The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 11

After the football game was over Caleb's friends, had started leaving. First, it was the blonde one, named Noah. He said something about his girlfriend needing him. Then it was the 29-years-old, Cameron, who his mother wouldn't stop calling.

And finally, it was Christian's turn to leave, I mean it was already, 5 pm and it was kind of getting uncomfortable, with the way Caleb kept glaring at him every-time he made me laugh. Caleb and I stood on the doorstep and waved at him as he got in the car and pulled out of the front gates.

I had sneakily slipped Christian, my number in his suit pocket, and honestly, I couldn't wait for him to call me. He was hot and sexy as hell. Plus, maybe he might be able to make me forget about Caleb.

The minute I shut the door, I felt my back collide with the wall, as I gasped for air. Caleb glared at me as his hand tightened around my neck, making me choke for air. "What the fuck was that?!" Caleb screamed. He was literally choking me, and I couldn't get a word out, I felt like I was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen.

He let go of me after he saw that I was losing consciousness. I dropped on my knees and coughed as I tried to catch my breath. I rubbed my throat as a tear rolled down my cheek. "What the fuck?!" I screamed back and glared up at him.

His once light blue eyes had darkened in rage. I watched as he clenched his jaw in anger and fisted his fist. "You were fucking flirting with him! He's like twice your age, Belle?!" He snapped harshly breathing as he glared at me.

Honestly, he was scaring me. It's not like I was fucking him. It was just flirting, plus there's no way he was that interested in me. I might never hear from him. I scoffed and sat up. "He is the same age as you. At least he isn't trying to fuck his step-daughter!" I shouted and pushed his chest.

"Excuse me?!" He snapped and took a threatening step towards me.

"You heard me." I replied. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me towards him as he glared down at me.

"I'm not the only one wanting this little girl. I see the way you look at me." He growled. "I know you want my cock buried deep inside you just as much as I do." He smirked.

"Shut up." I whispered and tried to pull away.

"No. I'm sick and fucking tired of this. If you're only looking for sex, let's do it right now. But I need to take you out of my system and be done with it!" He groaned and closed his eyes for a second and deeply inhaled.

I stared at him in disgust. Is he serious? Before any of us could say something, my hand collided with his cheek, making it instantly turn red. "How dare you?!" I screamed as another tear rolled down my cheek.

He stumbled back a little in surprise as his eyes widened, but he recovered quickly and charged at me, pushing me against the door once again and pinning my hands above my head. "How dare you lay your hands on me!" He yelled and clenched his jaw.

"Let go of me." I demanded. He was a fucking sociopath; did he seriously think that I just wanted him for sex? Why are men so fucking pathetic? I felt disgusted with myself. I can't believe I kissed him. I can't believe I fucking have a crush on this piece of shit. "You disgust me." I spoke through gritted teeth.

"I disgust you?" He chuckled in amusement. "You little girl, disgust me. Trying to steal your mother's boyfriend because you're a little slut, that's what you are!" He snapped.

"I am a slut. So, what?!" I snapped and pushed him away with the little power I had in me. He stared at me in surprise, thinking that I wouldn't admit it. If he thought I was a slut, then so be it. "You want, sex?" I asked.

"You want to get me out of your system?" I fired my other question, he simply stared in surprise. "Then do it. Who's stopping you? Get me out of your fucking system and never speak to me again!" I snapped and grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him towards me.

My heart was beating in my chest so hard, and all I wanted to do was kill him. But if this is what it took to get him to leave me alone, then so be it. Our lips moved against one another, and the son of a bitch didn't even bother to stop me or pull me away. A few seconds later I was turned around with my chest pressed against the door.

"I, fucking hate you." He growled near my ear, and a second later I felt his mouth on my neck sucking and kissing all over it. I smirked and locked the door, my mother won't be back till late in the evening, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

"Feelings mutual." I turned around whispering near his ear. I stared up at him only to see his lustful eyes glaring down at me.

"Lose the attitude." He ordered.

"Shut up." I scoffed and started unbuttoning his dress shirt. Damn, I looked like a desperate slut. I wrapped one arm around his neck and grabbed his hair and pulled on them, getting him closer towards me.

My other hand ran down his chest and towards his pants, I unfastened them and slipped my hand in his pants, grabbing his hard erection making him hiss and pull away. He placed his forehead on mine and stared at me, I stared back under my eyelashes taking my lower lip between my teeth, he let out a throaty moan and clenched his jaw.

I wasn't doing this out of anger anymore. If he wasn't going to stop me, then I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life. His hand on my waist tightened when I squeezed his cock. "Do you want me to suck you off, daddy?" I moaned making him growl.

"Fuck! Get on your knees!" He barked making me happily oblige. I dropped down on my knees and dragged his pants down with me. Staring up at him, I placed a kiss on his cock over the fabric of the underwear. He growled and fisted my hair in his fist. "No teasing." He ordered making me nod and drag his underwear down too.

I grabbed his cock, in my hands and ran my hand up and down a few times. I licked the tip and kissed it making him hiss. I started sucking the tip, softly. His groans made me smirk and chuckle.

I kept moving my hand up and down as I sucked on his tip. I started massaging his balls making him growl. I pulled his tip out of my mouth and licked his cock from the base up to the tip, before putting in my mouth, I knew I could take him all in, but a bit of teasing won't hurt anyone.

I hissed and choked when he harshly pulled my head till the whole length of his cock, was buried down my throat. I calmed myself and opened up my throat taking him deeper until my nose touched his skin. He roared out in pleasure and held me there for a second.

I gasped and harshly breathed, when he pulled my head away, I grabbed his cock and ran my hand over it the saliva running down his cock, I started moving my hand up and down, making him groan and hiss. I stared at him as I took his cock in my mouth again and started sucking harder. He kept groaning and thrusting his hips forward.

Suddenly he growled out loud and his semen shot down my throat making me swallow every single drop as I pulled away, with a loud 'pop'. He stumbled backward and tried to catch his breath. I looked down and smirked, I did this to him, and boy was I enjoying it!

"What's the matter, daddy?" I innocently questioned as I stood up and fixed my ponytail. I didn't want this to be over, but if he stops, I might have to find someone else who can fix my problem. My panties were so wet that it was starting to get uncomfortable between my legs.
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