The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 10

I groaned and pulled the covers over my head as I stayed like that for a few seconds. I felt around the bed and saw I was all alone. I sat up and looked around the darkroom, trying to find him. I frowned when I didn't hear any kind of movement. I pressed the home button on my phone only to see it was 2 am, in the morning.

I sat up and decided to just go to the kitchen to grab something to drink since my throat felt all dry. Hell, I might even eat something because I was starving. I slowly opened the bedroom door and descent the stairs. I heard grunts coming from the kitchen and female sounds that could be made out as moans.

Oh god, please don't tell me it is who I think it is. I slowed down my pace and leaned over the stair's railing. I almost gagged when I saw Caleb fucking my mom from behind. Ewe. I felt an apathetic tear roll down my cheek making me quickly wipe it away.

I ran back up the stairs and closed my bedroom door as I threw myself on the bed and tried to get the image out of my head. I can't believe him. How can he do that to me? How can he do this to anyone? How can he sleep knowing he is this kind of person?

God, I'm so stupid. I can't believe I actually thought things were going to change after tonight. I felt myself slowly fading into blackness as sleep took over me, with my dried tears on my cheeks.

Next morning

I stretched and moved my head to the side, my eyes still closed. I was about to fall back asleep when I felt the burning light shining bright in my room I swear, I'm a vampire. I quickly got under my covers before I felt them being ripped from my body. I groaned and pulled them back and looked up to see Caleb. I clutched the blankets close to my chest as I glared at him. "What do you want?" I snapped.

He chuckled, "Don't get an attitude with me, little girl. Your mom just left for work and told me to wake you up."

I rolled my eyes and rolled back over, "Leave my room, asshole."

"Asshole? If anything, you're the asshole, trying to get your mother's boyfriend to sleep with you." I heard the cockiness in his voice making my anger flare inside me.

"Fuck off!" I groaned and felt the covers being ripped off again and I sat up angrily, "Listen asshole! It is 8:30 in the damn morning and my ass is tired. Now if you'll excuse me!" I snatched them back and clung to them for dear life.

Then I felt my ankle being grabbed as I was dragged off of the bed and landed on the floor. He straddled me and pinned my wrists to the floor, "Don't make me fuck the brattiness out of you this morning, Belle." He threatened.

I sighed and just tried to avoid his gaze. He harshly gripped my chin in his hand and roughly kissed me. I felt like I was about to vomit, but yet a part of me enjoyed it so much, that I feared for my feelings.

He pulled away letting go of me as he sat up. "I'm having a few of my boys come over. You better be up and dressed by the time I come back up here." He finally left my room making me groan. I can't believe I just allowed him to do that.

I just can't control myself whenever he is around me. He is such a fucking prick, but yet so hot. I'm simply lost whenever he is around me. But not anymore, last night he showed his true colors and nothing is changing my mind. No more, silly games.

I pulled myself off of the floor and quickly threw something on, I was pulling my shirt over my head when Caleb came busting through the bedroom's door. I looked at him in confusion. "Just making sure you did what I said." He said then shut the door.

After ten minutes, I was finally ready and freshened up, I sighed and walked downstairs once I heard loud talking from a group of jackasses. Once I reached the bottom, I felt eyes on me causing me to stop, and slowly look over.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Damn, Caleb, who is this?" One of the men asked before Caleb could answer I stepped in.

"I'm his stepdaughter and I happen to be 17 years old." I know that's a big fat lie, but he doesn't know that. I made my way into the kitchen and fixed myself a glass of chocolate milk. I turned around and jumped when I saw Caleb crossing his arms and staring me down.

"You better not embarrass me." He demanded.

I just snickered. "Just leave me the hell alone and let me stay locked in my room and I won't say a word."

Of course, he had to be difficult. "Belle, I want you to come in here and meet my friends."

"Bitch for what?" I asked.

"For one don't fucking curse at me. You'd think you would have learned your lesson by now." he was pointing his finger at me.

"Yes sir!" I saluted him and strutted my ass out of the kitchen and into the living room where they had the football game playing. All in all, they were all pretty hot, not going to lie, I plopped down on the couch, in Caleb's seat, knowing I'd get on his nerves.

"Hello, fellas." I said and sipped on my milk, they all looked at me, and one guy in particular, with dark hair, smirked at me as his eyes looked me up and down longer than the rest. Damn, boy! You, hot as fuck! Mama, like it! I smirked back at him and rolled my eyes when I heard Caleb's voice.

"Anna, get up." He said as he towered over me.

"Say please." I challenged, he just yanked my arm and pulled me up, and plopped his ass down in his seat. What a dick!

"Fine." I said and made my way over to Mr. Sexy Pants and sat next to him. "What's your name?" I asked.

"Christian." He replied, his voice was so deep and sexy.

"I'm Annabelle, but my friends call me Belle." I said and held my hand out. Maybe it's pay time for Mr. Pierce. Christian shook my hand and sent me a little smile, I could feel Caleb's eyes burning into my head, making me smirk as I smiled back at Christian.

"So, what do you do, Christian?" I flirted, knowing how much this was irking Caleb.

"I have a company that I run. I'm the CEO of King Enterprises Holdings Inc." He said, and I acted very interestedly.

"King?" I questioned.

He chuckled, "Yeah. My name is Christian King." I nodded and continued drinking my milk.

"Well, Mr. King. You should come over more often." I flipped my hair and blinked up at him biting my lower lip.

He smirked as he spoke, "Maybe I can make some arrangements." You could hear the arousal pouring out of his words. I smirked back and looked over to see Caleb glaring at me as he tightened his hold on the beer he had been drinking. Oh boy, I'm in trouble. I looked him in the eyes and winked.
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