The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 18

I wanted to laugh at the way Caleb was sulking. He had come down the stairs as if someone had killed his nonexistent dog. My mother was about to scold me for something but when she saw Caleb trailing behind me the unhappy face instantly disappeared. “Caleb! Honey, I’ve missed you so much!” She exclaimed and walked towards him throwing her arms around his neck as their lips connected with each other.

I rolled my eyes trying not to let a gagging sound out. I know I should’ve looked away, but I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from them. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say my mom genuinely loved the man. But then again, she’s a manipulative bitch. No wonder dad left her.

I should’ve left with him. But then I wouldn’t have met Caleb. Right now, I didn’t know if meeting Caleb was a good or bad thing. We had our moments, and possibly the best sex I will ever have in my life. But I knew that nothing more would come out of it.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when my mom let out an exaggerating moan. I bite down on my lip to try and not say the things that I wanted to say. I tried to ignore them and not look, but I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from them.

What would Caleb’s reaction be when he found out she cheated on him? I mean...he cheated on her too so basically, he doesn’t have a right to be angry but then again, why don’t they just end their useless relationship?

He said that he was going to talk to her. I didn’t know, about what. He couldn’t just go to her and say: ‘Victoria, I’ve fucked your daughter and I might possibly start feeling something, and I don’t want to be together with you anymore.’ Would he? I looked back at them. Nah he would never. I turned my back on them and started unloading the grocery bags.

It hurt, seeing him with another woman. But I knew something like this would happen, so I don’t know why it hurts? I could feel my heart rapidly beating in my chest. I truly felt hurt by what he was doing right now, even if my face didn’t show it. Was he going to just forget about me, now?

So many questions, only from a small gesture. The glass that I was about to put in the fridge that contained the apple juice suddenly slipped from my hand as it fell to the ground. The loud noise instantly made them pull away as they stared at me. “Sorry.” I mumbled and walked past them not sparing a single glance at Caleb. I grabbed my car keys and walked out of the house as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Jesse.

“What’s up, girl?” She answered after two rings, making me let out a sigh.

“Are you home?” I questioned, putting the call on speakers as I turned the car on.

“Yes, why?” She questioned as she started chewing.

“I’m coming over.” I stated and waited for a response.

“Trouble in paradise?” She teased making me groan.

“Jesse, it’s not funny. I’m coming over.” I groaned. “You up to a night out?” I questioned as I stopped at a red light.

“Yes!” She exclaimed making me flinch, at the loud tone.

“Great! I’ll be there in a few.” I sighed and hung up after we bid ‘goodbye’s’. I stared out of the car as I patiently waited for the lights to turn green. I watched as a couple walked on the sidelines, laughing with each other. The man’s arm was wrapped around his girl, and he had such a happy face on.

The girl, which was so beautiful looked up at him with a thousand different emotions, I sighed tearing my eyes away from them, and glared through the rare-view mirror at the driver behind me who wouldn’t stop honking. “Calm down, jeez.” I shoved him the middle finger as I drove away.

Would Caleb ever be mine entirely? Did we have something real, or was is it just one of his games? I couldn’t wait to be out of here. I couldn’t wait to be away from Caleb. I flinched when suddenly my phone started ringing. I watched the screen lighting up showing Caleb’s name. I hit, ignore, and turned the volume off as I parked in the driveway of Jesse.

“Hey, slut!” She called from her front yard. I blushed when her neighbor turned towards us.

“Hey, Jesse.” I groaned. She stood up from her chair and walked towards me.

“What’s wrong?” She questioned wrapping her arm around my shoulder and started walking towards her house. I shrugged not knowing if there was something wrong in the first place. I simply found out that whatever Caleb and I had or have isn’t going to go anywhere.

“It’s nothing big, but I decided to end whatever Caleb and I have. So, I was hoping we could go out, get drunk, and probably have sex.” I stated, I knew she was looking at me. I don’t just go out and have sex. That’s not me. Heck, I don’t think that’s any kind of girl but coming from me that’s something fucking weird.

“Are you high?” She laughed stopping in front of me. I shook my head as she smiled at me. “Then what happened? You never want to go out, Anna?” She chuckled.

Sighing I started to tell her the real reason. “We didn’t end anything, but my mom came back Jesse. And I saw them kissing so I just ran out of the house.” I spoke as we entered the house.

“Ouch.” She gave me a sad smile.

“I know, and it made me realize that whatever Caleb and I thought we had it was never possible to go further.” I shrugged. Acting as if I didn’t give a shit was harder than I thought.

“I’m sorry, honey.” She wrapped an arm around my shoulder pulling me with her towards her room. “But look at the bright side, we’re finally going out to have fun!” She exclaimed, I nodded as a smile broke out on my face.

“You’re right.” I replied and walked towards her closet. Call us weird, but we kept each other’s clothes at our houses for unplanned sleepovers. And I was glad because I was sure I wouldn’t be allowed to enter a club in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Let’s get ready!” She shouted in excitement making me chuckle.

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