Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 53


My parents adore my girl.

I knew they would; she’s fucking adorable. Like now, her cheeks flushing from the wine my dad is plying us with, her eyes sparkling as she lets out that throaty laugh. She catches my stare, her lips pulling into a soft smile, before she returns her attention to my mother.

“Never. That must mean you’re pretty special, hmm?”

The smile on Max’s face warms my soul. She is the only girl that’s ever met my parents, not that you can tell from the way my mum is reacting. She’s turned into a teenage girl; fanning herself as she tells Max how she met my father. Max tucks her legs under the blanket in the sofa, tapping the space next to her for me to join her. I push off the doorway, sipping my wine as I do just that.

Her vanilla perfume distracts me, and without thinking, my arm is around her shoulders, my head buried in her neck as I inhale her scent. Max laughs, her hand coming up to cup my face, whilst she turns to meet my eyes.

“You’re in love,” mum breathes, taking a gulp of wine. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

My dad rolls his eyes, his hands on my mums thigh as he squeezes it reassuringly.

“Kat, come on. You’re embarrassing the kid.”

“I’m not a kid,” I retort, realising how much I sound like one.

“So, Max, I don’t mean to sound formal,” Mum starts, holding up a hand to silence me. “But what do you do? Do you work?”

“Yes,” Max smiles, pushing her hair behind her ear as she leans forward. “I work in a bookstore.”

“Wow! I love reading,” Mum grins, as Dad nods in agreement.

“Yeah, she likes all that romantic bollocks,” he snorts, earning himself a slap on the thigh. “Sorry, um, contemporary romance?”

Mum laughs, shaking her head as she turns back to Max who holds her hands up.

“I’m a sucker for that too.”

I groan as mum and Max high five, a triumphant glint in my mum’s eyes.

“Finally. Another woman.”

“Do you read?” Max asks my dad, her cheeks flushing beneath his amused gaze.

“Does Twitter count as reading?”

“Erm…” Max giggles, snuggling against me. My dad looks wounded, and she soon has him smiling again. “Yeah! Of course.”

“I read my horoscope,” Dad perks up, as Max tilts her head to the left.

“Ooh, me too.”

The pair get lost in the cosmos, and I get everyone a refill. It feels so good having Maxie here. The laughter from the lounge makes me smile, and I wonder if my mum will get her wish after all. I love being with Maxie. She makes me feel all kinds of things- things I’d never have two shits about before.

“He didn’t! Cain, get in here!” My mum bellows from the lounge, and I smirk to myself. What secrets has Max told now?

“You bought her flowers!” Mum gasps, clutching her heart. “Cain, I knew you had it in you.”

“Don’t start,” warms my dad as mum turns to Max.

“Once, when Lee and I had been together for a little while, we had a fall out,” mum explains, as Max leans forward with interest. “He can be a stubborn devil, to say the least, and he could have any woman he wanted-“

“Easy on the past tense,” dad winks, as I chuckle in response. Back in school, the female teachers used to turn into little fangirls if my dads came to any events, whilst the male teachers listed after my mum. It was most uncomfortable.

“Anyway,” mum continues. “The beautiful swine wooed me by singing to me from the street below my flat, guitar and all.”

Max swoons beside me, her eyes turning all gooey as she beans at my dad. He shrugs nonchalantly, but his cheeks flush a little. He gazes at my mum, brushing her midnight locks away from her face as he studies her.

“That wasn’t my idea. Malc suggested it.”

My mum gasps, slapping his arms away as he grabs her, kissing her all over her face.

“Well, on that note,” I drain my drink, placing the glass on the table as my lovestruck parents turn their attention our way. “I’m tired. Shall we?” I direct at Max, who recognises my heated gaze.

“Tired? It’s barely ten pm,” mum frowns, checking her watch with disappointment.

“I think he means he’s horny,” dad mutters to mum, as I guide Max out of the door, covering her ears. Jeez, they are embarrassing.

“Goodnight Kat and Lee,” Max calls over her shoulder. “Thanks for having me.”

“You’re welcome Max, Cain, don’t use protection! I love her!” Shouts mum, as I cringe. Max snorts with laughter, her shoulders shaking as we walk up the stairs. My room is fortunate enough to have an en suite, so I walk us both in there, despite Max gushing how cute it is that this is my childhood bedroom.

“Yeah, real cute,” I murmur against her jaw, peeling her shirt off as she giggles nervously.

“Cain, your parents will hear us!” She scolds, her mouth on mine despite her protests.

“I can be quiet, Maxie,” I push my hand into her jeans, caressing her through her underwear as she groans. She wriggles out of her jeans, revealing my favourite meal of the day. My dick commands entrance, pressing against her soaked panties as I lift her onto the sink. She moves her panties to the side, guiding me into her as I groan.

“Condom,” I growl, as she lifts her hips, her walls contracting against me. My forehead rests on hers, my fingers digging into her hips as she throws her head back, her thighs gripping my waist as she drags me into her fully. “Maxie!”

There’s no way I can stop now; the sight of her on my sink is enough to make me erupt.

“I’m not daddy material, baby,” I groan, as she bites my lip, causing me to cry out.

“I’ll go on birth control as soon as we get back. Just fuck me.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.

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