Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 8


I was surprised to see the friend request from Max, of all people. I'd just finished my shift, and was heading straight to my house when I decided to message her. Of course, she protested. She claimed she hadn't meant to send me the friend request, but regardless she had.

I'd suggested we meet up again; purely for sex. To my amusement, she had told me I needed to be more respectful, before giving me her address. I skipped through a few red lights, pleased to find she didn't live too far from my own area. I'd half expected her to refuse to answer the door, but when she did, I certainly didn't expect to find her in a towel, her hand clasping it to her chest protectively.

Jesus, that body.

I loved the fact I towered over her, and the way her eyes drank me in. She hesitated until I dropped my jacket, peeling off my t-shirt after. Her lips were tinged with red wine, and my gaze flickered over to the desk that she had clearly been sitting on as she messaged me. The chair was still pushed out from when she had stood up, the empty wine glass sat beside the laptop. I couldn't help but analyse my surroundings, but then Max turned, leading me to the bathroom.

It was still steamy, and I watched with delight as Max leaned forward, twisting both taps to allow a stream of water to explode onto the bath below. I was more interested in the peachy ass that was revealed to me, and when she turns and catches my eye, my cock instantly hardens.

"Fuck," I murmur, as she drops the towel, stepping into the water. She tilts her head back, allowing the water to saturate it once again. Between us there is a glass screen, and I watch as she drizzles shower cream into her hands, before massaging her breasts with it. I drop my jeans, her eyes closing as she turns and faces away from me. I step into the shower, my hands moving slowly as I cup her soapy breasts.

She lets out a soft moan, and it's like something between us snaps. Her head is thrown back against my shoulder, exposing her mouth which is slightly open as my fingers tease her nipples. My erection is pressing against her, but shower sex is for couples. We can't do this with a condom really, but I'm not rushing.

My hand moves south, my fingers moving against the soft of her belly before they reach their destination. My fingers move swiftly, and I'm brutal with driving Max into a quivering wreck in my arms. To my surprise she kisses me, turning towards me as the water covers us both. I can barely breathe as our mouths play, and I allow Max to drag me down to her height. She's on her tiptoes, and my hands are firmly on her ass, fingernails digging into the skin. I know I'll just bruise her if I press any harder, and I'm not sure what her tastes are.

"Fuck me," Max whispers, nodding down at my jeans. "I'll stay in the shower, you get out."

It amazes me that this woman gives sexual instructions so bluntly, yet wouldn't talk to me about anything outside of the bedroom. Or bathroom, as it were. I love that her mind works like mine; we need the condom to be dry. I step out of the bath, drying myself on her used towel as she bends over, her fingers parting her intimate lips with urgency. I soon have a condom on, and I waste no time in thrusting myself deep inside of her, causing her to hiss wildly.

"God!" She cries out, animalistic moans leaving her throat as I pound into her tight hole. I'd forgotten how she felt, the way her pussy tightened around me like a fist, making each thrust almost painful. I drag her hair into my hands, the strands soaking me instantly. The water is cascading down her back now, running down my legs as I repeatedly slam into her.

"Fuck, Max," I grunt, my eyes locking onto her ass as my balls slap against her. I can feel that she is playing with herself, moaning as I drag her ass against me.

"Don't-" she starts, her voice breaking with desire, her pussy clenching as she moans.

"I won't," I promise, refusing to stop. Soon my hand is around her mouth, and she is biting down as she unravels around my cock, causing me to explode into the condom. We are still fucking; her ass is still backing against me as I continue to grop her hips with one hand, my other hand moving down to stroke her ass. I wanted to do so much to her.

I remove myself from her, tossing the condom into a bin after tying a knot in it; I'm not a complete savage after all.

Max is silent as she washes, before stepping out, helping herself to a new towel. I step in, stopping to kiss her as she responds urgently, her new towel forgotten.

"Wait, turn the shower off," she gasps, and I turn with frustration to turn the taps off. The bathroom could flood for me.

Then our mouths meet again, and she kisses me almost tantalisingly, dragging me towards her bedroom, our damp bodies falling into the bed.

"Let me grab the condoms," I mutter, forcing myself to leave her. She watches me through hooded eyes, sucking her bottom lip in as she does.

That won't be the only thing she is sucking tonight.

I toss the remaining condoms onto her bedside table before she sits up, straddling me. There's alot to be said about wet hair, swollen lips and fuck me eyes.

"Max," I whisper, as she presses her finger to my lip, shaking her head. I wanted to tell her she was fucking stunning, that she was driving me insane. I wanted to talk to her, but fuck me, would she allow it? No.

Her lips are on my throat, her hand stroking my shaft as she does. I'm hard again, and she smiles wickedly when she moves her kisses down my chest, her tongue trailing down my abs as she looks up at me.

Oh, fuck.

I clearly fancied this woman more than anyone else because she hated me. Was I that fucked up? My thoughts left my mind when she moved her tongue to my balls, her hand not stopping the movement of sensually stroking my shaft simultaneously. I stare down at the curve of her ass sticking up in the air, and as she takes me into her mouth I smack her ass lightly, indicating for her to move it to me. She looks confused, but I grip her ankles, dragging her thighs apart. She is now positioned precisely where I want her- ass up, pussy ready to be devoured. She is practically begging to be eaten, and I waste no time in starting my meal.

We manage to make one another cum in minutes this way, and as I flood her mouth, she swallows every drop like a fucking pro. When she climaxes, her juices fill my mouth, spilling down my greedy lips as I try to lap it all up. She tastes so good, I can't stop until she is almost back to pre cum state. She rolls off me, and we both lay panting for a minute.


I'm surprised that the word leaves my lips, but Max simply nods beside me.

"Don't forget your jacket," Max mumbles, sitting up and sliding under the covers sleepily. I'm a little confused, but then I realise she is dismissing me.


"Same time tomorrow?" I quip, standing up and heading towards the bathroom to collect my stuff. My jeans are soaked, and I grimace. "Hey Maxie, can I stay here tonight? My clothes are soaked."

"As long as you're gone first thing. Don't even think of making this a habit," she yawns, snuggling into the bed. I climb in next to her, as her breathing gets heavier. I lay there for a spell, my eyes growing heavy.

Pfft. I don't have habits, so she is safe there. I fall asleep to the scent of her perfume all around me, and I sleep solidly.

We both do.

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