Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 5


The light penetrates the room, the soft breeze from the flimsy curtains allowing the sun to temporarily blind me as I try to focus. It takes me a second to realise that there’s a heavy weight over my bare stomach, and I peer down curiously.

There’s an arm thrown across me that didn’t belong to me. I follow the arm to the shoulder, before it focuses on the dark stubble and perfectly formed lips. I close my eyes instantly, the unfamiliar taste in my mouth confirming the obvious.

I’d had sex.

Not only had I had sex, I’d had sex with Cain fucking Harvey.

I refused to open my eyes, my heart sinking when he stirs beside me. His arm lifts up immediately, and I drag the duvet up to my chin, praying he just leaves. I’m conscious I’m completely naked, and no amount of fishing around under the covers revealed any clothing.

Oh God, don’t let him speak. Just go. Go.

“Morning Maxie,” he yawns, stretching beside me. He seems completely at ease with the situation, which only serves to annoy me further. “Why don’t you come over here for a morning cuddle?”

“I don’t think so,” I reply, closing my eyes. Suddenly, his face is hovering over mine, and my eyes fly open with surprise.

“Don’t be awkward about it. It was good.”

I scowl at him, moving further away from him when he reaches for me. I try not to stare at his body, which is covered in bite marks, scratches and oh- lipstick. Mine, to be exact.

“I’m not being awkward!” I deny hotly, sitting up. “But can you go?”

He looks like I’ve slapped him, and he laughs in disbelief.

“You want me to go?”

“Yes, before anyone walks in and sees us like this,” I reply, shaking my head. Fucking red wine.

“You’re serious?”

I turn to look at him now, aware he is even more handsome first thing in the morning. I tear my eyes away from him, glancing down at the floor for my clothes.


“Yes, Cain, I’m serious. Don’t tell anyone about this,” I add, as he stares at me, apparently mystified. Wasn’t he the king of quick fucks? What was he even still doing here?

“Fine,” he says, lifting up from the bed. I lean back on the pillow, my hands covering my eyes. I avoided watching him change, but when I looked again he was pulling his shirt on. Fuck, he was heavenly. “I thought you’d at least be grateful- I did you a favour.”

“Pardon?” I gasp, sitting up right in sheer disbelief. “A favour?”

Cain clenched his jaw then, a strange look in his eyes as he absorbed my reaction. It was replaced with his trademark smirk soon enough, and he winked.

“Oh come on, Maxie,” he tugs on his shoes, before gazing up at me through thick, dark lashes. “You told me last night it’s been years-”

“So! You didn’t do me a favour, Jesus, Cain! Just don’t tell anyone, and don’t talk to me ever again.”

“I swear, after all those orgasms you’re still uptight-”

“Cain!” I snapped, my eyes meeting his. “Just go!”

A sound outside the door made us both freeze, and he glances at me helplessly.

“Just tell Charlotte, I’ll tell Harry, no sneaking around needed.”

“No. Fucking. Way!” I whispered, and his brow furrows with intrigue.

“No? Why not?”

“Please, just go. Make out you slept in the bathroom or something,” I’m pleading now, but he shakes his head.

“Why don’t you want to tell Charlotte?”

“Because, okay?”

“You’re worried she will want you to get with me,” he crows, grinning at me from the edge of the bed.

“No, she knows we don’t get along,” I wave my hand dismissively. He frowns a little, but doesn’t argue. “I just would rather we kept it between us.”

“Fine,” he shrugs, checking his phone before glancing at me. “See you around then.”

“Bye,” I say in a bored tone, heaving a sigh of relief when he finally leaves the door, letting it close softly behind him. I immediately hunt for my underwear, which I find on the floor near the side Cain slept on. I drag a t-shirt out of my bag, tugging it over my head, sinking back into bed gratefully. I turned away from Cain’s side, annoyed that his scent still filled the room.

I needed more sleep before I faced the reality of what I’d just done.


Oh no. Not Charlotte.

“Did I just see Cain leaving your room?!”

I felt her jump onto the bed, shaking me as I sat up sleepily. I would deserve an Oscar if I pulled this one off.

“No, don’t be-”

Her nose wrinkles up, and she lifts my bra up from under the sheets. As she does, she gasps.

“You did it!”

“Look-” I begin, holding my hand up for her to stop talking. “My head hurts. I’m tired-”

“I’m not fucking surprised if you were hanging off his dick all night!” Charlotte beams excitedly. “I knew you and him would get it on, if only you would put your stupid differences aside.”

I pause then, wanting to savour the silence. The only sound was the thumping in my head, promising to get louder the more alert I tried to become.

“Well?!” Charlotte is like an excited child, and I shake my head at her.

“Well nothing. We had sex, like two adults. That is all. I would thank you not to tell a soul.”

“Was it good? Fuck, I can tell from the fact you’ve lost wrinkles from yesterday it was good. Argh, I’m going to have to have every single detail. Like, how did that even start?! One minute you were arguing with him, the next he is ball deep-”

“Charlotte, please,” I murmur, cringing as someone began bashing cymbals together in my head. My throat is dry, and I swallow desperately. I really didn’t want to have this conversation, but least of all in this state. “I feel like I have been attacked.”

Charlotte looked alarmed for a moment, before I shook my head.

“Entirely consensual.”

In fact, I think I might have begged for it at some point.

“Did he kiss you first? God, where was I?!” Charlotte moaned, dragging her fingers down her face dramatically.

“Girls, what are we gossiping about?” comes a voice from the door. Harry is gazing at us with a stupid grin that tells me he already knows.

“Last night, Max and OW!”

I jab her in the ribs so hard she almost tumbles out of the bed. Harry tries to hide his smile, but he shakes his head at me with amusement.

“You and Cain, huh? It was only a matter of time.”

I’m too horrified to respond, and Charlotte takes the opportunity to hurl more questions at me.

“Do you like him? Oh my God, if you two get together it would be so good! We could couple date-”

“Fuck that,” I snap, as Harry snorts with laughter, shaking his head at his wife with adoration.

“Darlin, as if. Cain isn’t the settling type- you know this.”

“Yeah but Max could be the one to make him settle down!” Charlotte argues.

“Excuse me, I am here,” I remind them, flopping back down onto the bed. I push my leg out for cool air, closing my eyes as I try to sooth my hangover. “If it’s quite alright by you, I would rather die than be with Cain. Last night was a product of intoxication, nothing more, nothing less.”

Silence falls again, and my tired brain begins to slow down, allowing my eyes to flutter shut. Charlotte sighs, getting up before addressing Harry.

“We could do couple things together. Double date.”

I know she is pouting without looking at her, and a smile plays on my lips.

Double date with Cain?

No thanks.

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