The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 12

He leaned against the couches' back while trying to calm himself down. I watched from where I stood in amazement. For some reason his cock was still hard. I know what he said was unacceptable and he will pay for it, but for now.

All I wanted was him burring himself deep inside me. I felt my heart beating in my chest, my hands had started sweating from how hard it was taking me to control myself, I just wanted to jump his bones and never stop.

I decided to be the bigger person and do the things we both wanted to be done but didn't have the balls too. I dropped back down on my knees and crawled closer towards him. He coughed and stared at me wide eyed. "Is that all you can handle, daddy?" I questioned and stared up at him.

"Fuck, how did you learn to do that?" He questioned and leaned down grabbing my jaw between his fingers.

"I had my fair share of practice." I smirked, I've only ever slept with Trevor but during the time we were together, we felt like exploring. So, there's a lot of things I have already tried. And to be honest, I've liked them all.

You could say I was the kind of girl that liked it rough. It wasn't just my sex life that taught me how to do things a lot of porn can help too. I was brought out of my thoughts when his hold tightened on my jaw. "Don't speak of it anymore!" He growled near my lips before attaching his lips with mine.

When he pulled away, I breathlessly breathed and stared up at him biting my lower lip between my teeth. "Yes sir." I smirked when I saw him shiver in delight. I watched as he rounded the couch and sat on it with his legs apart.

"Come here." He ordered without turning around I stood up, but he stopped me. "Crawling." He stated. I stared at his head for a second longer before dropping on my knees again. I started crawling towards him and tried to hide my grin.

Once, in front of him I placed my hands on his thighs moving between him as his once closed eyes snapped open and stared at me in lust. He smiled at me and grabbed my jaw. "Belle." he whispered before he placed his lips on mine. I moaned in his mouth when he started sucking on my tongue.

When he pulled away, he started running his fingers through my hair while looking at me. I smirked and grabbed his hard cock in my hand and started moving it up and down his length. I kept my eyes on his as I lowered my head placing a kiss on the top, he sucked in a breath and leaned against the couch even more as his thighs parted further away.

He was getting comfortable, and I was enjoying every second of it.

I took his length in my mouth and started softly sucking on the tip again making him curse. "No." he stated pulling my head away from him making me pout. "Fuck, I can't wait to taste you!" he growled grabbing my arms and pulling me up on his lap. I straddled him and wrapped my arms around his neck holding myself closer. "Tu es si belle." he whispered removing a strand of my hair behind my ear.

I raised my eyebrow in confusion. When did he learn to speak French? "What?" I asked pulling away and staring at him.

"Just stating facts." he smirked and moved his hands down towards the hem of my shirt, he grab it and started pulling it over my head. "You're so sexy." he let out a groan when he saw my white lace bra. I smirked and watched as he placed his hands on them and gave them a slight squeeze.

"So, so, sexy." he groaned and removed the straps from my shoulders causing it to slightly drop down, showing a bit of my nipples. He groaned and pulled me closer to him by my neck and placed his lips on mine.

I moaned when suddenly I felt his fingers pinch my nipple. "Caleb." His name left past my lips in a breathless breath when his mouth started lowering towards my jaw and then slowly but surely making his way towards my chest.

I couldn't help but gasp out of shook, when his tongue started circling my nipple as his hands squeezed my ass. I started rolling my hips and moaning like crazy when I felt his hard erection rubbing against me. "Please," I begged and tugged on his hair.

I couldn't for the love of god, know what it was that I was begging for? But I just needed him to do something, to make the lust disappear and just take me, however way he wanted. "Stand up." he ordered making me instantly obliged as I stood up. He immediately started pulling my leggings down my legs as I held on his shoulder.

After they were off, he grabbed my panties too and did the same to them. I was turned around and felt his fingers unhooking my bra as it fell to the ground. I gasped when a harsh force of his hand landed on my ass cheek. I heard him chuckle making me bite down on my cheek. "There's plenty of where that came from." he said making my breath hitch, oh boy.

I wasn't shy, but my hands still covered my breasts when he turned me back towards him. "Ah, ah, ah, no hiding." he chuckled and removed my hands away and stared at me for a second before moving his eyes and staring directly into mine. "Fuck, you're so damn fucking gorgeous." he growled and pulled me down again. I felt his lips on mine again as he grabbed my throat slightly choking me as he kept me in place.

He grabbed his cock in his hands and position it near my entrance. I gasped and stared at him, when he pushed inside me. Holly shit, he felt so good, I felt so full, I moaned when I moved closer towards him taking his cock deeper. When he entered fully inside me, he stopped moving making me growl.

"Move!" I snapped, making him chuckle. He pulled away and harshly thrust inside me, as I threw my head back and moaned. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and pulled him closer to me.

"Faster!" I begged and moved my hair out of the way, he snarled and placed his lips on my neck and started leaving kisses as his hips started moving in and out, harshly. Making me grit my teeth, it felt so good! "Ah!" I moaned, holly shit, he suddenly moved in a certain position making me gasp and stare at him, in amazement. I've never in my entire life have felt, this kind of pleasure. I fucking loved it!

"Like that!" I screamed when he pushed in deeper. I decided to tease him. "Give to me, like that daddy." I smirked and gasped when he wrapped his hand around my throat and squeezed, cutting my airway, as I gasped and stared at him from under my eyelashes.

"You want daddy, to come inside you?" he huskily growled. I instantly nodded and gasped, his hand that wasn't wrapped around my waist, grabbed one of my boobs and squeezed it harshly.

"Fuck!" I moaned and licked my lips and closed my eyes. His thrusts suddenly turned harsher making my walls clench around his cock. No way, I wasn't about to cum just yet. I started moving up and down as his arms sneaked around my waist. His hold tightened and stared up at me, his lips suddenly landed on mine and took my lower, lip between his teeth and pulled at it, making me moan.

What felt like only a few minutes, my walls started tightening around his cock once again. "Oh!" I screamed and leaned my head against his shoulder and started sucking between his shoulder and collar bone.

"Fuck." He hissed and stood up with me in his hold, making me squeal and hold onto him. I gasped and let out a scream, as my orgasm tore through. I closed my eyes and threw my head back and held onto him for dear life, as his cock thrust in and out aggressively, fucking me through my orgasm. I felt like I was flying, when his semen burst through my walls, making me scream his name louder.

He sat back down on the couch making me hiss when he pulled out of me. We stayed like that for a few minutes harshly breathing still trying to come down to earth in our own way. He slightly shifted making me twitch causing him to softly laugh as he tightened his hold around me pulling me closer.

"We should probably get dressed or go upstairs..." I trailed off, "before mom comes back." I finished and looked up at him. He nodded and stood up still keeping me in his hold as he started making his way up the stairs.

I was searching for any kind of guilt from him and I both, when I mentioned my mother. But nothing, nada. It's like we didn't care even if she saw us. A part of me, knew that my mother didn't deserve this but the other bigger part of me just didn't care.

I was going to hell.
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