grasp. “Could you grab the cutlery?”

I obey, as every good man should, and we make our way to the small table by the window. Max knows how to relax, that’s for damn sure. She lit candles, and poured red wine. The steak is charred to perfection, and the peppercorn sauce compliments the roasted potatoes perfectly. The beef melts in my mouth as I eat like I’ve never been fed, and she moans with delight.

“This is good, Maxie,” I compliment her, and she nods in return. We eat silently, and as she goes to move the plates, I take her hand, stopping her. She gazes down at me, and I twist on the chair and pull her in between my legs.

Her hand grazes my cheek, and I close my eyes, kissing her palm. Her breath hitches in her throat, and I use her hand to pull her closer to me. My head is level with her stomach, which I kiss through the fabric of her clothes.

“Are you ok baby?” She rumbles, her voice thick. I press my head against her, and her hands curl around my head as she moves down to kiss it. My hands circle her waist, and my head throbs.

“I don’t even know anymore,” I confess, keeping my eyes shut. She is everything right now, her scent, her touch, her voice. It’s all keeping me sane. “I just know that I love you.”

She moves back then, tilting my head up with her fingers.

“I love you too, Cain.”

The air leaves my lungs in a whoosh, and the smile nearly cracks my face at her words.

“I fucking knew it,” I say, dragging her onto my lap. She rolls her eyes but I hold her face, staring at her like it’s the first time I’ve seen her. “Say it again.”

“You’re so egotistical,” Max murmurs against me, and I can’t help but laugh. “But yes, I do. I love you.”

The words sound foreign on her tongue, but I’ll get used to it. I can’t fucking wait.


She throws her head back laughing, and I do too, unable to stop grinning.

“In fact, can I record you saying it so I can replay it whenever I miss you?” I say, my hands sweeping across her waist. Her expression changes, and she peers at me with a curious smile.

“You miss me?”

“All. The. Time.”

“Cain Harvey. Who would’ve thought you’d be tamed by little old me?” She teases, her fingers running through my hair as I relax beneath her touch.

“I remember the first time we met,” I smirk against her jawline. She groans, and I stand up, dragging her into my arms. “You called me a dickhead.”

Max laughs then, my favourite sound. I study her with wonder, drinking in her every feature. Max was beautiful, but it was her soul that twisted me into who I was right now. Her fiery spirit, her no shit attitude and pure innocence killed me on a daily.

“You was a dickhead,” she shrugs, tugging my lips down to hers.

“Well, at least that’s past tense,” I mumble, groaning when she covers my mouth with hers.

Kissing Max is equal to nothing. The woman could make me explode just from her kisses alone. We take it into the lounge, despite her protests to clean up.

“Fuck the dishes, I want dessert,” I smirk, my hands lifting her top up towards her head. I want her curves. My eyes need their fix.

She doesn’t disappoint either. She’s wearing a lacy black bra, her breasts held captive until I free them with a flock of my wrist.

“So skilled,” Max huffs, arching against me as I allow my fingers to drift over her nipples. They harden, and I drop my mouth to them, sucking and kissing as she grinds against me. Her hand is tugging at my belt, and I can sense her urgency.

Sometimes she wants to take it slow. Other times, like now, she wanted fucking.

“I need a condom,” I growl, lifting up on my arms as she releases my jeans. Her hand pushes down, cupping my length as I groan.

Her mouth is on mine, and she wraps her legs around me as she continues to pump my shaft.

“Maxie,” I warn, and she meets my stare head on.

“I’m going to count to five,” she whispers heatedly, releasing me. She wriggles her trousers down, kicking them off as I stare at her. She slides her finger to her intimate place, sucking her lip into her teeth as she plays with her clit. “One.”

I’m rooted to the spot, knowing she’s giving me to the count of five to get a condom whilst she finger fucks herself. I know it will take me longer than that to get upstairs and back again, but then I remember I have one in my wallet. I back away, reaching down to my jeans as I search for the leather in my back pocket. Max is watching me, her lids half closed as she lets out a moan.


My fingers brush the material of my wallet, and I drag it out impatiently. I rifle through it until my fingers find the foil packet, and I drop everything else. Including my trousers. I stroke my length as her eyes widen, her breath catching in her throat as I walk over to the sofa.

“Three,” she breathes, as I part her legs roughly. I hook my fingers in her underwear, dragging them down to see the full show. Her fingers are working her clit in a circular motion, and I tear the condom open without once moving my eyes.

“So. Fucking. Beautiful.”

She smiles at my words, and I roll the condom on. I’m rock hard now, and she looks up at me through lazy lashes.

“Four- oh God, you are gorgeous, Cain.”

I take her hand away, slipping her fingers into my mouth as she watches me with heated desire. I position myself against her slit, enjoying the way her body greeted mine.

“How do you want this, Maxie?”

I’m kissing her throat, her collarbone, her nipples. I’m kissing places I don’t even know the name of, savouring her taste. Her hands slip into my hair, massaging my scalp as I enter her slowly. I hold back as she glares at me, her hips tilting up to allow me access.

“I want you to fuck me Cain.”

Music to my ears.

I thrust into her as she cries out, my hands gripping her hips as I slam into her repeatedly. My pubic bone is flush with her clit at this angle, and she lets out a hiss as I create more friction there.

“Oh, God-“

“No God Maxie, just me.”

Our mouths meet, and I raise up on to my hands, still managing to kiss her as I slam my hips into her. Her moans tell me she is almost here, her mouth pulls away from mine as she throws her head back.

“Fuck, I’m close,” she whispers, as her body stiffens around mine, her cries muffled against my neck as she drags me to her. I keep the pace going until she relaxes, and I hook her legs over my shoulders, one at a time, groaning with the way her pussy tightened around me. At this angle, I only last a few more seconds, her breasts bouncing with each thrust, her face twisted into intense pleasure as I shoot my load into the condom.

“Fuck!” I curse, my vision temporarily blurred by the strength of my climax.

I kiss her mouth, removing myself from her as she slumps onto the sofa breathlessly. I drag a blanket from the other sofa over to her, as she snuggles beneath it sleepily.

“I love you, Cain.”

I turn to see her eyes close, exhaustion taking over her. The woman I love isn’t sleeping on the damn sofa, so after disposing of the condom and taking care of the kitchen, I walk back in to find her snoring softly. I finish my whiskey, leaning against the doorway as I watch her sleep. She was peaceful, and content.

It was my job to keep her that way.

I sweep her up into my arms as she stirs, her head lolling against my chest. I kiss her forehead, placing her down in my bed. Where she belongs. I climb in next to her, my head fuzzy from love and whiskey. I wanted to watch her sleep for a bit, but my own eyes are closing.

“I love you too, Maxie.”

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