Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 52


We need to stop off and get wine,” Max reminds me, twisting in the car to drag her bag into the front seat, almost caving my head in with it as she does.

She’s in panic mode, her eyes darting around the car as she sucks on her bottom lip.

“Now what have you forgotten?” I drawl, trying to hide my smile. Nervous Max is pretty damn sexy.

“I’m not sure if I packed the yellow dress,” she chews on her lip, groaning as she does. “If we have a dinner party, it will be perfect. I think it’s on the bed at home.”

Home. I loved that Max called my house her home. She could have it, along with my body and soul. This woman was fucking everything.

“Fuck the dress,” I shrug, turning into the middle lane. We didn’t have long left now, and Max is becoming skittish. I check my wing mirror, deciding to go for it in the fast lane.

“So your Mum's name is Kathryn, and your Dad is Lee?” She checks, puffing her cheeks out with anxiety.

“You’re so fucking cute.”

“Cain,” Max whines, her hand on my arm, freshly painted nails especially for this occasion. Personally, I just wanted to see them wrapped around my- “don’t forget to stop off for the wine.”

“Christ, Maxie, my parents have a cellar full of wine,” I protest, chuckling to myself.

“I can’t turn up empty handed, it’s rude,” Max says for the fortieth time.

“All my Mum would want you to turn up with us a baby bump or a ring, so be prepared to be met with disappointment,” I snigger as Max gapes at me, her cheeks flushing.

“Oh God.”

“Yeah. So just tell her you’re barren or something, shut her up,” I suggest.

“I will not,” Max scolds, her tight jeans clinging to her shapely thighs as she crosses her legs. “I’ll tell her I want your babies.”

I shoot her a dark look then as she giggles, clearly enjoying winding me up.

“One step at a time, sweetheart,” I turn the AC on, feeling a trickle of sweat down my back. “You’ll give my dad a heart attack.”

“Is he like you?”

“My dad is awesome,” I grin proudly. “He used to be in a band, and he can play a mean guitar solo. My mum was one of his groupies.”

“No way!” Max gushes, her body twisting towards me as she rips open a bag of crisps. “You’re a groupie baby?”

I wrinkle my nose up, checking the rear view mirror before moving into the far left lane. The roads were getting quieter now, and I felt myself begin to relax.

“I like to think of myself as a rock star baby,” I muse, earning myself an eye roll from my girl.

“It makes sense. You have a sense of superiority.”

“Hey! I do not!” I argue, shaking my head at her. “Almost there.”

Max stiffens then, dusting crumbs from her mouth as she sits up.

“I can’t believe your dad was a rock star and your mum was his groupie,” Max chuckles, gazing out of the window. “I bet your parents are gorgeous.”

I wave a hand at my face, winking as she groans.

“With this face? They have to be, right?”

“At least you’re modest. I was an ugly baby,” Max confesses, and I shake my head at her. How could someone so beautiful ever call themselves ugly?

“Bollocks. You’re stunning, baby.”

“I wasn’t when I was a baby. Mum said I was bald with a tuft of ginger hair.”

I make a face as she laughs, her hand slapping my thigh. I capture her hand, pulling into a little Tesco’s so she can choose her bottle of wine.

“Want anything?” Max leaned back into the car, her cleavage visible below her silky blouse.

“A titwank?” I leer, and she slams the door in response. “I guess that’s a no.”

Ten minutes later, Max is back, her arms holding a bouquet of flowers bigger than her head, and a bottle of champagne hanging from her fingers in a box.

“Maxie,” I groan, taking the champagne from her hands. “Why?!”

“Because first impressions are everything,” Max informs me, our eyes meeting as she leans forward, planting a kiss on my lips. “Except our doesn’t count.”

“You wanted me,” I tease, reversing out of the car park spot.

“I did until you spoke,” Max snorts, and I shake my head in disbelief.

“That is so insulting,” I scoff.

“You greeted me with ‘Hey Titania’,” Max reminds me, and I wince. Probably not my finest hour.

“I was drunk.”

“You weren’t. It was the middle of the day,” Max stiffens as the car slows down, and I pull into a large driveway. “Wow. Is this where you grew up?”

“Yeah. Home, sweet home.” I say, parking the car. I exit the car and go around to Max’s side. “Come on, Titania.”

She bites her lip with apprehension, clutching the bouquet and champagne tightly to her chest.

“Cain,” she wails in my ear, clutching my arm as we walk towards the door. “What if-“

She doesn’t get to finish her sentence as the door opens, revealing my Mum. She has dressed up for the occasion, and yet she is still wearing an apron covered in flour.

“Cain! And oh, lemme see your gorgeous girlfriend-” Mum kisses me briefly before opening her arms out to Max, who stands awkwardly with the gifts.

“Hi, Mrs Harvey, these are for you,” Max babbles, as Mum grips her in a bear hug, crushing the flowers. Max looks at me with wide eyes over mum’s shoulder, and I grin at the sight of them embracing.

“Call me Kathryn, sweet girl. Gosh, you’re pretty. Very exotic looking.”

Max flushes as I make a face at my mum, knowing this is a big moment for her. To be fair, it’s a big moment for me too. As mum bundles Max into the kitchen, my dad walks in from the living room, his husky tones greeting me.

“Is she here then?” He whispers, peering into the kitchen. His eyes widen as he looks back at me, moving his fingers into the perfect sign. “Pretty girl.”

“Lee! Get in here and meet Max!” My mum commands, as Dad makes a face.

“Excuse me, I’ve been summoned.” Dad jokes, hurrying into the kitchen as I follow. My girl is standing with a glass of wine in hand, watching as my mum explained the process of marinating beef the way they did in the East. The words fade, but Max seems to radiate happiness. I’m lost in her eyes, the way they shine as she talks to my parents warms my soul.

This girl.

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