Say It Isn't So

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Chapter 9


I woke up feeling content, although I could feel the deep breath on the back of my neck, threatening to change my mindset instantly. Why the hell was Cain still here? I moved beneath my sheets, conscious I was naked.

“Don’t you have a home?”

I turned over, my breath catching in my throat when Cain stretched beside me. He took up over half of my bed, his legs sprawled over mine as I pull mine away hastily.

“I’d love a coffee,” he mumbled, his delicious morning voice making me shudder slightly with need. As though he sensed it,he reached out for me, his callous fingers dragging down the soft skin of my back. “Or breakfast.”

“I’m sure you would,” I reply tersely, shivering beneath his touch. “But we aren’t friends.”

“No, I’d say we are more than that.”

His arms dragged me against him, his lips dancing across my shoulder as my heart thudded in my chest. His hands followed the contour of my body, and I could feel his hardness pressing against me. I wanted to protest- but how could I argue when my body was arching against him? I needed this as much as he wanted it, and providing we didn’t have to get into any form of conversation we would be alright.

“Hardly,” I whisper, as his finger strokes the folds between my thighs. “Cain…”

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked, his voice husky. I couldn’t have asked him to stop, no matter what. My stomach was doing somersaults as he dips his fingers into my wetness. This was the part of Saturday mornings I missed the most, the intimacy between two people in the bedroom. Lazy, romantic sex. I wasn’t going to have that with Cain, but I knew it would be good.

“No,” I admit, feeling him reach for a condom. I close my eyes, lifting up when he returns to me, allowing him to slip his arm beneath my neck, pulling me close to him. I lift my leg up, allowing him easier access. Despite having done this with Cain only hours earlier, my breath still left my body when he thrust into me. Surprisingly, his lips are on my cheek, his soft moans of desire making me inhale sharply. He was without a doubt the sexiest man I’d ever seen, everything about him was tantalising my senses. “Fuck me, then,” I command, and he hushes me.

“Not everything has to be rushed, sweetheart.”

Oh God, this wasn’t right. I didn’t like this side of Cain, the one that was stroking my nipples with his fingers, his lips dotting open mouthed kisses across my shoulders as he slowly moves inside of me.

“You feel so good,” he confesses, nibbling on my neck as I cry out with surprise. “You’re beautiful, Maxie.”

I’m too far gone to reply, but I can feel my climax building within me. It’s not helped by his expert fingers which were now stroking my clit, his mouth on mine as we kissed. I wasn’t sure which element made me cum, but I dragged his hair into my fingers as I moaned loudly. Cain moved swiftly then, scooping me into his arms as he moved me beneath him, before tugging me onto my hands and knees. I was gasping now, the sensitivity of my vulva making me cry out as he thrust into me with such speed and depth that I felt a second orgasm build within me, just as intense as the first.

“Oh, God,” I cried out, feeling his fingers digging into my hips, harder with every thrust.

“Fuck,” Cain grunts, flipping me over once more so that I’m facing his deep grey blue eyes, clouded with lust. “Tell me how much you like this, Maxie.”

I know he is expecting an answer, but I’m struggling to breathe with the intensity of my orgasm. My skin feels like it is alight, my legs tremble as he tugs them over his ripped arms, staring down at me as he fucks me deeply.

“Maxie,” he warns, gritting his teeth as his eyes darken.

“I love it,” I gasp, my eyes meeting his.

“Tell me how much.”

“It’s the best,” I cry out, clawing at his biceps as he closes his eyes. “The best.”

“That you ever had?”

“Yes,” I admit, feeling myself fall back into the bed as he releases himself into me. He lets out a deep growl, burying his head into my neck as he does. I have my hands in his hair, and our mouths meet again as he continues to thrust slowly, his pace relaxing as we do. There was no denying the attraction, the sexual compatibility between us. He rolls off me, before standing up to walk to the bathroom. I watch him leave, his rippling back muscles commanding my attention. I’m exhausted, and I have just woken up. I am smiling stupidly, and I try to snap out of it.

This was Cain Harvey.

True to form, he walks back in half dressed, glancing at me with a smirk as he pulls the rest of his clothes back on. I feel a pang of regret when he winks at me.

“That was amazing. I love lazy morning fucks, don’t you?”

“Yep,” I reply, throwing my arm over my eyes to disguise the confusion I’m feeling. “Are you off to work?”

“Nah, got some stuff to be getting on with. Are you out later? Might be worth arranging this as a regular thing you know.”

“Huh?” I ask, peering at him from under my eyes.

“The sex,” Cain exhales, locating his leather jacket from the floor. “If you can fit me in, that is.”

“I’ll let you know,” I reply feebly. I can’t say no, because it’s too good to refuse. But I felt a little strange watching him leave, and he made it worse by blowing me a kiss from the doorway.

“Have a good weekend, Maxie. Be good.”

He smiles, before letting himself out.

I roll over, the smell of sex and man greeting my nostrils. I jump out of bed, instantly stripping the sheets, before dropping them into a pile on the floor. I shower, soaping my aching yet satisfied body before dressing in lounge pants and a silky vest. I stick the soiled sheets in the wash, before pouring myself a coffee. My phone beeps, alerting me to an email notification.

You have a new message! Click now to read it.

It was from the dating website I had set up last night, before spending the rest of the evening with Cain. I swipe across, bringing up the aforementioned message. The photo on the top of the message was of a reasonably attractive man, standing on the top of a mountain with a rucksack on.


This is awkward, and I am not the best at wooing women, hence why I am on here!

A little bit about me… My name is Andy, and I live in the town next to yours. I am also a keen reader, but I tend to read non fiction. I love long walks with my dog, Benny, and I have been single for a little over a year. I was wondering if you would like to chat sometime? I have Skype or Zoom, whatever is easier? Hope to hear from you soon.


Hmm. Andy didn’t sound too bad, I mean, he wasn’t a sexy, brooding police detective who could fuck in the Olympics, but he was at least polite and respectful. I liked the fact he didn’t ask for any webcam chats or dirty photos, for a start. I compose an email back, just as Facebook messenger pings onto my phone.

Cain: Any chance of a sexy photo? I miss your body already.

He missed my body? Was he real?

Max: Absolutely not! You are disgusting.

Cain: I’ll have to rely on my memory then. I may well be disgusting, but I’m also the best, remember?


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