Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 54


My eyes flicker beneath the bright rays pouring through the blinds, and I stretch out my limbs. I love the sunshine.

“It’s probably four in the morning. Ignore it,” Cain mumbled from beside me, heaving out a tired groan. I scramble for my phone, checking the time with a scoff.

“It’s seven,” I inform him, but he is already asleep. I wish I could sleep so easily, but my eyes were now wide awake, my body craving caffeine. I chew on my lip as I consider waking Cain up. His dark hair contrasts beautifully against the white bedding, his arms hugging the pillow like he needs it to survive.

I want to be the pillow.

I drop kisses on his neck, as he stirs beneath me.

“Baby, I need coffee,” I murmur into his ear, my tongue flickering against his lobe. He twists towards me, his eyes still closed as he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me against his warm body.

“You don’t. You need more sleep,” he mumbles back, his voice thick with sleep.

“But I’m so horny…” I whisper, as his eyes flicker open, revealing the emeralds I adore. “Amazing, you wake up for sex but not to get me coffee.”

“So you’re not horny?” Cain frowns, his hand on my thigh as he pushes my legs apart. I giggle, moving away from him as he groans. I pull on my pyjamas, before walking into his en suite to brush my teeth. “Is that a no?”

“I need coffee, lover,” I repeat, my mouth filled with toothpaste. Cain sighs, his hands on his face. His muscular forearms are ridiculously attractive, as is his toned torso…

But rich, dark coffee calls to me, and after devouring this man last night, the caffeine won.

“You’re so cute,” Cain grins from the bed, sitting up and pushing the duvet back with a yawn. “But we’re fucking before we have coffee, and that’s the end of that.”

Thirty minutes later, I get my coffee. We’re sitting in the back garden, my legs resting on his lap as we both study our phones. I’m swiping through the news, huffing with each bad headline I see.

“Why do you depress yourself by reading the news?” Cain asks, dropping his phone to the table with another yawn. He studies me, a smirk on his lips.

“What?” I ask, frowning as I check the weather.

Your location will be cloudy with a chance of rain.


“Cain, you’re looking at me with that dirty smile,” I point out, as his eyes twinkle.

“Fuck yeah, I am. How did it feel sitting on my-”

“Good morning!”

Cain's mother pops her head through the back door, her hair unruly and fluffy. She wiggles her eyebrows at us before beaming.

“Did you both sleep well? I hope not.”

“Mum!” Cain groans, as she grins wickedly.

“I’ve got to nip to the shop, we need all kinds of things for dinner tonight. Do you want to come, Max?”

The corners of Cain's mouth lift with amusement as I nod.

“Yes, that would be lovely,” I say, my voice high pitched as Cain smirks.

“You showered early,” Cains mum continues, as my cheeks flush.

Yeah, because your son insisted I rode him like sea biscuit before I was allowed my morning coffee, I thought to myself with a grin.

“I’ll just get myself ready, and we can head out,” she smiles, walking back into the house.

“Yeah, you’re up early,” Cain says, winking at me. “I might go back to bed, you can wake me up later with a Starbucks and a blow job.”

“I bet I will,” I snort, as he leans forward. His hair falls into his eyes and he leaves it, his hand reaching over to mine.

“No, seriously. I fucking love you here.” His voice is gruff, and his eyes linger on mine before he smiles. “Don’t be too long. The bed gets cold quickly without you.”

I roll my eyes at him but inside I’m screaming with happiness.

“Cain Harvey in love with little old me,” I say smugly. I drain my coffee as he lifts a brow at me.

“Come on, can you blame me? We have the best-”

My eyes widen at him as he stammers, changing tact.

“-Connection I’ve ever felt with anyone. Plus you are intelligent, sexy, funny…”

“Quit whilst you’re ahead, Cain,” I grin, as he laughs throatily.

“Ready?” His mum calls out from the kitchen, and I smooth down my skirt. It was probably a bad idea wearing this around Cain, he wouldn’t shut up about ‘easy access.’

“I’m fucking you in that skirt later,” Cain reminds me, tilting his head back as I walk behind him, dropping my lips to his.

“If you’re good,” I say into his mouth, as his hand tugs me closer to him, allowing our kiss to deepen. “I’ve got to go.”

“Fine, Starbucks and a-”

“Bye son!”

Cains words die on his tongue as he grins, weaving his fingers through mine as he kisses my hand.

“Love you.”

“Love you too,” I say, peeling myself away from him. My chest aches as I do, leaving him sitting outside with his empty coffee mug.

An hour later, and I’m sat on a bench, enjoying the unexpected sunshine on my back. I lift my head to see Kat, Cains mum, heading out of the shop with a shiny white carrier bag in her hand.

“They had it in stock!” She grins, lifting the bag up.


“Oh it will be so much fun. I’ve not played this in years.”

I can’t help but smile, her excitement was too infectious.

“Cain is a bad loser,” she continues, as she slips her sunglasses on. “So prepare for that.”

“Hi Mrs Harvey,” calls a voice, and I turn to see a beautiful woman hurrying over the street to us. She must be about our age, which makes me wonder how she knows Kat.

“Oh please, it’s Kat,” Kat waves her hand, as she smiles at the woman. Up close she’s even prettier, Hollywood white teeth and an olive skinned complexion that I’ve lusted for all of my life. “How are you, Jenny?”

“I’m good, yeah,” Jenny tilts her head in my direction briefly, her platinum blonde hair shimmering as she does.

Okay, I’m jealous.

“How’s Cain?”

There it is. The reason for my jealousy. The way she pouts his name, the flash of desire in her eyes. Please tell me my man hasn’t fucked the local beauty Queen.

“He’s great, better than great. This is his girlfriend, Max,” Kat beams at me, and Jenny blanches, her face losing colour as she tries to keep her smile on her pretty little face.

“Hi,” I give her a little wave, as she examines me, her lips parting as she widened her eyes.

“Wow, hi. Sorry, I must seem rude,” Jenny’s smile falters. “Cain and I are good friends, and he hasn’t mentioned you, that’s all.”

Kat frowns then, her eyes moving to me as she waves her hand dismissively.

“Well, you should see them together. Those grandbabies will be made in no time,” she laughs, as Jenny’s eyes narrow. “Good to see you Jenny.”

I rise to my feet, wincing a little as Jenny glares at me.

“Oh, you’re pregnant? I did wonder but I didn’t want to say,” Jenny gasps, a glint in her eyes. “Congratulations.”

“No, I’m not pregnant,” I say sweetly, as she flicks her hair over her shoulder. “If it’s up to Cain though, I soon will be.”

Kat laces her arm through mine, and as we walk away she snorts.

“I’ve never loved anyone more, that little bitch had that coming.”

“Who is she?” I exhale, realising I’m trembling.

“I’ll let Cain tell you about her, but she isn’t who she would love to be,” Kat smiles kindly.

“Who?” I ask, blinking with confusion.


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