Wolf gang

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The Wolfgang is a mystery gang that has disappearing members that can mpg missing for a year

Romance / Mystery
Shannon Clifford
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The beginning

The Wolfgang has five members and they are called Adrienne Lewin Samara Alsopp Lorna and Lexi Flintoff.And the other member is called Shannon Clifford and there is a slut member called Cameron Lynch she has lived in four places and they are called Scotland Gateshead Brandon and Meadowfield now and she has a big brother called Seumas and Adrienne has a little sister called Lititia and Samara has a big brother called Nialle and something weird is going on Lexi keeps weirdly disappearing to hang out with this boy called Cameron and he is cheating on her and I think I know who with because I am the one who he is cheating with and he broke up with her last night. Cameron asked Shannon to marry him 5 hours ago and she said yes . Now they are happy married still friends with everyone including Lexi and they have 2 bi-sexual and they are called Melissa everyone calls her Missy and the other kid is called Chelsea she is dating Adrienne and the others are single

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