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Chapter 57


Three months we’d been engaged, and Max hadn’t turned into bridezilla, despite the warnings from Harry that she would.

“I knew you’d come back,” Harry grinned, as I gave him an exasperated look. “You’ve got a wedding to pay for.”

My mouth twitches at the thought of the wedding Max and I are planning, and after she’d berated me for spending so much on the ring, I’d agreed to have a simple wedding.

I wanted an easy life.

“I can’t believe you’re marrying my wife’s best friend. You, my friend, are a walking cliche,” Harry continues, folding his newspaper.

“Mate, you can’t help who you fall in love with,” I shrugged, as I studied the paperwork in front of me.

Coming back to work had been Max’s idea. She was convinced I’d be less stressed if I just dropped my hours, and so far, she was right.

All my spare time was spent with Max and our friends, but to be honest, the two of us barely left the bedroom.

I'm not complaining.


What do you think to this?

Attached to the text was a photograph of Max wearing one of my vests, and nothing else.

“Fucks sake,” I muttered, throwing my head back as I adjusted my trousers.

Harry lifted an eyebrow at me, and I shook my head.

“Don’t ask.”


You want me to work, right? Or shall I just come home and bend you over?


So crude, baby. The latter.

“I’ve got to go home. I’ll be back,” I declared, grabbing my jacket as Harry smirked.

“Lunch hour is it?”

“Something like that,” I called over my shoulder, heading to my car.

I’d spent years fucking random girls and enjoying my own company. I didn’t do dates, I didn’t even like attending weddings.

Now I’m doing seventy five down an A road to fuck my fiancé.

Wonders never cease.

I’m out of the car as soon as I pull up on the drive, slamming the door shut behind me. The door is unlocked, and Max is perched on the kitchen counter, wearing my vest and swinging her legs as she gazes at me.

“You came home!” She exclaims, as I point at the door behind me.

“You left it open?”

Her smile fades as I shake my head, locking in behind me.

“What have I told you about locking the door?” I say, walking up to her.

Her thighs part and wrap around me, and she looks up at me through long lashes, her breath warm on my ear as she leans in close.

“Am I in trouble, Detective?” Her voice is dangerously sexy, and I growl as I pull her down to her feet, twisting her body so she is bent over the counter.

“Yes, Miss George, you are. This is a repeat offence,” I murmur as I drag my hand over her bare ass, as she pushes it against me. “Your actions have consequences.”

The whole detective fantasy wasn’t new to me. Most women I’d been with had begged to be handcuffed and such in the bedroom, but with Max, it was something else entirely.

She made it real.

Her peachy ass trembles beneath my fingers, as my other hand releases my dick from my trousers.

“Punish me then,” Max whispers, her hands reaching around to guide me into her.

“I don’t have long, baby,” I say, thrusting myself into her sweet hole. I close my eyes briefly, allowing the sensation of just entering her to last that little bit longer.

God, it was perfection.

Max slams back against me, her moans filling the house as I slam into her. My hands cover hers, and she turns her head to meet mine.

“Do you love fucking me, Cain?”

One hand moves to her nipples, stroking them softly before pinching them, her eyes rolling in her head as I do.

“If fucking you were a degree, I’d have a doctorate,” I mutter, as she smirked with delight.

“I’m close, Cain,” Max whispers, her hands gripping the edge of the counter as I lift her hips, my dick kissing her womb as she moans in pleasure.

My eyes fell on her ring, the diamonds reflecting from the sunlight that stole through the blinds.

This woman was going to be my wife.

I stare down at her curves, her long, dark hair, her sweet mouth as she cried out.

“I love you,” I whisper, wrapping my arm tightly around her as I explode into her.

“I love you,” Max gasps, her hand on mine as we stand together, her mouth moving to meet mine over her shoulder. It’s awkward kissing like this, but somehow we manage.

“I’m all dirty,” Max pouts, tearing off my vest as she walks towards the shower, turning to me before she disappears from sight. “Must you go back to work?”

This woman.


I’m a little caught up at home. I’ll be back tomorrow.


Are you shitting me? You’ll get sacked, I’ll get sacked, it’ll be anarchy!


Calm down, Bender. I’m whipped, what can I say.


Fuck it then, I’m taking the afternoon off too. If anyone asks, we both got the shits from Sal’s.


Charlotte is a lucky girl.


Oh man, let me tell you it gets better the longer you’re together. Marriage is where it’s at, fuck the haters.

I grin as I drop my phone onto the side, following Max upstairs where I hear the shower running. I peel my clothes off, and step into the steamy bathroom.

Max is humming to herself, soaping her breasts as she catches me staring through the glass.

“You’re here!”she gasps, holding her hand out to me. “Come and get clean with me baby.”

I step into the water, my mouth meeting hers as she moans against me. I pull her into my arms, the water cascading over us as we kiss. My hand trails the contour of her body, before it cups her face. I turn her around so the water pounds into my back, and I can gaze at her without interruption.

“I missed you,” she mumbles, but her eyes widen suddenly, gasping as she grabs my hands.

“Max?” I frown, as she blinks, her eyes wide.

“I just…oh my God…” she moans, sinking to the floor of the shower as I join her, my heart in my throat.

Was she ill?

What the fuck was happening?

“Yan…” she sobs, her body trembling as I stiffen. “He took me.”

Shit. Her memories were coming back?

“It’s okay, baby,” I soothed, wrapping my arms around her as she cried, deep, heart wrecking sobs that felt like a knife in my gut. “I’m here.”

I twist around, cutting the shower off before grabbing her a towel. I wrap her up gingerly, carrying her into our bedroom as I place her on the bed.

Her eyes are wired, bloodshot and swollen as she sobs uncontrollably.

“He said…”

“Max, it’s okay,” I whisper, wondering if I could get away with killing that cunt from the inside. Maybe I could become a prison guard.

“He said he didn’t want me there, he just needed me there,” she choked out, her eyes closing as she rocked on the bed.

I don’t say anything though, I just let her continue.

“The woman didn’t like me, because he would—”

I froze then.

There’s been no sign of assault, the doctors said. She’s been fine whenever we were intimate.

“He’d see me when she wasn’t there, make sure that I was okay. But she would always come in, and he’d leave. I think that’s why they let me go,” Max whispers.

“They let you go because the money was clean,” I correct her, as she shook her head.

“No, they’d argue over me. She wanted me dead, but he wouldn’t let her.”

I’m silent then, and Max blinks, looking at me as though for the first time.

“It wasn’t Andy,” she sobs. “It wasn’t.”

“I know, darling. I know.”

“Why did it take me so long to remember?” She wails, and I pull her into my arms. She trembles as I kiss her wet shoulders, stroking her damp hair back.

“It doesn’t matter. Yan is in prison, so is Hayley. You’ve got nothing to fear, I’m right here.”

She nods, and I scoop her up, pulling her into my lap as she cries.

If I ever see her sister, or Yan again, I won’t be responsible for my actions.

Someone once said there is a fine line between the law and criminals, and the best coppers walk along it.

Right now, I realise that I mustn’t be a bad copper after all, because I’d kill either of them with my bare hands for hurting my woman, and I’d serve fucking time.

Let’s hope they never cross me.

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