The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 15

The rest of the car ride was pretty quiet and dare I say...awkward? After I had started ignoring him, a few minutes later that anger had disappeared being replaced by guilt, but my pride wouldn’t let me apologize to him. I could feel his eyes land on me here and there, but he didn’t say a single word, a part of me was glad but the other part just wanted him to break the ice so I could act as nothing happened.

I know sometimes I can be immature, but aren’t we all a little? I just hate when someone says that I’m acting like a child, sure I act but not all the time. And if I did act like a child all the time, then I’m sure he wouldn’t have sex with me. I took a deep breath and tried to think of other things when I felt myself getting angry.

“Listen!” I suddenly blurted making him slightly flinch. “I’m not sorry that I’ve been quiet for the past thirty minutes, but I hate it when you treat me like a child, fuck I hate when everyone treats me like one!” I snapped and removed my seatbelt that he had forced me to wear. I glared at his handsome fucking face as I turned towards him.

“I’m not a child! I act like one sometimes, but that’s it!” I screamed; my anger spiked up when his mouth twitched in a smile. Fucking asshole, he was enjoying this. “So, can you please stop! Fucking treating me like a child!” I fake pouted before a scoff escaped my mouth as I turned back around and stared out of the window.

“You’re cute.” He stated a minute later, I ignored him and continued looking outside the window.

“And you’re an asshole.” I mumbled and heard him chuckle making me bite down on my cheek to prevent myself from screaming.

Twenty minutes later he pulled over to the side and turned towards him. “Well, we’re here.” He smiled and looked outside the car.

“This is where you work?” I asked my mouth gaping in shock. The building in front of us was huge. You know that tower Christian Grey owns in the movie? Yeah, that big ass tower that looks like it came out of a magazine. That’s how this one in front of me looked.

“Yeah, don’t forget that I own it too.” Caleb winked making me stare at him in shock. He got out of the car and rounded it coming on my side as he pulled the door open.

“Whoa.” I exclaimed as I grabbed his forwarded hand and accepted his help even though I didn’t need it. He started walking towards the entrance as I stared at his back with my mouth open ajar. A few passing by people stared at me like I was some crazy woman, but I simply ignored them and walked towards Caleb that was holding the door open for me.

“Good morning, Mr. Pierce.” The secretary behind the front desk called and smiled at me. I replied with a small smile as Caleb simply nodded. We walked towards the elevators and got in when after a few seconds it arrived. A bunch of other people got in after us and it was kind of getting packed, I had to press my back against Caleb’s chest, and honestly, I wasn’t complaining.

His hands landed on my waist as he pulled me closer. “You’re so beautiful, baby girl.” he whispered against my ear making my cheeks heat up in a blush.

“Thank you.” I replied in a whisper and focused straight ahead of me, trying to ignore the way he was breathing down my neck. I hope no one noticed it, hell I hope no one knew that he was dating my mother.

A minute later the doors opened, and everyone got off the elevator. Except for this time, another familiar face got in. “Well, well, well.” Christian smirked as he checked me out. “If it isn’t the most beautiful girl in the world.” Cheesy. I know, but it sure made me blush. I took a step away from Caleb and politely smiled at Christian.

“Hey.” I replied staring at him. He was hot, but I just couldn’t see him the way I used to after Caleb, it’s like my body only wanted and reacted to him that way. Which is so stupid, because he’s not even mine?

“What are you doing here?” He asked completely ignoring Caleb. I knew it was pissing him off, heck it was starting to piss me off too. You don’t just ignore someone, that’s so fucking rude.

I turned towards Caleb and grabbed his arm attaching myself to him like some desperate woman. But I couldn’t care less. “I’m here to keep Caleb company.” I smiled looking up at him. He visibly relaxed which made me feel a lot better.

“Oh?” Was the only thing that escaped Christian’s lips? I nodded confirming it to him.

“Yup, don’t want the old man to get bored by himself.” I joked earning a laugh out of him. After that, an awkward silence fell over us making me bite down on my tongue as I stared at Caleb who was smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh when the elevator doors opened.

We all got out and started walking towards Caleb’s office. I trailed behind them as they engaged in a conversation about god knows what. I stared around the open spaced offices. How can people work in such an open space where everyone can see them?

I bumped against something hard, making me groan. I looked up and stared at the gorgeous creature. “I apologies miss.” I heard the foreign accent and stared at blondie in front of me.

“Oh, it’s fine!” I exclaimed as my cheeks heated up. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” I added after a minute.

“It’s totally fine, darling.” He replied and smiled showing off his perfectly white teeth. I licked my lip and nodded. A throat clearing in front of us caused the moment to break as I stared at Caleb who was too busy glaring at me.

“Annabelle, let’s go.” He growled as the guy gulped next to me. I scoffed and politely smiled at him before making my way towards Caleb. He didn’t say another thing but continued talking to Christian about some business deal that I couldn’t care less about.

“Well, I’ll see you later.” Caleb shook hands with Christian who nodded.

“It was nice to see you again, Bella.” He turned towards me. I simply nodded and smiled. Caleb scoffed after Christian walked away and opened his office door for me. I entered it and stared around my mouth open in surprise.

“Oh wow.” I mumbled as I stared around the office. It was so simple, yet it felt so comfortable to look at it. “Caleb, this is-” I was rudely interrupted when I was turned around and caged between the door and his enormous chest. “Caleb, I-” once again, my sentence was cut off as his lips landed against mine.

For a second I froze until I felt his arm around my waist pulling me closer towards him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him back. I squealed when he hoisted me up, the tight skirt hitched up my thighs, making me moan when my pussy connected with his erection. He moved towards his desk and with one hand removed everything off, the desk. I gasped and pulled away and stared over my shoulder.

“You’re mine-” I interrupted his sentence by placing my lips on his again.

“Shut up.” I warned and started unbuttoning his dress shirt. Damn, I looked like a desperate slut. I wrapped one arm around his neck and grabbed his hair and pulled on them, getting him closer towards me.

My other hand ran down his chest and towards his dress pants, I unfastened them and slipped my hand under his pants, and grabbed his hard erection making him hiss and pull away. He placed his forehead on mine and stared at me, I stared back through my eyelashes, making his eyes darken in lust.

His hand on my waist tightened when I squeezed his cock. “Do you want me to suck you off, daddy?” I moaned making him growl.

“Fuck! Get on your knees!” he barked making me happily oblige. I dropped down on my knees and dragged his pants down with me, I stared up at him, as I placed a kiss on his cock over the fabric of the underwear. He growled and fisted my hair in his fist. “No teasing.” he ordered making me nod and drag his underwear down too.

I grabbed his cock, in my hands and ran my hand up and down a few times. I licked the tip and kissed it making him hiss. I started sucking the tip, softly. His groans made me smirk and chuckle.

I kept moving my hand up and down as I sucked on his tip. I started massaging his balls making him growl. I pulled his tip out of my mouth and licked his cock from the base of his cock up to the tip, before putting in my mouth, I knew I could take him all in, but a bit of teasing won’t hurt anyone.

I hissed and choked when he harshly pulled my head till the whole length of his cock, was buried down my throat. I calmed myself and opened up my throat taking him deeper until my nose touched his skin. He roared out in pleasure and held me there for a second.

I gasped and harshly breathed, when he pulled my head away, I grabbed his cock and ran my hand over it the saliva running down his cock, I started moving my hand up and down, making him groan and hiss. I stared at him and took him in my mouth again and started sucking harder. He kept groaning and thrusting his hips forward.

Suddenly he growled out loud and his semen shot down my throat making me swallow every single drop as I pulled away, with a loud ‘pop’. He sat on the chair behind him breathing harshly and his eyes closed.

I crawled closer towards him and placed my hands on his thighs making him snap his eyes open and stare at me. He smiled at me and grabbed my jaw. “You’re mine.” he whispered before he placed his lips on mine. I moaned in his mouth when he started sucking on my tongue.

A knock was suddenly heard as I pulled away from him and stared wide-eyed. He chuckled and stood up pulling his underwear up but I caught his hand and stopped him. I pulled his chair with me as I hide under his desk, I saw him staring at me wide-eyed.

“Come on, now daddy. Let them in.” I smirked as I grabbed his hard cock in my hands and started sucking on the tip again making him curse. I sat on the ground, suck on his cock as the door opened, I heard heels clicking and a high pitched voice. “Mr. Pierce, your ten o’clock is here.”

I rolled my eyes and took his cock deeper making his knee bang against the desk as he grabbed my hair, and pulled me away, I smirked and removed his hand and held it away from my hair, and took him deeper again. He growled and then cleared his throat.

“I’ll be out in a second, Laura.” his deep voice, replied. After a second his office door closed, and he pushed the chair away. I innocently, smiled up at him as he glared at me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up he sat me on the desk making me chuckle.

“You’re in big trouble, little girl?” he growled in anger, I smirked and bite down on my lower lip.

“Do your worst, daddy.” I teased and licked my lips.

“I will.” He growled, and hoisted my dress up, he removed my panties and sucked in a breath. “Fuck, I wish I had time to taste you!” he snarled, I chuckled and placed my hands behind and held myself up.

“Next time.” I purred making him growl. He grabbed his cock in his hands and position it near my entrance. I gasped and stared at him, in need, when he pushed inside me. Holly shit, he felt so good, I felt so full, I moaned when I moved closer to the edge taking his cock deeper.

When he entered fully inside me, he stopped moving making me growl. “Move!” I snapped, making him chuckle. He pulled away and harshly thrust inside me, as I threw my head back and moaned. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder and pulled him closer to me.

“Faster.” I growled and moved my hair out of the way, he snarled and placed his lips on my neck and started leaving kisses as his hips started moving in and out, harshly. Making me grit my teeth, it felt so good!

“Ah!” I moaned, Holy shit, he suddenly moved in a certain position making me gasp and stare at him, in amazement. I’ve never in my entire life have felt, this kind of pleasure. I fucking loved it!

“Like that!” I screamed when he pushed in deeper. I decided to tease him. “Give to me, like that daddy.” I smirked and gasped when he wrapped his hand around my throat and squeezed, cut my airway, as I gasped and stared at him from under my eyelashes.

“You want daddy, to come inside you?” he huskily growled. I instantly nodded and gasped, his hand that wasn’t wrapped around my waist, grabbed one of my boobs, and squeezed it harshly.

“Fuck!” I moaned and licked my lips and closed my eyes. His thrusts suddenly turned harsher making my walls clench around his cock. No way, I wasn’t cumming just yet. I pushed his chest away making him stumble and fall on the chair. He stared at me in confusion as I gasped.

I jumped off the desk and straddled his lap and lowered myself on his cock and stared at him. I started moving up and down as his arms sneaked around my waist. His hold tightened and stared up at me, his lips suddenly landed on mine, and took my lower, lip between his teeth and pulled at it, making me moan.

What felt like only a few minutes, my walls started tightening around his cock once again. “Oh!” I screamed and leaned my head against his shoulder and started sucking between his shoulder and collar bone.

“Fuck.” He hissed and stood up with me in his hold, making me squeal and hold onto him. I gasped and let out a scream, as my orgasm tore through. I closed my eyes and threw my head back and held onto him for dear life, as his cock thrust in and out aggressively, fucking me through my orgasm. I felt like I was flying, when his semen burst through my walls, making me scream his name louder.

I stared at the mirror and straightened my skirt down. I looked like shit, Caleb had left for his meeting telling me, to wait for him. I told him I’d be here waiting for him, my legs felt like jelly, as I walked out of the bathroom and into the office. Thank god, he had a private bathroom.

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