Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 7


I sip my wine, reading the profile description back to myself aloud.

“Looking for someone to join me on this adventure called life. Ideally, you will love lazy weekends in bed, reading books side by side as we sip coffee by day and wine by night. I want to find someone who is loyal, thoughtful and interesting. I don’t mind being single, but I miss being in love. My ideal date would be a simple dinner together- it is more about the conversation than anything else. So drop me a message if you think this sounds like you.”

Before I could change my mind, I hit enter. I took another slug of the wine beside me before scrolling through my photos. I didn’t have a single photo I liked, so I ended up calling Charlotte.

“Helllooooo!” Charlotte trills, before I hear her huff as she turns off the television. “You’re interrupting Say Yes To The Dress, tell me you have breaking news.”

“You do watch some shit.”

“Well, I will go and finish watching it then-”

“Oh, shut up. I need a decent photo of myself, and I don’t have one,” I confess, staring at the blank square on my laptop that awaited my profile photo.

“What for? Don’t work take them for you?” Charlotte asks, not even bothering to disguise her yawn.

“Work? Oh, the ID badge. No, this is for something else,” I grimace then, knowing it would take seconds for Charlotte to hazard a guess what I needed it for.

“What is it for then?”

“Char,” I groan, sinking back into my chair. “It’s just something I’m trying-”

“Oh my GOD! You’re doing it!” Charlotte cries with glee. “You are such a minx, Max George. First Cain-”

I feel my cheeks heat up at the mention of my bedroom tangle with Public Fuck boy Number One, and choose to ignore the comment.

“I need a photo, preferably without you on it,” I smile, as Charlotte giggles.

“I’ve got one ready,” Charlotte says breezily. “I’ve had it for ages. I’ll email it to you now, yeah? Which site are you on-”

“No, I’m not telling you! You know my login details for everything-”

“Is your password still Kevinischeatingbastard4ever?”

“Maybe,” I try to keep my face straight as she sniggers.

“Oh, this is so exciting. OK, let me go, and I will email you the photo. Listen- don’t agree to chats or webcam-”

“Fuck, Charlotte, I’m not as stupid as I look.”

“I’m so excited! Can I tell Harry?”

“Christ, Char!” I exclaim, “No! I don’t want that dickhead to find out.”

“Cain? He doesn’t do dating sites, nothing to worry about there,” Charlotte says dismissively. “He doesn’t need to, they are queuing around the block.”

“Wonderful,” I say drily, images of his sweaty body on top of mine making me clench my thighs tightly. No. I won’t allow myself to think of him in that way. “Okay, let me get on with this.”

“Good luck! Oh, keep me informed every step of the way. I miss getting home and opening the messages.”

“I doubt I’ll get as many,” I laugh, ending the call shortly after we say goodbye.

I sit patiently, waiting for the ping that alerts me to my email. I click on the photo, blinking with surprise. It was taken a few months ago, so recent enough to still be current. I can’t even recall it being taken- I am laughing at something someone had said, my smile wide and my eyes dancing with happiness. My hair was curly at the ends, and there wasn’t any sign of my cleavage. Perfect. I upload it, before I get a notification that my profile will be live within twenty four hours. I decide to log onto Facebook to catch up with the rest of society, feeling instantly depressed when I see the happy family photos of most of my friends. Nearly everyone I knew had either got married, had children, or gone off to live across the other side of the world. I felt a stab of annoyance when I see I have a friend request from the married man from the party- Eagon.

“How fucking rude,” I seethe, before Facebook decides to show me a host of people I may know.

Cain Harvey.

Why was he everywhere I went, even online? I decided it wouldn’t hurt to have a peek at his profile. I wasn’t doing any harm, checking out his photos. I mean, I had been intimate with the man after all. My finger hovers over the mouse, before clicking onto his name.

Friend Request Sent!

Wait, what? My finger trembles, as I click on his profile frantically. Was this some sort of sick joke? My body goes ice cold, before luminously hot, and I feel dizzy. I needed to cancel it, pronto.

Cain Harvey has accepted your friend request.


“Oh GOD! My stupid fat fucking fingers!” I wail, as a messenger box pops up.

Cain: Knew you couldn’t keep away. You horny?

My face colours immediately, and I click the box closed. There was no way I was talking to him. I cover my eyes as I consider my options, hearing the beep of the message box.

Cain: I’m bored. I can come over.

My skin tingles at the thought of Cain touching me like that again, but I couldn’t stand the way he conducted himself. He was dynamite in the bedroom...but I hated the smug look on his face when he got me into bed.

Max: I didn’t mean to send you a friend request. Can you please speak to me with an ounce of respect? You are so vulgar.

Cain: I’m not dressing it up. I won’t come round with flowers and wine, just me. Let me know if you change your mind.

This couldn’t be happening. Worst of all, I was actually considering it. What did that make me? A slut? Or a woman that could separate sex and standards, if at all possible. I wouldn’t expect anything more from him, and him from me. I get what I want, and he gets what he wants.

Max: I’m just not that sort of girl. I don’t sleep around.

Cain: I don’t do relationships. It’s just sex, Maxie.

I chew on my lip, finding myself imagining fucking him in the shower. I don’t even know where the image came from, but I get up and pour myself another glass of wine. It was one thing to do it whilst drunk, but to have Cain Harvey in my little apartment just made me feel peculiar.

Max: If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you. You aren’t staying after either. Bring condoms.

I send him my address, before shutting down my entire laptop. I throw myself into the shower, not knowing how long it would take him to get here. I didn’t even know where he lived. I cut my legs shaving them quickly, when I hear the intercom buzzer.

You had to be joking.

I grab a towel, praying it was someone pressing the wrong buzzer. It had been about fifteen minutes- there was no way he would be here already.

“Hello?” I ask breathlessly, as I hear the ridiculously husky tone of Cain greet me.

“Let me in, Maxie.”

I rest my forehead on the door, realising I would be greeting him like a cliche- wet hair and freshly shaved legs. I buzz him in, praying I look half presentable. It didn’t take him long to reach my door, and my heart is thudding in my chest when I open the door. His eyes don’t even meet mine when he rubs his chin and mouth, his eyebrows raising. He is wearing a thin grey t-shirt that clings to his arms, a black leather jacket slung over his shoulder which he holds in place by a single finger. He steps forwards, his body close to mine as he examines me slowly, his scent wrapping around me as I inhale sharply. He tilts my chin up slightly, glancing around me as he closes the door behind him. He moves his lips over mine slowly, making me gasp slightly with longing, before he speaks softly, his voice heavy with desire.

“I hope you’ve left it running.”

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