Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 58


Smoothing down the dress, I realise my hands are trembling.

“Drink this,” Charlotte orders, handing me a vodka and coke.

“Charlotte, I can’t be drunk on my wedding day.”

Charlotte rolls her beautifully made up eyes, looking every inch the perfect bridesmaid. “You won’t be drunk, anyway, I’m sure Harry is plying Cain with JD as we speak.”


Cain Harvey is going to be my husband.

I sip the drink, praying the alcohol soothes my fraught nerves.

“Look, there’s eight people at your wedding. I had over two hundred,” Charlotte grimaces, taking the vodka from me. “Cain's parents, who love you, me and Harry, your parents, Frankie and Presley.”

I nod, exhaling.

I can do this.

“Ready?” Charlotte grins, her eyes dancing with excitement.

I nod, swallowing down my nerves. I am so nervous.

The hotel we had booked was a stone's throw away from the town hall in which we are to be married. As I climb down the staircase, my legs tremble and my stomach churns.

“I need another vodka,” I whisper to Charlotte, who shakes her head.

“No, you don’t. Take a look at your man, wifey. That should steady your nerves.”

I lift my head up to see Cain standing at the bar with our family, his silver suit cut perfectly around his broad shoulders. Despite being in deep conversation with my father, his eyes move to mine, and it’s like time stops.

He stands up straight, his mouth falling open as he stares at me. His mum is wiping her tears away, and my father puffs his chest out proudly.

“Maxie,” Cain says, pushing his glass into the bar without tearing his eyes away from me. “You look exquisite.”

“No kissing before the ceremony!” Pipes up Frankie, as my brother chuckles beside her.

“Looking good, Maxwell,” he winks, unable to drop the childhood banter. The poor guy has come home for the wedding, and found about about both of his sisters being kidnapped, and about Alex and get devious schemes.

I wasn’t surprised he was on the scotch.

“Thanks Prez,” I smile, as Cain slides his hand around my waist.

“Seriously, can we get this show on the road? The sooner I can call this gem of a woman my wife, the happier I’ll be.”

Laughter breaks out as we head outside, my nerves evaporating when Cain kisses my shoulder.

“I’m serious, Maxie. You’ve never looked more beautiful.”

I look up at him, the man I once couldn’t stand to be in the same room as. The man I thought looked down on me, and refused to be with anyone less than a supermodel.

“I still can’t believe I’m marrying you.”

Cain throws his head back, laughing as he does. His eyes twinkle as he lifts my hand to his, kissing it softly.

“See you at the altar, baby.”


When Max walks into the room, it’s like everyone disappears. She has always had that effect on me, but knowing that the effort she’s put in to look like this is for my benefit, makes me feel really fucking special.

She’s wearing a nude gown that hugs her body elegantly, her hair is swept back, her beautiful eyes widening as she blushes beneath my gaze.

I can’t speak.

She’s marrying me?

I feel like I’ve won the lottery, except I’ll never spend it. I know I’ll wake up happy every day of my life with Max by my side.

It didn’t matter that we had the history we did. The woman who I had spent years knowing as Charlotte’s uptight friend was gone. The woman who dated Andy whilst seeing me, who kept me on my toes in more ways than one, was marrying me.

I won.

We make it to the town hall, lacing or fingers together as we say our vows. Max didn’t want to change them, she liked the fact they were traditional.

“Thousands said these words to each other long before we did, that’s good enough for me,” she’d shrugged, and I loved her even more.

There’s tears all round, and I’m sure even Harry had something in his eye, despite him waving me off when I teased him.

“I now pronounce you husband, and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

My bride.

My bride.

I know there’s family present but I don’t give a fuck; I kiss her like I mean it. I sweep her into my arms, enjoying hearing her squeak as I kiss her, my arms wrapping around her back as she returns the kiss.

“I love you, Mrs Harvey,” I whisper, as she giggles beneath me, her cheeks flushed.

“I love you too, hubs,” she grinds, drawing me back in for a kiss.

Something feels different, and I’m not sure that it’s just the piece of paper that declares us as married.

It’s the way I feel. Like Max is my entire world, and nothing or no one can come between us. All I want to do is please her, and as I watch her hugging my parents, I know for sure I want a family with her.

Fuck, I want everything.

She turns to meet my eyes, a wide smile on her lips. She raises an eyebrow at me questionably, and I draw my thumb and forefinger into an ‘O’, letting her know she is perfect.

“Cain Harvey got married. Who’d have known?” Chuckles Harry from beside me, pushing me towards the waiting taxi. “I swear, this low key shit is where it’s at.”

“Hmm, Max wanted it this way,” I shrug, beckoning my bride over.

I used to check Charlotte out, wondering how Harry ever got her. Now, she pales in comparison. My wife is a fucking goddess, and she is simply amazing.

She walks over to me, and a smirk plays on my lips as she curses her heels.

“I want to take these off,” she complains, her lips meeting mine.

“I want you to leave them on,” I counter. “All night.”

“Could you have an iota of class? Just for our wedding day?” Max laughs, burying her head into my neck.

“I’m afraid not,” I say gravely. “But baby, look at me.”

Max obeys instantly, and my soul aches for her. She’s so loving, pure, and beautiful.

“I’m shit with words, but uh, I’ve got to tell you this. I’m so happy, Max. I want us to have babies and everything.”

Max gasps, laughter spilling out of her mouth as she cups my face in her hands.

“Shut up- our mothers are already planning their names. Don’t let them know you’re in on it!” She teases, gazing up at me before frowning. “You’re serious.”

I nod, kissing her lips again.

“I mean, we could start with a kitten…” I suggest, before we kiss again, her soft lips pressing against mine as we forget the world.

“I’ll think about it,” Max murmurs against me, and all I can think about is how much I’ve changed.

All because of her.

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