Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 50


I slam into her, gripping her hips as she cries out. I’m all for making love, but this needs to happen, and it needs to happen now. Her head hands down, her hair spilling into the bath water as she moans my name. I erupt into the condom, my vision turning blurry as I do. My hands caress her ass cheeks, and she twists her hair as she gets up. She turns to me, watching me discard the condom, water dripping down her chest as she does. The sight of her with dripping wet hair, swollen lips and large eyes is enough to make me drag her into my arms, kissing her roughly. My fingers twist her nipples, her lips parting as she presses her hands to my chest.

She makes me delirious.

“Bath,” she murmurs, stepping away from me, her finger trailing down my chest.

I watch as she climbs into the tub, slipping beneath the soapy water. I turn to the wine, focusing on pouring two glasses before handing one to her. I then climb in at the other end, our legs entwining as we wriggle around.

“Your body is insane,” she murmurs, her eyes drinking me in. This dark haired goddess thought I was something special?

“Come get it,” I smirk, as she sips her wine.

“You’re insatiable,” she laughs throatily, her head resting on the tub. Her eyes close, the glass of wine balancing on the side of the tub, the water lapping around her dark, hard nipples.

I’m hard as rock.

“I just want you. All. The. Time,” I admit, sitting up to reach for her thighs. Her eyes flutter open as she gasps, clutching her wine as I drag her onto my lap. Her hair sticks to my chest as we kiss, and we pull apart to drop the wine onto the floor. Her mouth is hot and eager, the water sloshing around us onto the floor as she grinds against me. She didn’t cum earlier, so I owe her that at least.

My dick is rubbing against her slit, and when I move my fingers down to stroke her, the head slips into her entrance.

“Ah, fuck,” she moans, grinding down as I enter her fully. I don’t fuck without a rubber, but Max feels so good I’m not complaining. Her eyes meet mine, and I can see she is thinking the same as me.

“It’s okay,” she moans, arching her back as she wraps her legs around me. The walls of her pussy grip my dick, and despite having already cum, a rush of desire zips through me. I rock her against me, the sound of the water spilling over the sides as we do, the pace picking up as Max rubs her clit against my pubic bone.

“Max, you’re so fucking beautiful,” I whisper, my hands brushing over her skin, searching for places I’d yet to discover. Max leans forward, her wine stained lips meeting mine as her fingers tug on my hair.

“I love you,” she pants against me, and she slams down despite the resistance from the water. Her fingernails dig into my back as her mouth opens, a gasp filling my mouth as I murmur against her how much I love her too. Her body spasms against mine, her breath hitching in her throat as her eyes roll back into her head, her nipples hard beneath my fingers.

I’ve never wanted anyone like I want Max. As she rides out her orgasm, mine builds up, the thought of exploding into her without a rubber exciting me beyond belief.

“I’m going to cum, baby,” I growl in her ear, my mouth sucking on her neck as she nods against me.

“I want every drop inside of me,” she moans, and I explode upon her command, the head of my dick kissing her womb. It’s intense, but our mouths give up oxygen for one another, our satisfied moans filling the air.

“You’re so naughty,” I mumble against her as she drops her head against mine, her eyes glittering with desire.

“I was good until I met you,” she laughs, kissing my mouth.

A pang of jealousy shoots through my stomach at the thought of her with anyone prior to me. I frown, and she looks at me curiously, her fucking lips intoxicating me.

“Uh oh, unhappy Cain,” she bites her lip as she studies me. “What were you thinking about?”

How the fuck can I be jealous of any other men when she’s sitting on my dick in our bath, in our home? Yes, our home.

“I hate every man that’s ever had you,” I shrug, owning my emotions. “You make me want to kill anyone that even looks at you.”

“How do you think I feel, Casanova?” She retorts, slipping away from me.

She has a point.

“I know,” I say sheepishly. “But it’s only you, Maxie.”

She hands me my wine, and gazes at me.

“It better be.”

A few hours later, Max is curling her hair with her fingers, the tiny black dress her sister dropped off for her barely skimming her thighs. I frown, fixing my cufflinks as she watches me in the mirror.

“Now what?”

“That’s a nice dress,” I comment, hiding my smirk. “I don’t think I ever saw you wearing that.”

“You did, actually,” Max grins, sweeping her hair to one side. Fuck me, she was a goddess. “When Harry got promoted.”

I rack my brains, trying to recall Max in that dress. I shake my head, peering at her inquisitively.

“No, I’d remember.”

“You fucked some girl in the toilets,” she threw over her shoulder, lining her lips with some sort of crayon. “I doubt you were paying attention.”


This is the problem with having a reputation.

“And you?” I drawl, wrapping my arms around her waist, gazing at her in the mirror. “Did you fuck anyone that night?”

My body tenses, waiting for her to tell me. The image of her in this dress at any form of party that I was at, made me want to go back in time and rip my own dick off.

“No, Cain.”

I relax slightly, dotting warm kisses along her shoulder, my fingers brushing the hem of her dress.

“You will tonight.”

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