Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 51


The floor throbs beneath my feet, the martini in my hand partially responsible for the giddy feeling I’ve got, the arm around my waist certainly the other reason. I turn to gaze at Cain, who is laughing at something Harry is saying, and I catch my best friend grinning at me like an idiot.

“Will you stop that,” I lift my martini to my lips, rolling my eyes at her goofy expression. Cain's fingers trace the zip on my dress, his intentions clear.

He will have to wait, I’m spent.

“Come to the bar with me,” Charlotte smirks, stealing me away from Cain. Cain watches us walk away, his eyes journeying down my body as he does. “Jesus, he does realise that I can see him doing that, right?”

Charlotte giggles, linking her arm with mine.

“This is so good. I feel like I’ve not seen you in forever.”

I smile at her, joining the queue for the busy bar. It was bound to be busy on a Saturday night, but I didn’t care. I turn my attention to Charlotte, agreeing that it had been too long.

“I know. I’m sorry, things have just been a little crazy,” I spot a place at the bar and squeeze into it, trying to catch the attention of the barman. He winks at me, and I relax. “Looks like we’re next,” I murmur to Charlotte, as she nods happily.

“I can’t believe you’re in love with him,” Charlotte gushes, as I place our order with the cute barman.

“What’s that? You’re in love with someone else?” The voice to my right groans, and I turn to see an attractive looking guy with incredibly blue eyes. “Don’t break my heart, princess.”

My first reaction is to laugh, my happy mood only enhanced by the strangers compliment.

“Two dirty martinis,” declares the barman, dropping them in front of me. I hand him a twenty, before passing Charlotte her drink. She heads back towards our table, and I feel a hand on my arm.

“Stay and drink with me,” the man persists, his eyes dropping to my cleavage.

“Excuse me, but my boyfriend is waiting for me,” I say politely, when a hand slides around my waist.

“Everything ok here?”

The deep voice belongs to Cain, and the hint of venom I hear in it alarms me. I look up, slate grey eyes boring into the man hovering beside me.

“Ah, you’re the boyfriend,” the man huffs, backing away. “Jammy bastard.”

A flicker of annoyance passes over Cain's face as I steer him away with difficulty.

“Cain,” I murmur, dragging his chin down so he has to look at me. His eyes move to mine, his jaw tightening before he smiles.

“I don’t like pricks like that, eye fucking what’s mine.”

“Alright, caveman,” I whisper, my stomach curling at his words. His hands are on my waist, his lips brushing against mine. Our bodies yearn for one another, despite having unified more times than I cared to count. “Let’s enjoy our evening.”

“Fuck the evening, I wanna take you home,” Cain mutters in my ear, his tongue flickering against my lobe.

“And fuck? Again?” I rest my hands on his chest, as he widens his eyes at me.

“You dirty girl,” he gasps, his eyes dancing with amusement. “I want to slob on the sofa and watch Netflix. But your idea sounds better…” burying his head in my neck.

“Oi, Randy!” Harry calls out from the table, slamming his hand down on the chair beside him. “I get that you’re in the honeymoon phase but you’ve got company.”

Cain shoots a look back to the bar, guiding me to the table where Charlotte widens her eyes at Cain.

“Down boy.”

“Listen, she’s mine,” Cain mutters, kissing my shoulder. “She told him she was with someone, and he’s gawping at her tits? He’s lucky I didn’t smack him one.”

“Then you’d definitely be sacked,” Harry declares, grinning at me.

“I appreciate what you did, Harry,” I say, reaching out to grab his hand. “Telling my parents like that.”

Cain is silent, his eyes still on the bar. For someone who didn’t do relationships, he sure seems protective of me. He must feel my gaze on him, because he whips his head round to catch me in the act.

“I couldn’t lose my partner,” Harry shrugs.

“You still might,” Cain swallows his beer, winking at Harry.

“I can’t see you as a landscaper Cain,” Harry drawls, his arm around Charlotte.

“I’m looking into other things,” Cain drums his fingers on the table, his hand slipping onto my thigh. His thumb draws symbols on my inner skin, and I exhale, shifting towards him. “Maybe security. Bodyguard.”

“You can be my bodyguard,” I smirk, my eyes falling onto a woman watching us intently from across the room. She doesn’t look familiar, but the scowl she wore told me she knew me.

Or Cain.

“I’ll protect you, sweetheart. Always,” Cain murmurs, kissing my lips softly. “I need to nip to the little boys room. Don’t run off.”

Cain walks across the dance floor, disappearing into a crowd of people as I watch him.

God, he was perfect.

“So, you’ve moved in together,” Charlotte grins as my cheeks colour.

“Yep,” I gaze in the direction he left in, my body cold without his touch. “Who would’ve guessed it. Me and Cain.”

“Erm, we did,” chuckles Harry, as Charlotte jabs him in the ribs. “We knew you would work it out eventually.”

I shake my head at them, sipping my martini. It wasn’t cold enough for my liking. Stupid cute barman didn’t understand how to serve a martini.

“Really?” I wrinkle my nose up, as Cain commands my attention from across the dance floor. His eyes lock on mine, his trademark smirk replacing his stony expression when he sees me. “Now I’m in love with him.”

Harry chokes on his beer, as Charlotte pats his back.

“Max, that’s so sweet,” Charlotte coos as Cain slides in beside me. His arm snakes around my waist, and he kisses my forehead softly.

“Beautiful girl.”

“So, Cain,” Charlotte asks, a coy smile on her face. “Was it the police outfit that did it for you at the beginning?”

“Nah,” Cain grins, nodding at me. “It was her tongue. I’ve always been a sucker for a girl with a smart mouth who also knows how to use it in the bedroom.”

“Charmed,” I mutter, draining my martini.

“Come on, Maxi, you’re killing me.”

I turn to him, swinging my legs onto his lap as he strokes them tenderly with his fingers.

“I want you to do something for me,” he says, sweeping my hair away from my neck.

“What?” I ask breathlessly.

“Spend next weekend with my parents.”

He smiles then, kissing my fingers as he gazes at me.

“Shit, you’re serious,” I squeak out, my heart hanging against my chest. This wasn’t Cain. This was so far from the Cain I knew.

“About you? Yeah. I fucking am.”

My eyes meet Charlotte’s across the table, who is so grinning widely her face could split.

“What if they don’t like me?” I whisper, stroking Cain's face.

“Maxie, they’ll fucking love you.”

“How do you know?” I ask in a small voice, as he presses his lips to mine.

“Because I love you.”

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