The Forbidden Man

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Chapter 19

A twist in my heart, like a knife, plunged into my heart and twisted till it stopped beating. That’s how I felt when Belle walked past me. She didn’t even look angry or sad and that’s what scared me the most. What if she thought, that all we had was just some sick joke to me?

Oh my god, you stupid son of a bitch! Of course, she thinks that! Before I could pull myself away from my actual girlfriend. My jaw was grabbed as Violet turned my head towards her placing her lips on mine. Disgusted, that’s how I felt. How did she expect me to just accept and act as if everything is good when she disappeared for one week?

“Sweetheart, there’s something I need to talk to you about.” I sighed pulling away. She furrowed her eyebrows but still kept the fakest smile on her lips. I licked my lower lip not knowing how to even start this.

“What is it, my love?” She asked placing her hand on my chest. Violet was a beautiful woman, but Annabelle was the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid my eyes on. Why hadn’t I met her first? But then again, if I hadn’t started dating Violet then I would’ve never met her.

“Where were you, this past week?” I asked taking a step backward. She huffed turning her back on me. Clenching my jaw I started walking towards her when her phone beside me on the counter rang. I stared at the name on her phone screen with confusion.

Before she could grab it I answered, placing it against my ear. “Baby, I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes when are you coming over?” I heard a sickly familiar voice making my glare turn towards the woman I once thought I loved.

“Who the fuck are you?!” I growled and heard the fucker curse before the phone was cut off. I tightened my hold on the phone as I glared at Violet. “What the fuck?!” Taking steps towards her, she flinched and started backing away from me. I didn’t want to scare her but I needed some explanation about what I just heard.

“W-Who was it?” She stuttered her blue eyes that reminded me of Belle widened in fear. I smirked in victory when she had nowhere else to go since the counter behind her prevented her from moving further away.

“You tell me, my love.” I taunted her using the nickname I fucking hated. She flinched making me grit my teeth in annoyance. She couldn’t be possibly cheating on me, could she?

“It’s not what you think.” She started making me scoff as I placed my hand against the cupboard next to her head, trapping her between my body and the counter.

“Tell me then, what should I think it is?” I questioned, my fist clenching by my side. I would never hurt a woman but it didn’t mean that I wasn’t imagining myself smashing her head against the counter. “Have you been cheating on me?” I asked, I truly wasn’t angry that she was, but what pissed me off is the fact, that all this time I could’ve been together with Belle without worrying if anyone saw us.

“No, of course not!” She snapped placing her hands again on my chest and pushing me away. I scoffed but still took a step backward. I didn’t believe her one bit; nothing stays hidden forever anyway I’ll find out one way or another.

“Whatever, there’s something I need to take care of.” I glared and turned around grabbing my keys from the counter and walking towards the front door.

“See if you can find that brat too!” She called behind me making my fists clenched in anger. Bitch.


It’s been two hours, I don’t know where else to go look for her, I went to her friend’s house, Jesse to see if she was there but she wasn’t. I’ve checked the coffee shops around our neighborhood but nothing.

So I decided to just return home and see if she came back, she won’t answer my calls. I don’t understand what happened...okay yeah, I get it that she might’ve been pissed that I kissed her mom but I was caught off guard and she didn’t look angry when she walked out of the house.

I just needed to know if she was safe, is that too much to ask for?! I groaned twisting the knob and opening the front door. Placing my key on the cupboard next to the door, I closed it and removed my shoes, my jacket following soon.

I walked towards the kitchen to grab a beer, and hopefully eat something. I was dying of worry, I just wanted to know, if she was safe that’s all. Looking at the living room, I saw movements on the couch but I was so focused on getting my beer that I had to take a double look.

“What the fuck?” I shouted scaring them as they pulled away from each other as they had just been burned. “What the fuck, is going on here?” I demanded a reaction, I mean for god’s sake Caleb, what does it look like to you? Your so-called girlfriend making out with someone else.

“Trevor?” I blurted when I saw the asshole’s face, his face instantly paled when he saw the murderous look on my face. Yes, I did want to kill him and her. “What the fuck, Violet, a kid?!” I growled as she turned towards me avoiding my eyes.

I marched towards them, causing the kid to move backward but he didn’t have to worry my focus was on the bitch. “I want you out of my house, right fucking now.” I seethed through my teeth, grabbing her jaw forcing her eyes on me. She gulped and tried to pull away but my hold only tightened further.

“C-Caleb, pleas-” I cut her pathetic whine off and pushed her away.

“Out of the house, now!” I growled grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the front door. I know that at one point I must’ve realized that she didn’t have appropriate clothes on for outside but I wasn’t in the right state of mind to give a fuck about it.

“Caleb, please let me explain-” She yelped when I tightened my hold on her arm. I wanted to hurt her. So badly.

“I don’t care, we’re over and you’re not fucking allowed to enter this house ever again!” I growl slamming the door shut in her face, I smirked when I heard her gasp from shock. When I turned around I saw Trevor standing there completely naked.

“Get the fuck out!” I shouted making him flinch as he bends down and started picking up his clothes. I sighed and made my way towards the kitchen dying for alcohol, I needed to forget what the fuck I just saw.

I should’ve known, she never was home and always going out with her so-called friends but I didn’t because I was too busy falling in love with her daughter. For god’s sake, this is so fucked up! I sat on the chair and continued gulping down the bourbon.

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