The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 13

We were laying on my bed with his arm around my shoulder and my head on his chest. I had put on my panties but that’s it. We were still naked as the day we were born. I made sure my door was locked because I didn’t want to get caught even though I knew my mother barely came into my room. She was barely home, anyway.

“I don’t want you to flirt with any other guy.” he suddenly spoke startling me out of my thoughts.

“Huh?” I asked in confusion. His hand started stroking my cheek as he pulled my head up and placing his lips on mine.

“Don’t flirt with other men.” He stated his voice had gotten deeper from arousal. I nodded and stared at him smiling.

“I only did it to make you angry. ” He looked down at me with a raised eyebrow. I shrugged and suddenly felt pain on my ass cheek from his hand. “Hey!” I whined and tried to pull away.

“I need a cigarette.” He groaned and pulled me closer to him spooning me as if I was a teddy bear.

“Would you let me smoke with you?” I mumbled making him stop what he was doing and pull away, staring at me in surprise.

“You like cigarettes?” He asked making me shrug.

“To be honest with you I’ve never smoked cigarettes. What I meant was weed.” I giggled and sat up taking the covers with me.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m not getting mad at you for that.” He chuckled placing his hand on my back and softly stroking it. I looked over my shoulder with a smile as I opened the bedside table pulling the sack that was filled with weed.

“Probably because you do it too.” I said and grabbed the shirt that laid beside the bed and put it on. I turned towards him and stared as he lit his cigarette and inhaled it before exhaling it.

I wasn’t fond of cigarettes but damn, the way he was smoking it was so damn hot. I laid on my stomach and kept staring at him as he smoked with a frown on his face. I let out a sigh and stared down at my hands as I prepared the weed.

“Am I the reason you’re smoking that right now?” I asked without looking up. I truly felt bad, he only ever smoked when he was stressed about work or if something had happened with my mom.

I felt his eyes on me, but I couldn’t stare at him. “Yes, you are. You stress me out a lot, Belle.” he took another drag from his cigarette and let it out again.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized and looked up to see a small smile playing on his lips. He nodded and patted my head like a dog making me frown. “Hey, Caleb.” I said his name as he hummed in reply. “Why do you keep calling me Belle? And why only when we’re alone?” I questioned truly interested.

“Well, belle means beautiful in French. So, I’m just calling you what you are.” He smirked and leaned down grabbing my jaw and pecking my lips. “Beautiful.” He whispered near my lips I felt my cheeks heating up in a blush as I tried to look anywhere but him.

He chuckled and continued talking, “and it’s also a nickname of your name. Annabelle, Anna, or Belle.” He shrugged letting me go. I gulped and nodded as he continued smoking his cigarette.

He held the cigarette out to me when he saw me looking at it, “Want to try it?” I looked at it for a second, debating on whether I really wanted to.

Oh, fuck it! It’s just one time. I grabbed it and took a drag and held it in for a little bit and let it out, “It’s kind of nasty but kind of relaxing.” I said and handed it back to him.

He chuckled and shook his head at me, “Yeah now you see why I do it?” he asked making me nod. I leaned over his body grabbing the lighter from the bedside table and went back to my side of the bed.

When I finally lighted up the weed I was about to put it in my mouth when it was snatched out of my hold, “What?” I asked before turning towards Caleb with a glare.

“You didn’t really think, I’d leave you smoke weed in front of me, did you?” he chuckled turning it off and throwing it on the ground. I huffed and turned my back on him.

“I’m going to go take a shower.” I stated standing up and making my way towards my closet. I grabbed a pair of underwear and a matching black bra before walking towards the bathroom.

I could feel his eyes following me across the room making me shake my ass even more as I made my way into the bathroom. I felt him stand up when I entered the bathroom making me chuckle. I removed the shirt and my panties before turning the shower on and going under it.

I sighed in pure bliss when the warm water danced over my body. I started running my hands through my hair as I kept my eyes close. I heard him slide the door open and suddenly felt his presence behind me. I bend my head backward letting the waterfall on my face making me relax even more.

His arm sneaked around my waist as he pulled me against him. His hand wrapped around my throat as he took a step backward pulling me with him, so the water wouldn’t fall in my open eyes.

“You love teasing me, don’t you baby girl?” He whispered near my ear as he rubbed his cock between my cheeks making a moan escape past my lips.

“Mm.” I nodded as I leaned my head on his shoulder and stared at his face. He licked his lips before I felt them on mine. Suddenly I was harshly turned around and slammed against the wall as he pinned my arms above my head and held them there with one hand.

“Words, baby.” He huskily mumbled wrapping his hand around my throat as I stared up at him through lustful eyes.

“Yes.” I whispered and licked my lower lip as I stared at him. His jaw clenched in anger and before I knew it, I was turned around again my face pressed against the wall as he locked my hands behind my back and felt his cock pushing in me.

“That’s right, you enjoy teasing me.” He growled near my ear and bite down on it making me hiss. I gasped when I felt the head inside me, he was teasing me, and I hated him for that. “But guess what daddy loves teasing you too, princess.” I could feel his smirk as he spoke after letting go of my ear. I could feel his cock slowly pushing in and out of me, just the tip, not an inch more.

I turned the tap off and slide the doors open as I stepped out of the shower. Grabbing the towel from its hanger I wrapped it around my body and made my way out of the bathroom and towards the closet.

I pulled out an old blue t-shirt and a pair of orange spandex and put them on. My spandex kept rolling up my thighs, making me groan. I ran downstairs, feeling comfortable, and saw Caleb in the kitchen, on the phone.

“Yes, baby I know...” He trailed off with a sigh and listened to the phone. “Okay...I guess we’ll see you next weekend...okay babe...I love you.” He hung up and looked over at me.

“I’m guessing that was my mom.” I said as I hopped up on the barstool. He nodded and looked at what I was wearing.

“I can practically see through those.” He said, pointing at my spandex as he popped a chip in his mouth.

I rolled my eyes, “No you can’t. Stop being extra!”

He raised an eyebrow at me, “Oh really? That’s why I can tell that you aren’t wearing any underwear right now though.” I just ignored him and grabbed the remote to the tv above the fridge and turned on bad girls club.

“I love this episode!” I squealed and spun around in my chair, then stopping as I rested my chin in both of my hands, focusing on the screen.

“You and your mom do nothing but watch this shit.” Caleb said, a crunch from the chips following behind his words, I rolled my eyes and continued watching.

There was the part where all the girls went to twerking classes and Winter was twerking. “Damn she fine as hell.” I heard Caleb mumble, making me slightly chuckle.

“Any girl can do that.” I said and it got really quiet making me turn around to peek at him.

He raised an eyebrow, “I don’t believe that you can twerk.” He says and I just shrug. That might be true, that not all girls can twerk, but he didn’t need to know that shit.

“You don’t have to believe me. But trust me, I can shake my ass.” I stated and smirked when he stood up making his way towards me.

“You’ll have to prove it to me.” He whispered as he placed his hands on my waist pulling me closer towards him. I could feel his erection against my lower back making me chuckle. Is there a time when this dude isn’t horny?

Caleb turned the chair around making me come in contact with his chest. His hand gripped my jaw and tilted my head backward as I stared into his blue eyes. “Show me.” He smirked and bite down on his lower lip as I stared. Lust was starting to appear deep inside; I could feel my arousal on my pants.

“Maybe another time.” I whispered and gulped when his hold tightened.

“Now.” He demanded clenching his jaw. I licked my lips and blinked with a nod. He took a step back and helped me get off the chair even though I was capable of doing it all by myself. Grabbing his hand, I started pulling him towards the stairs. I wasn’t about to just show him how to twerk, that’s boring.

I was about to blow his mind away. I smirked as we started climbing the stairs. “Go wait for me in the guest room, I’ll be there in a minute.” I stated and placed a kiss on his cheek before skipping towards my room.

Closing the bedroom door behind me, I started squealing like a little girl. I can’t believe this moment was finally here. I walked towards my closet and opened the doors with a big smile on my face. I sat down and grabbed the box that had been lying there just waiting for a moment like this.

I placed it on the bed and smirked while opened it. Thank god I took a shower this morning. I started undressing while keeping my eyes on the lingerie that I had worn only one time when I tried it on before buying it.

I grabbed the thongs and put them on after I was naked. I grabbed the matching lace, see-through bra and put it on too. I walked towards the mirror and spun around; I must admit I looked sexy as fuck. I quickly ran my hands through my hair ruffling them up and grabbed the nude lipstick in my drawer before applying a layer on my lips. I smirked as I stared at the mirror, I grabbed my phone and posed as I took a quick pic.

II decided I’d keep it for the future, who knows. Maybe there will come a day when I would tease Caleb with it, heck just the thought of it excited me. I walked towards the door and opened it as I made my way towards the guest room that was at the end of the hall. In front of the door, I paused and took a deep breath before exhaling.

I’m seriously seducing my mother’s boyfriend. When did I become such a slut? I chuckled ignoring my thought and opened the door only to find it empty. There was no Caleb sitting on the bed. The only reason I knew he was or had been here, is the curtains that were drawn close.

I walked in the room and closed the door behind me. “Caleb, are you here?” I called as I walked towards the bed and played with my hair. I heard the bathroom door open behind me making me quickly turn around and see a shirtless Caleb coming out of the bathroom.

He was about to open his mouth to answer but stopped once his eyes landed on my body. I held in my laugh when his fists tightened by his sides. He took a step towards me, then another and another. Until he was only a breath away from me.

He placed a finger on my chest and started trailing it toward my breasts. “Beautiful.” He whispered continuing to lower his finger. His once-bright blue eyes had slightly darkened as he regarded me with a lustful eye.

He removed his hand and started circling me as he stared at my body. My breath hitched when suddenly he stopped behind me. “What is this?” he questioned, as his arm circled around my waist pulling me against his chest. I didn’t know how to answer so I just stayed silent.

“Are you going to show, daddy how to shake your ass baby?” he taunted me as his hand reached down to my stomach and disappeared under my thongs. I felt his fingers start circling my clit as I leaned against his chest closing my eyes in pure bliss.

I had yet to feel his lips on me, but with the way he was so skilled with his fingers and his manhood, I just knew he would be amazing with his tongue. I shuddered in pure bliss when his finger suddenly entered inside me as he started moving it in and out. “You going to ride daddy, baby girl?” he huskily muttered against my ear before taking it between his lips.

“Y-Yes daddy.” I breathlessly replied. He chuckled and removed his hand as he turned me around.

“Yes, you are.” He smirked in approval wrapping his hand around my throat and placing his lips against mine in a bruising manner. I moaned against his lips causing him to groan. The kiss went on for a few minutes, and he truly felt like a beast.

I gasped and looked up in shock when I was pushed on the bed after he had pulled away from me. He pulled his shorts down as I stared wide-eyed when his cock appeared in front of me. Oh god, the embarrassment! I tried to remove my eyes from it but it just...they wouldn’t leave it alone.

He climbed in bed hovering above me. “Don’t worry, not yet.” He smirked placing a small kiss on my forehead before his head deep down and his mouth attached to my clit.

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